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 Rewatched Days of Futures Past and yep, Mr. Trigger Happy "Take Her Down Charles" McCoy still pisses me off. Like if he showed some regret for the advice or struggle in giving it, I might buy it, but he's supposed to love Raven and he's telling Charles to invade her mind? No.
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 I tweaked my back getting out of my car this morning and now I am having trouble standing up straight. Whee!
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 Oh wow, the Logan trailer has lots of feels.

Also, I happened to spot that Izana's ride is now about half the price it was a year ago. Still $35 I don't have to spend on toys, but nice to see it going down in price.
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I am a little afraid I do not have an Ahsoka voice any longer.

Spoilers from the Ahsoka novel behind the cut... )
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 Guys, guys, Ahsoka was *SO* good! I can't even.
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 In other news, seeing the new Rogue One trailer is making me miss Quinlan Vos. MIght need to through him in a sandbox when I have some time.


Oct. 13th, 2016 08:02 am
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Last night marking 200 days since I've had anything to drink. I'm finding I like the me that doesn't drink more than the me that would occasionally drink. I wasn't drinking often but when I would, I couldn't seem to find the brakes to stop when it was prudent.
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 Holy shit the Ahsoka novel is so good! Okay, five chapters in it's really good.
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Musical blahs as Spotify and the Flash on my work computer are not talking to each other. Tried Mixcloud, which functions but I can't seem to find a feed that fits my mood. Switching to Pandora and hitting up my Mazzy Star feed.

Work really wants to make it known it missed me last week but not only giving me a ton of work but having two artist out sick. Thanks work! \o/

Also started California Bones and holy shit is this a nice read so far. Urban fantasy which actually not only comes up with a unique magic (magic comes from eating the bones of magical being, with LA being a nexus of power due to the la brea tar pits), the world is different enough from our own and not just as window dressing (California is not part of the US and is in fact split into two different kingdoms and LA has canals like Venice). I'm rather jealous of this author. Definitely worth the read, though there are allusions to gore. Nothing too blatant so far and I'm up to chapter three.

Also finished Luke Cage and damn that was a bitter sweet ending. Getting deeper into Marco Polo and loving it.

And now back to work.
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Finished "Heir to the Empire" and I don't know. 20-something me would've loved it but present me isn't so sure. I was entertained. I like some of the new characters, Thrawn and Talon Karrde most notably, but I don't think enough time was spent fleshing them out. 
I wanted to like Mara but I felt like she was more fantasy the person. I needed more than redheaded siren/femme fatale with a reason to hate Luke and I just wasn't given it.
I also couldn't help feeling the tone shifting into vaudeville mustache twirling far too often. And if you have your characters spell out your big reveal right after giving the reveal, you've fucked it up. Can't say I am too impressed with Zahn's writing.
As I said, I was entertained. I don't regret reading the book, but I am not certain I was entertained enough to read the sequel. In fact, I am more inclined to read "Rouge Squadron" for the first time instead.
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 Holy shit, Marco Polo is good.
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I just ate one and it cleared the headache I'd been feeling for the last few hours. Guess my blood sugar was low or something.

I think I am definitely missing playing at Milliways as I keep thinking of pups to app. Almost a sure sign I need to EP someone. Only thing is I have so many past threads I feel guilty starting anything new.

Her Ladyship is having her mystery digestive issues again. Hopefully it's just assuming all was well too soon and not another flair up.

Watched a bit of the newer Thundercats and it looked pretty good. Also tempted to watch Robotech: The Sentinels as I've never seen it and am feeling nostalgic. I think I've found a source on Youtube. And I need to finish Ergo Proxy and Luke Cage. So many shows, so little time.

ETA: Oh, and DC announced a relaunch of Batwoman's solo title. She's even being written my a queer woman, if my google searching and skimming is anything to go by. Very happy for this.
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 And Mordo is looking even more interesting in the upcoming Doctor Strange.
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 The shipping in Star Wars Rebels fandom is a little much for me, especially with Sabine. They show a clip of her making plans to bust Wedge out of the Empire earlier today and people are already shipping them. They've even got the ship name. I'm surprised there isn't fanart.
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 I've been listening to Heir to the Empire* and is it me or is it impossible for Star Wars audiobooks to not be over dramatic? It's also weird to see how things with how the Force is portrayed has changed. I do hope Mr. Zhan's writing improves in the second book. I feel like he needs lessons on subtly. For example, to paraphrase, "And they left with the cloaking shield and the other trivial technology."

Yeah, that trivial tech you just casually mentioned out of the blue isn't a Chekov's gun at all, I am sure.

First impressions of Grand Admiral Thrawn; LOVE him. Something about a competent villain just works for me. Now let's just hope he really is a challenge for the trio.

*Yes, I am reading this for the first time. No, you cannot take away my Star Wars fan badge.
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 Luke Cage is so good guys. Three episodes in and already I know we need a Luke in the bar. I'd be tempted but Black culture, specifically Harlem Black culture is so much a part of his narrative, that I know I'd be wrong for me to take him on.

And he of course had a hallway scene. Which makes me wonder, did Jessica Jones have a hallways scene?
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Things I wish: That they hadn't replaced The Ancient One with a white woman.

I'd really like to see Dr. Strange but I don't wish to support problematic casting like that. And yet the movie does feature an expanded role for Wong, who in the comics was simply the man servant/body guard, and altering the role of Mordo to be a black man now. Of course, that is potentially problematic since Mordo is a villain in the comics, but so far there has been nothing to suggest he will be a villain in this movie.

I'd love it if Mordo becomes an antagonist but not a villain. Like he branches off from the Ancient One's team (the Masters of Mystic Arts as the prelude comic calls them*) and makes his own team that does things just a little differently but still is fighting the good fight.

I'm hating the guilt tripping posts I am seeing regarding this. How if you see the movie and pay for it you are racist trash or have no right to call yourself an ally. This movie isn't quite so black and white folks. Sorry, bad analogy. Especially since these same posts are advocating people to watch it illegally via torrents. Cause creators and crew have no rights to being paid or some shit.

I think if I do see it, it will be matinee or I'll wait until it's available to digitally rent.

*Could they have picked a stupider name?
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 Just need to say walking the fine line of an AI that is not self-aware but is programmed to seem that way is a challenge. Like I want to make sure Pino seems artificial now so when she gains sentience it's noticeable, but I don't want to go full robot at the same time.


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