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 Just need to say walking the fine line of an AI that is not self-aware but is programmed to seem that way is a challenge. Like I want to make sure Pino seems artificial now so when she gains sentience it's noticeable, but I don't want to go full robot at the same time.
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I think today I need to avoid Tumblr and FB. Most of what I see there is upsetting and horrifying. I'm taking a break from Trump, police shootings, Syria, the Dakota pipeline, oil spills, political memes, and all that noise. Yes, I know it's a privilege to be able to do that, but all it is doing is stressing me and sapping my will. It'll be there when I can handle it again, which is just so awful to realize.

One of the things I don't like about FB and Twitter, and quickly Tumblr as well since Tumblr seems to want to kill tag tracking, is how it's a ceaseless firehose of information which I don't seem to have much control over. I'm having a similar problem with Mixcloud. I keep seeing uploads from feeds I don't follow and I can't figure out how to stop it. I just don't have the filters to ignore content I don't want to see and it bothers me that I have to scroll through crap to find the feeds I do want to listen too. Bah.

I'm also getting sick of the political/petition spam I get in my inbox.

OK, enough complaining. Onto work projects. I'm going to try doing three, then tagging, then three again. See if I can't keep up with threads and be productive.
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 Work is feeling overwhelming. RL is feeling overwhelming. But I can handle this. One thing at a time and the list of crap I have to do will go down.

Just need to breath and keep going.

But damn, I'd love a day or so off, out somewhere away from things.
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 Today appears to be a day of ick. Got a sinus head ache, vague nausea, and am feeling inflamed or lightly feverish. I've taken an allergy pill and some Advil, as well as drinking mint tea, so here's to hoping I'll be feeling better soon.
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 I hate running garage sales as I either end up asking too little or asking too much. Like I'll staff but don't ask me to price. 

And how's your Saturday morning going?
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 I gotta say, I am liking the Bendu as they are being introduced in Star Wars Rebels.

I am also starting to look forward to the Dr. Strange movie. I am not meaning to start a harsh on the questionable casting choices they've made, but I am very much looking forward to Chiwetel Ejiofor's Baron Mordo. I like what I am seeing of his character from the trailers, while I doubt Marvel would be so creative, I'd love it if he never turns bad guy. I'd love the frenemy sort of thing with Strange and Mordo, since they are enemies in the comics, but I'd love for it to be more philosophical differences rather than Mordo goes evil.

Also, if anyone is considering Strange for a pup, I do have [personal profile] metaphysician  as an journal I am not using and could pass over. =)
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Things are better than I've mentioned before, for those who've been following along. Rent is still going up at the apartment, but we have a plan to move back into my M-i-L's house for nearly half the rent for at least twice the space. It is hoped this will be a good thing, even if things did not work out so well before. But both sides have grown and learned since we moved out four years ago, so it is hoped we can keep from stepping on each other's toes.

This does mean the move is going to spread out over the next few months. It is nice to have the move spread out so far and this will allow us to paint things and make them nice and homey, but part of me is dreading so much packing in a "will it ever end" sort of way.

Tonight is Open House night at my daughter's HS. Once again I am returning to high school. I am not looking forward to this, partly because I will need to speak with her PE coach (are there any nice PE coaches in the world?) about Katie's tummy issues this past summer.

Getting back into Mixcloud, which is fun and all, but I wish I could figure out how to block a user from my feed. I followed this one user but they ended up not playing music that was my jam and so I unfollowed but now they keep showing up. I wouldn't mind it if they didn't upload stuff every few days. It kind of spams my dashboard and pushes other users I like off to the side.

I think that's it. Not to hunt for some spoons for Rollo, not to mention Sabine, Touji, and Sam.
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I've got a cracky idea for an EP for Rollo. mwhahahahha.
I forgot just how bad Rollo's case of hoof-in-spleen was. I cringed watching it and then them setting his bone back at Kattegat. Of course that implies he'd been suffering a broken shin for weeks if not months. I mean how long is a boat journey from Wessex to Kattegat? And wouldn't a broken bone sitting that long untreated be dangerous to a blood illness? Might be something to work in some Milliways care.
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 Listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack and wondering what holiday plot is going to hit Milliways.

