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And while I did enjoy it, the resolution of the story revolved around a trope I do not like. I won't list it here as it's a spoiler, but to its credit, they did go somewhere new or at least different than they usually take stories using the trope.

I did like all the characters and am tempted to try out a couple; Ben (n.06) and Pogo. I'm just not so sure about Pogo mostly because of the things he allowed to happen in the past. Faithful butler only gets you so far as an excuse for how you allow children to be treated. Ben is kind of a blank page though, cause there isn't much to go on from the Netflix series. I could pull from the comic I suppose.
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I seem to be in the expel the ectoplasm stage of this cold. Woke up godawful early, i.e. 3:30am, to coughing and ended up for an hour drinking tea until my throat calmed enough for me to try and sleep for another hour or so. Bleck.

I'd love to see Captain Marvel this weekend, but I don't think it's to be. One, I haven't bought tickets, and tw, I think the weekend is already booked. I am wearing my Captain Marvel socks in solidarity though.

Writing is being reluctant again. >:/  Maybe I should just write some fanfic to get the gears moving?
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I think I am coming down with a cold. My throat and sinus are not feeling good, but at least the random hot flashes have passed. I swear if I didn't work more than an hours drive from home, I'd have left work already. I'm already planning on calling in tomorrow.

I watched the first season of One Day At A Time and I love it. That finale was interrupted by onion ninjas though. (Also, the estranged father is going to regret that decision for the rest of his life.) So looking forward to season 02.

I also finished off the 2 seasons of The Good Place that Netflix has. So jonesing for season 03, but Hulu only has the 5 most recent episodes, which means I'd miss the first half of the season. Boo.

I'm also looking forward to season 02 of The Dragon Prince and Umbrella Academy. I should also give Cloak and Dagger a watch.

Magicians has been really good this season, good enough I bought a season pass on Google so I don't miss episodes or have to wait for Netflix to get the season.

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 500 Words, despite a head ache. Woot.

I think I'll have more if I can find more time to sit.
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Looks pretty and I'm glad some elements form the original story are coming in...Mutants In SPAAAAACCCCEEEE....but I'm not a fan of the "girl goes crazy with too much power" ride, yet again. I'd love it if they could switch things around a bit and maybe have her actually handle the least for a while. I'm more interested in omega level powers creating omega level problems when you still only have mortal human's conscience to determine the best course. Mistakes, even horrendous mistakes, via good intentions are so much more interesting than "Oh, she's just crazy".

That and not a smidgen of character development seems to have happened, which is something that bugs me about the X-Men movies in general. At least Beast seems to have at least one scene where he uses his agility and strength to fight three dimensionally.

Yes, this is only a trailer, so none of those complaints are really valid, but still.
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Random thought as I watch a friend on FB live comment his watching Into The Spider-verse that I never mentioned but had meant to...

Behind a cut cause spoilers... )

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I think I have figured out why I've been reluctant to write, at least with my story. I need more conflict. I have the main conflict and then the MC's person internal conflict, but both of those are slow burners that occur as under currents, so I need to add in more conflicts to move things along.

I think today I will work on a conflicts outline and see what ideas I can come up with.

In other news, I keep wanting to make teams with Marvel's Future Fight, but they only give you three slots for teams before you have to pay for extra, and they only have a total of five slots anyway. I'm sort of gaming the system by having two different IDs I'm playing with though. I think I need to figure out which teams to play on my phone and which to play on my tablet. I know my tablet will be my mutant source, since that's where I paid to get Illyana. I also have a Nadia van Dyne who has potential there, so I'll likely run with a Champions team, since I also have Riri Williams/Iron Heart. I'll just need to decide on if I want to get Sam Alexander/Nova or Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel.
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Oh, and I also finally read Avengers Vs X-Men, the big cross over event Marvel ran a few years ago. Not as bad as I'd feared, though the Avengers really did not look good through most of it. Like would it have hurt Cap to try and reach out to Cyclopes to meet in a neutral area without an army at his back?

