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 And a funny realization: I've been clinging to a live action version of comics Beast for Hank, rather than examining the character as he is. Which has resulting in round hole, square peg. Accepting that this Hank isn't necessary inclined towards the biological sciences, at least at this point, has gone a long way with my hearing his voice.

I also need to let go of the Kelsey Grammar Beast. Yes, Hank will head that way, but that is decades in the future, if it even happens with the new reality, post-Days of Future.
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 The move has really gotten me wound up, more than I thought. Twice now I've woken in the middle of the night, unable to go back to bed because I can't stop thinking about all the things that need to happen in the next seven days. Sum of this is I am working through a fog and can't even manage to make pup icons I like.

I've decided I miss having more icon space and since I can't afford to drop $30 at the present time, I'd double up my ten pups to reduce my pup icons from 10 to 5. I've mostly worked out the pairings: Ahsoka/Sabine (Star Wars), Touji/Izana (anime), Hank/Selina (live action comic pups), and Sam/Rollo (?). It's tempting to do Sam/Selina (live action comic pups) and Hank/Rollo (furry pups) cause the latter makes me laugh.

It would be interesting to pair them up by personality/motivations; Sabine/Selina (rebel gals), Sam/Izana (empathy pups), Touji/Hank (fear of being monsters), Ahsoka/Mordo(champions for their causes), Eliot/Rollo (hedonists)

Too many different ways to pair pups.

I've deleted Amelia and re-apped Eliot. Amelia was a pup intended to be a OOM adventures host but I just don't have the time to run campaigns. Eliot is back as I saw the trailer for season 02 of The Magicians and it was suddenly like he never left.

I am still considering Mordo but I am going to wait until I see the movie or read the novelization, if it exists. Everything I've read online only supports my liking him as a character, so. I think he will take Pino's slot as while I have finished her canon, enjoyed, and remember it fondly, I don't see there is much of a story for her beyond the first half of canon. I mean I know there's more and if I had the spoons I could create it with the cliffhanger ending, I just don't think I have the spoons.
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As proof:

I could easily fill the 100 icons of a paid account for Sam with this pretty mug if I wanted.
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 Things that do not mix well: beards and CPAP machines, as well as a stuffed up nose and a CPAP machine. I am home sick and my nose is all prickly from too much sneezing and being chapped from tissue. At least I don't have sinus pressure to deal with.
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 TFW, you kind of have the urge to make an EP but know you only have a few hours of keyboard time. Ah, screw it.
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Mordo in Milliways thoughts...Thar be spoilers for Dr. Strange if my online sleuthing is anything to go by.

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Nov. 28th, 2016 01:17 pm
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I should not have thrown Mordo into today's DE. It's my own fault and I am laughing at myself, but the character has a lot more appeal than I even thought when I made the account a week or so ago.

I will have to see the movie now. Or I could make myself wait for the digital rental to give other pups a chance at getting to a deletion place.
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 I'm trying to read Campbel's The Hero With a Thousand Faces and failing at it so hard. Part of it is the academic tone it has but the rest is my prejudiced against his "monomyth" concept. He does sort of address this in the intro which makes me think I'm being a little too critical of what seems like mythological gentrification, but the academic tone is still standing in the way.

I was stuck in the DMV yesterday and starting reading the translations of Tokyo Ravens again and fell in love with Touji all over again. New protocol for pups, reread/watch canon before deciding the voice has faded. This also means I need to figure out how to write his canon story as he seems to want this story told now. I had originally thought he was a just show up in bar and not write out the canon pup. I'll have to figure out if I want to use the anime or the manga as primary. Eventually I will have to switch to the lite novel since it goes farther than the either the manga or the anime, both of which drop you off a big cliffhanger.

I do think I will be giving up Amelia and reapping Eliot Waugh. I love Amelia but I feel like the character I have in my head is not the same as the one from canon. I also apped her with the idea of running quest style OOMs but I just don't have the time for that.

Settling into my MiL house and I feel my inner self stretching out. I didn't realize how much I was folding in on myself at the apartment until I had twice the space.

