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A quick tutorial on a method I came across for how to make clear icons from muddy or dark screenshots and images. Enter at your own risk, thar be medium sized images behind the cut...

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In the interests of full disclosure, I did learn this technique from someone who made icons but I can't remember where I saw it, Tumblr maybe?
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Today's minor irritation: People who fan cast and ignore the ethnic identities/coding of the character, i.e. white washing, etc. Sabine Wren is East/Southeast Asian and casting someone whose father is Indian does not respect this.

Also, ignoring obvious Romani coding in a fictional character is also bad form.

OK, back to work so I can play later.
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Sabine thought behind cut. (spoilers from last episode)

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Reading the Planetary omnibus and seised with the urge to read Doc Savage soon. I've never read the stories but he always seemed an interesting pulp hero.

Finished Once Broken Faith and I have so much love for this. So many Luidaeg moments! I really feel like we are coming to the time of the Luidaeg's work coming to fruition. I just hope the selkies survive the experience. (So much head noise from my inner Luidaeg...she might need some sandbox time.)

Random canon theory I had, which might count as spoilers; so behind a cut. Not a big spoiler if you've read the last book and remember what Walther managed to accomplish. As well as the book before that and remember who the big bad was.

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 Holy fuck The Magicians season two premiere was good. I have to admit I was imagining Quentin (the far) mentoring him in courtly things once Eliot becomes high king. 
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 Fun 24 hours...
Went home early yesterday to watch over an anxiety attack my daughter was having. She is better and mostly just didn't want to be alone with her Grandmother, who has little to no sympathy for mental disorders. Once Her Ladyship's BBF showed up and after we made birthday cupcakes for the friend, I took them to a used bookstore for a change of scenery. They bought $60 worth of books each and I bought the latest Toby Daye novel. Already hooked.

This morning I woke up with a sore neck and a vague headache. Didn't eat breakfast as I had an appointment to get a dental filling redone. All went well with that but I developed a migraine while things happened so I called in sick to work. I am feeling better but my head is still kind of fuzzy from the forced restart.

Looks like Singer is taking a direct hand in the X-men spin-off TV series. Not so sure I am on board with this as I am ready for new blood in the franchise. I wonder how he will make it about Charles and Eric? Sarcasm and negativity aside, I do hope the show is good and successful.

And Trump senior staff are apparently using a private server. >: /
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 Listening to Physical Kids Weekly, a podcast on The Magicians, which focuses on the TV series, and am really enjoying it. They made some nice points about how Quentin is not a good narrator to himself and that is likely why I hadn't really liked him when reading the books or watching the series. I still don't like the tone Lev Grossman brings to his books, but I need to reevaluate Quentin as a person now.
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 This weekend Sabine takes the spotlight in Star Wars Rebels and I am already seeing people complaining about it on Tumblr; complaining about how Ezra was supposed to be the main character and how an ancient Mandalorian jedi is a Gary Sue. Oh noes, the story focus shifts to something else for a few episodes.

Anyway, onto the positive, I just finished Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone, and holy shit do I have a new favorite world. Amazing world building and characters. I'm on the fence if I want to read the books in order of publication or as the series internal chronology.


Jan. 17th, 2017 11:09 am
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 I think I broke through the OOM bloke, at least for Izana, and should be EPing soon as I have just one more I want to write that is completely my own scene.
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GAH! I've two canon OOMs I want to write (Izana and Touji) but I just can't write them.

I might just EP them and forget about writing up the canon.


Jan. 13th, 2017 12:19 pm
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 Grrr Arrrgggg
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 I started Max Gladstone's Three Parts Dead, and holy shit is this some masterful world building. Loving the characters too.

: (

Jan. 10th, 2017 09:56 am
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 Dear Muse, please come out to play? That blank digital page isn't all that intimidating really.
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This year I am going to endeavor to avoid negative or complaining posts. I know sometimes it is good to vent, but I think I will try to at least of think of something positive when I do feel the need to vent.

My back is still being a bother, though mostly in the mornings now. Which has lead to a morning of fail for me. Bleck.

Decided to stick with my current pup roister and not look for anyone new. I think the urge I was having was the new pup high instead of any real need to have someone new. So that's a thing.

Still need to go through the Clone Wars seasons and come up with a beat sheet for which episodes/stories I want to cover with Ahsoka.

Still need to write the next bit of canon for Touji and Izana and Pino.

Still need to make notes or story ideas I have, as well as a character outline for a necromancer OC I have kicking around in my head; as well as her demonologist BFF.

Still need to get my back not hurting/aching so I can focus and feel up to playing and writing.
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 Today's adventure: Woke up at 4am and had such trouble getting out of bed with my back to go use the bathroom, decided to stay awake and woke out the bunched up muscles. This is an hour and a half before my usual time getting up. I fear how my day will be going.
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 I picked up The Unstoppable Wasp today, as well as last week's Spider-Woman. Wasp was really good and I love the art and the character. I am worried she is going to develop into a manic pixie dreamgirl, but I have hopes. Spider-woman was harsh and emotionally honest, and I have to say I am impressed with the direction the writer has taken.
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Whelp, back is better though still tender. I am at work and things are slow. Maybe I'll feel up to threading in a bit, having trouble focusing so maybe not.

Warlock Holmes continues to entertain, though it has definitely turned towards the silly. Not as good as Pratchett or Monty Python but still entertaining.

Next book will be Bloodlines which is waiting for me at the library to pick up tonight. Looking forward to a book focused on Leia.

ETA: Her Ladyship has taken a job petsitting for the new neighbors. This is both a good thing (she is getting exposure to the less fun sides of pet ownership. "He ate the cat's poop, Dad. I am so triggered!") and bad as she is still only a 14 year old and so I keep helping her out, doing the early morning shift, cleaning up gross things, and such. 


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