I can't decide if I want to write up more about this or not. I do know I wasn't 100% in favor of Illyana's characterization and it was weird seeing old versions of characters that weren't valid any more, like Colossus being the Juggernaut for a bit there.
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With spoilers for Gen: Lock (a Roosterteeth mech webseries) and Chamions (Marvel comic), so behind the cut.

Read more... )

OK, enough griping. I have Janelle Monáe's cover of Heroes in my head.

I also started Umbrella Academy this weekend, but only got about halfway through the first episode before my tablet ran out of power. Seems interesting and I mean to watch it.

News has it that the Disney+ Marvel shows will tie into the MCU officially. Not sure if that enough for me to keep wanting to play Sam.

I still need to write. I am so far behind.

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I have gotten Illyana to 6 stars, which unlocks all her powers/abilities and she is fun. Screen shots behind the cut.

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It's been nearly two weeks since I've gotten more than 300 words or so out. The first week I gave myself a pass, since I was start new brain candy, and I really should give myself some credit for this week, since work was very draining, but I haven't written for my story at all. I've poked at other ideas or journal entries, contemplated OOMs, but the sad fact is I keep avoiding my book. I'm not entirely sure why. I think I've nearly convinced myself I don't know what to do with the story and it's meandering, which is possible.

I think I need to reread what I've got so far and when I get back to writing, stop trying to force things into the story. Rough draft needs to just flow. I can go back once I've got something to work with to make it less self indulgent or problematic or shallow or whatever other "problem" my Imposter Syndrome self keeps telling me about.
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I just finished with a project that's been eating my time and brain for the past three days. Basically crunching manufacturing data in anticipation for Brexit. Had some fun with it, but I am glad it is over.

I have no idea why some tedious tasks appeal to me and others give me hives.
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 Ok, Future Fight has won me over. I mean it can't get better than Illyana grown to giant size by Pym particles and fighting frost giants.

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With my last doctor's visit, I requested a script for an antidepressant. I've always had trouble with depression, it comes and goes, but with teh death of my father, I'd decided life is too short of swallow or white knuckle through emotions, so I've been trying to acknowledge them and deal, which has had some effects.

The medication I was prescribed was Lexipro and after two days I was noticing changes I wasn't so sure about. Basically, I was feeling like I'd drunk a triple espresso on an empty stomach, without the jitters. Fortunately that phase of the medication seems to have passed now, cause that was not a feeling I was enjoying.
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More thoughts about Marvel's Future Fight mobile game app...

OK, I've found the feature that saves the game for me. You are given tickets that let you autoplay levels. I knew this but assumed it was just that you don't have to hit the buttons on the levels and the fight would happen while you watched; like watching a play thru vid on Youtube. Nope, there's a option to the side on the level's loading screen that says "clear" which lets you run up to ten plays of the level at a time. Nice, quick, and done.

I bought the X-men package the next time it came around. It was $10, so I figure I pack a lunch twice this week and I'll be good. I have Magik now and for the next 30 should get stuff each day to build her up. I'll have to remember to hit the app each day and to spend the gift wisely, i.e. on Magik, as there is no way for me to get more stars for Magik without this package. You do get options on which mutant to buy with the gift you get with the package. Problem is that getting more stars to make your mutant more playable doesn't happen within the game. At least so far, I haven't seen any levels with give you things with which to increase the level of your mutant. It's all been Avengers and other humans galore, but no mutants.

Still, having fun. I also now have Ironheart to compliment my Nadia van Dyne. I think I'll have to get Ms Marvel, so I can have a Champions team. Alas, there is no Viv.