CUrrently watchin How to Train Your Dragon 2, and enjoying it. 
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 Boy howdy did I forget how much moving sucks. At the new place and exhausted. So much more packing to do at the old place.

I swear I will get back to threads once I have a spoon.
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 New head canon for the MCU: Antoine Triplett is actually still alive and an inhuman. His power are intangibility which renders him nearly invisible. Fury drafted him for a secret team. Later, he recruited Pietro and had to do some serious fast talking to convince him it was the best way to save his sister if he faked his death. They now fight crime together.
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When I’m working on the outline and characters for a story exploring mentors and questing heroes from different cultures within the USA, and this week’s Writing Excuses is about colonialism. Which makes me realize I need to decide on my characters and what cultural roots they will have rather than gather mythological mentors to chose from like they were pokemon.

I also realized my definition of a mentor is somewhat different then others, if the answers I got from Facebook are any indication. I had asked for any that my friends might know of, giving Chiron and Scathach as examples, and I got Prometheus and Daedalus as answers. I can see I should've qualified that I was looking for examples not Greek or Irish, since I already had two mentors, but Daedalus never taught a hero (i.e. someone who went out and fought for glory or some noble cause) and Prometheus had like one conversation with Heracles.

Obviously I need to think of how I word questions in the future.

Additionally, I really love Missing Persons’s Destination Unknown. Would that be Missing Persons’ or Missing Persons’s. Missing Persons is a band, which is kind of singular right?
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 I need to watch First Class and Days of Future Past before I start Hank's road trip. I realized I need a better handle on his voice as I keep hearing Kelsey Grammer's Beast and not Nicolas Holt's. I do still have the awkward Hank/Beast from early if FC in my head, but I need to see/hear beyond that. Hopefully rewatching the films will help. = ]

Finished Sparrow Hill Road and I loved it. It did take me a bit to get used to the near short story collection format of the book, but I ended up loving it.

I also really need to start writing the story it inspired in my head as I listened. Need to research more hero mentors beyond Chiron and Scathach though...for reasons.
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 I need to make efforts to get my news from just FB and Tumblr. Half the stories are either old, fake, or spun, not to mention targeted pretty much to a narrow focus. It's like just watching Fox news.

So I am thinking I'll subscribe to the Washington Post and maybe the SF Chronicle or SJ Mercury News. NY Times is tempting also, depends on how much they papers will charge.
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 Things that bug me which don't really affect my life: fan art of women characters that has them standing pigeon toed. Like why?
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 So apparently the key to switching from a Jamaican accent to a Londoner's is cursing. Go figure.
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 Well I made a journal for Lars and found icons of Seal to use. Only problem is now I hear a Jamaican accents when I imagine him speaking and he's supposed to have a Londoner's. Maybe I should hunt down an interview with Seal and see how he speaks; I've only ever heard him sing. 
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 Muse stuff behind the cut...
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 I love when a book I read inspires story ideas. Just started Seanan McGuire's Sparrow Hill Road and the idea of a trucker who keeps picking up questing heroes popped into my head. I hope to find some time to write it out a bit, but I know his name is Jason and because he's a dork, he calls his rig Argo.

I also finished Sister Mine by Nalo Hopkinson, and OMG this was a wonderful read. Very reminiscent of Anansi Boys, but very much its own thing. Amazing characters, messy family relationships, and a neat little mystery, or maybe it would be better described as an adventure or right of passage.
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 So Fox is looking into rebooting the X-Men franchise, yet again? Groan. I think it'd be much better if they just focus on the new kids they introduced last movie and went from there. I know Hollywood has a thing for actors being the path to a blockbuster rather than the movie itself, but come on.
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Posted on Tumblr, but I want to post it here to remind myself:

America is not the country I hoped it could be. The joke has turned into a nightmare and won the highest office. I am fearful for the coming decades, cause you know his impact is going to take that long to clear up (see Reagan’s effect on the US).

But I am not giving up the country I believe in. I will be good and free, and I will do what I can when I see others who need help. I will stand up for what I believe in. I will use my white male privilege to fight the racist squash and protect those who are targeted when I can.


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