I'm also wondering if I'd have the spoons and time to bring in Nicholas St. North for the plot.
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 When you kinda wanna thread but you only have ten minutes until laundry folding time and know other peeps will be home soon after. 
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Katee Sackhoff is reprising her role as Bo-Katan for the next season of SW Rebels!

I *really* hope this means Sabine will meet her. I sort of have a head canon that I never wrote out that Sabine came across a recording of Bo-Katan from before the Empire that inspired Sabine to break free and become a true Mandalorian.

I've also let go of Eliot yesterday. I love the character and all but I don't think he's a good fit for me. I'm still looking forward to the second season of The Magicians though.

And I've app'ed Pino from Ergo Proxy. I had meant to wait, but when I find myself looking into the symbolism of the show, downloading episodes (they're all on Youtube!) and making batch screen caps to make icons from, as well as looking into the manga adaptation, I have to admit defeat and run with it.
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Responsible Me: OK, yes, the character is neat, but you don't have time to play a child-like synthetic human who's character arc is about her discovering sentience and empathy.

Impulsive Me: (Hides something behind back.)

RM: You've already made a journal haven't you?

IM: (Smiles)

RM: And you're hunting images to use for icons. You are impossible! (Throws hands in air)

IM: (Plays with new toy.)
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OK, Trouble Man is really an amazing album and Sam was right. If you are like me however, you'll need to listen to the whole album before the song Trouble Man works.
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 Looooong day of what was supposed to be a relaxing one. Had to remove more stuff from the garage so the contractors could check the leaking ceiling and mold while at the same time AT&T arrived to install a fiber modem. Then there was the shuffle of finding a phone jack as the fiber modem uses phone lines, and we don't use land lines so had no idea where the jacks were.

Cue moving of lots of heavy furniture.

Mostly have things reassembled now and the modem is up and running.

I also have an old friend who is talking about a Star Wars game he is running, which he was inspired to do after watching Clone Wars and Rebels. Set about 4 years before Rebels and 6 years after Order 66, it was basically the start of the Rebellion. I knew I couldn't join in, but I immediately though of a character; a Mandalorian who can't wear his armor because he feels he lost his honor due to personal actions. I'm thinking maybe something like he was park of Maul's troop and the horrible things he was required to do stacked up and he left.

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 Fun surprise was taped to my front door when I came home. Another rent increase! Third one this year.

I've written a tense and brief letter. I doubt the letter will see the light of day but I feel better.

I need to look into whether this is legal. In theory it's not, but we may not be protected by rental laws as I think we're on a monthly lease now and there is a new owner for the property.
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 I'm not so sure Eliot is a head voice for me. He hasn't really pushed and I tried writing some fic/OOM for him and it feels off. No rush on deleting him since I have little time for playing anyway, but I felt like I needed to get that out there.

He could make room for me to bring Tybalt back though.
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 I really wish my family was more solvent as I really hate the drama and stress that comes with renting an apartment. The past few months have been annoying as the previous owners were selling which meant lots of notices of access, which meant lots of cleaning.

Now the new owners are settling in and have chopped down about half the trees, bye bye shade and privacy screens, and have been giving notices just about every day. The latest is that we are not allowed any window treatments, blinds are to be left down, and nothing is to be on the window sills.

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Rewatched Winter Soldier and, damn, but that movie is damn near flawless.

Also, started watching Ergo Proxy and it is an awesome anime. Strong hints of Heavy Metal magazine's scifi, with Bladerunner undertones, and the aesthetic, if not the culture, of Bioshock. Granted I've never played Bioshock and am just going on trailers and impressions here.
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 One side effect of caring for a sick kid is that I was able to finish Amelia's latest canon. Very nice book and the author is only getting better in their writing. I think this is her second series and seventh or eighth book over all. For about four or five pages I was worried my curse of finding secondary characters I love only to have them met some horrible fate was taking place, but no. Amelia's future just got very interesting.


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