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Oh sure, random phone call that IDs at +0000000000 United States, I'll pick up...really. NOT.
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Writing the past couple of days has been an effort. I can't seem to push past 200 words or so, and i need to up my word count, so I am going to write about it here and see if it knocks something loose. I was going great with short stories but now I seem to be stymied. It could be because I am having one Nice Guy (tm) actually showing some anger in this short story, which is kind of out of character for this person, but he needs to be angry for this story. It makes perfect sense, and yet he doesn't want me to write. Maybe I could shift from a revenge sort of anger to a "I have to find out what happened" sort of anger? That seems like it could work. I should play with that. I mean, this guy doesn't seem to have it in him to hate anyone, which I do worry is going to be boring. Not that he can't get angry, he just doesn't hold onto it.

In other writing things...Illyana Rasputin/Magik has taken over my brain meats even since I read the What If? Magik in which she runs from teh X-men after her reappearance from Limbo and ends up in Doctor Strange's care instead of joining the New Mutants. Very interesting ideas are popping in my head as to possible stories, I've the start of a playlist, I bought her action figure, and I even have two possible journal names. I haven't made them yet, but I'm getting close. I've also been plotting costume ideas, since I don't see why she should be limited to the same kind of cloak Stephen wears for a costume.

What is it about me and characters with horrible pasts trying to do good in the world?

I also discovered I won't be able to get Magik without spending $$ in Future Fight, which does not please me. If the cost is like $5, I might jump on it, but I don't know. I did discover that the Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have their Captain America costumes as uniform options. So tempted to have Team Cap now.

Ok, that give me my 600+ words for the day, so I'm going to see if I can't do some drawing.
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Ah yess...I discovered they have a Captain America 2099 skin/uniform for Captain America in Future Fight. My all gal America team is complete!
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I started playing Marvel's Future Fight (so you don't have to)

it's mostly okay. I'm finding out a lot about myself by what games actually catch my desire to play. I have never been much of a gamer, tending to get frustrated with levels cause I suck at video games, but I love the stories they can tell. I also love collecting things I love. This game touches on both, though I don't know much about the story cause the dialog doesn't do a whole lot for me. But I get to collect Marvel characters, so that appeals to me. Game play is pretty simple. It's kind of a fighting game, mostly against NPCs but there is a PVP arena.

Spoiler alert, i stay away from that unless I'm getting the daily bonus for dealing with it.

The UX isn't very user friendly, I think. It could be because I'm not used to complex games. There's also a lot you have to juggle to advance your character. There's rank, mastery of that rank, level, gear level, skill level, special gear, and something called ISO-8 which is supposed to give you boosts but I haven't played much with it cause you need to mix the types of ISO-8 right. Think Minecraft but not as much fun...I think?

I also can't help thinking the game is stacked so that male characters tend to be stronger than female. I don't have math to prove this, but it's a feeling. I could be very wrong about it.

Oh, and it is not designed for casual play...well it is, but they give you such an insane amount of energy that you could play for hours without running through it. I'm betting there's a tipping point where your player level out paces the energy refile vs advancement, but I haven't reached it yet.

They do have lots of characters. So far my main team is America Chavez, Sharon Rogers (the AU daughter of Peggy and Steve who's a paladin inspired by American Gladiator), and Natasha Romanoff. I am being stubborn and not getting male characters unless I need them for special missions, like requiring Reed Richards for the Fantastic Four mission or Wolverine (of course) for the X-Men mission.

I also have dreams of a Morgan Le Fay (whom I have), Sister Grimm, and Magik team. I have Nadia Van Dyne, Elsa Bloodstone, and a few others. I feel like Elsa and Natasha should be on a team, so maybe I should get Sharon Carter/Agent 13 to round them out. Gals-N-Guns? Of course, then I'll need another America themed gal for the main team.

I do wish they had Jessica Drew. They have Cindy Moon/Silk and Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman, so if/when they get Jess, I'll have to have my spider-ladies team.

And now I think I want to draw Magik as Sorcerer Supreme, ala What If? Magik. I even have a SenshiStock photo to use as reference....just not sure if my drawing skills are up to it. And I'd have to design a costume, since she'd be older than in the comic, but it would be fun.


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