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 I really wish my family was more solvent as I really hate the drama and stress that comes with renting an apartment. The past few months have been annoying as the previous owners were selling which meant lots of notices of access, which meant lots of cleaning.

Now the new owners are settling in and have chopped down about half the trees, bye bye shade and privacy screens, and have been giving notices just about every day. The latest is that we are not allowed any window treatments, blinds are to be left down, and nothing is to be on the window sills.

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Rewatched Winter Soldier and, damn, but that movie is damn near flawless.

Also, started watching Ergo Proxy and it is an awesome anime. Strong hints of Heavy Metal magazine's scifi, with Bladerunner undertones, and the aesthetic, if not the culture, of Bioshock. Granted I've never played Bioshock and am just going on trailers and impressions here.
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 One side effect of caring for a sick kid is that I was able to finish Amelia's latest canon. Very nice book and the author is only getting better in their writing. I think this is her second series and seventh or eighth book over all. For about four or five pages I was worried my curse of finding secondary characters I love only to have them met some horrible fate was taking place, but no. Amelia's future just got very interesting.
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Stayed home with a sick kid today. Watched the first ever episode of Xena and cried. Failed homecoming that ultimately lead to forgiveness I seem to be a sucker for.

Then watched The Wrong Jedi, and cried at Ahsoka leaving the Order.

I am a huge sap, but I've known this.
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 And energy tanked again. Really want off this illness ride.
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 Interesting thought/realization: getting something done at work is far more inspirational than ignoring work and making myself tag. Go figure. 
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This weekend I accidentally freaked out/worried a college-aged neighbor by walking towards my apartment deep in thought (I think it may have been "I am so sick. Why am I moving?").

She lives in the same building I do but on the bottom floor; we live on the top. She was walking in front of me a good few paces ahead but when she picked up her pace, I slowed down, realizing she was feeling threatened. I guess this was a mistake as by the time I got to the stairs, she was waiting at her door and staring me down. I made some sorry-esk facial expression and pointed up.

I am wondered what I should do in a similar situation in the future so as to not cause panic. Thoughts?
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 spoons meter is low this morning. blurg.

I am at work though, which is something. I think once I've had a mug or so of tea I'll try tagging back. If that goes well, I'll see about that EP I mentioned last night for Sabine.
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I think I may be EPing Sabine here in a bit. She keeps wanting in on the drone action but RL keeps getting in the way. Now that I am home sick, I can actually do something and have an idea.

I just need to get Her Ladyship to water polo practice and then off I go...or so I hope.
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So has anyone read Virginia Woolf's "Orlando"? I'm about through with chapter two and the purple prose is being way distracting to me. Is it worth continuing?
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 You know what? I think I'll use Mole Man for the Neverland AU instead of Ultron. It's not like Klaw is a major Avengers villain and they used him in the original comic. Plus molemen seem more Neverland-ish than robots.
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 Nutty day at work and I've not even touched the side project which is expected to be done Friday by end of day. ARRRR

Listening to Bridge to Terabithia and enjoying it. It has a good snap shot of rural kids being kids, though the fat shaming could be turned down. Only about a third of the way through.

And lastly, since i feel a need to get something creative out, some notes for my Avengers Neverland AU.
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 This mornings odd creative impulse, a webcomic called Geekdad that plays with a lot of geek tropes but not glorifying the titular character, i.e. the geek dad avoiding the pitfalls of popular tropes. Brought to mind because I was running late and had my morning toasted bread-like item on top of my coffee cup and the thought "It's a good thing this is not in my mouth or I'd bump into some romantic thing when I am already happily married."
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Did the tummy diagnostic with Her Ladyship this morning and all was done with no issues. We should have results Thursday. For now she is radioactive enough that she should stay away from babies and pregnant women. Or so the discharge person advised.

(cue Imagine Dragons)

Now I am tired and working to keep my head above water at work. Half days always seem to do this. I am also feeling like the heat is on and am drinking cold fluids to try and cool down.

I swear I am trying to get things do so I can play.
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Dear Coworker,
While, yes, that white line shouldn't be there, I seriously doubt it will print considering you can only see it at 6400% and it's a fraction of a quarter point in width.

Not Happy But Trying To Be Chill
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 Yesterday was interesting. Went to a pre-Wedding party for a friend I've know since the mid-90s but kind of drew apart around the middle of 2000's. Good party at a tiki bar, though I wasn't drinking; which was a weird shift to this crowd. Saw a buddy I hadn't seen in 15 years and while it was good to see him, he's already had a couple of drinks and didn't seem too talkative. So that was a thing. It'll be interested to see how these same old friends are next weekend at the actual wedding. I know it's been a while and my not drinking removes the common element, but I swear we had other things in common.

Later that night we watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off with Her Ladyship. She liked it and I have to admit the movie aged well. It did strike me how self focused Ferris was. I also realized today he totally fits the Trickster stereo type, which translated to my head thinking of a MCU Thor AU with Loki as Ferris, Sif as Slone, and Thor as Cameron (mostly because of Cameron's relationship with his father).

Today I am burn from working the garden this morning. Our squash has powdery mildew so I had to crouch over and cut leaves while the sun was pushing the temps into the 80s. Then I went to the grocery and carried home too much food. I am tempted to take a nap but worry it would keep me up all night if I do.
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 I think I need to figure out how to draw lost boy Sam/Falcon. I think he'd have a mask that goes down to his cheeks (but more birdlike), and I think his cloak (rather than being entirely feathers) is feathered at the shoulder and then tattered fabric that's spit down the middle to emulate wings when the wind hits it.

And he has Redwing. His special ability will, of course, be talking with birds, as well as the flying all lost boys do.
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 Well, no writing happened last night as I first went to our community garden for some long overdue watering and then spent 45 min doing the dishes I had left from the day before, once I got home. I was also exhausted and in a fair bit of pain from back and foot troubles. I thought a lot about writing, but never actually did anything. I'm not sure if I will be doing the thinly masked recap or writing out scenes instead. I may have to try both and see which I like better.

I've also come up with a new way not to alienate folks in threading. I keep doing this manic/depressive thing where I do nothing for long periods and then tag all the things, and then go back to doing nothing because I feel overwhelmed. The new plan is to stick with one pup a week, two tops, with an eye on how many threads I am juggling. At the end of the week, I need to look into wrapping which threads I can.

And with that, I am back to work. I am tempted to do a Sabine from an Olympic (Imperial?) Games AU later, though. I'll have to see how I feel.
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So in theory, I will be having a few hours to myself tonight as the Wife doesn't get home until 7 and Her Ladyship is in water polo practice until 8.

I think I will be writing a summation of a few episodes of Izana's canon for an OOM, which will lead to them coming in as a full pilot and about to head off into their first combat mission when the regular canon kicks back in next week, Then I just have to figure out how to handle the final big battle of the season, any transition threads between s01 and s02 (maybe a plot or two from the manga can fit here), and then Izana is into season 02, and major amounts of character growth. Enough, I think I better outline the season so I don't loose anything I want to include.


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