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Since I'll be gone from work for two weeks where all my notes are, here are some new faces I'm looking at for Ehren (Codex Alera):
Thomas Mann
Max Thierot
Luke Mitchell
James Morrison
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 One thing I mean to do with playing Ben again is get rid of the old habit I had of trying to type out his accent. Reading newer issues, Marvel doesn't bother with it any more, so I don't see why I should. Especially since I was always worried it was awkward to read.
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I'm going to let Touji go. Chance as well. I thought both would be fun, but Chance's isn't being that loud and I already have spunky teens that are louder (Ahsoka, Selina, and Sabine), and with Touji, I'm just not having the urge to play him as well as having the problem of truly groking his culture and magic system. It seems easy on the surface, but something just isn't clicking.

I do mean to bring Ben Grimm back to Milliways...finally. News of the possible beginning of the return of the F4 to the comics landscape has woken him something fierce. I plan on starting with his time in the Guardians of the Galaxy and slowly moving forward until December when the search for Reed, Sue, and the kids starts. Very likely to stick with allusions to things happening in his life rather than doing OOMs. I just don't seem to have the time for them.

I think I need to through Tybalt (Toby Daye) and Yang (RWBY) into a sandbox to give them some play before I decide if I want to play them. I keep being tempted by both since they have new canon out or soon to be out.

Ehren and Elayne are still there. I'm waffling on Elarne. I love the world, but I'm not sure I understand it well enough. Ehren I am still having trouble deciding on a PB as well as a canon point to began play from.

I'm learning more and more that character and personality are more important to me for playing in Milliways than a cool world or powers.

OK, work and then maybe some playing or writing. I still need to get back to my Trucker Quest.
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 I've started watching season 03 of Gotham and I have to say, once you let go of the grounded feel of season 01 and accept the show is heading into comic book science, it's much better. They still make some questionable calls (*cough* aging up a 14 year old Ivy to have another femme fatale *cough*) but it's good cheesy fun.
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 Oh, and I finished Thrawn yesterday and started Rogue One this morning. Thrawn was amazing and I highly recommend it. I am likley one of the very few people who didn't get much from Heir to the Empire, and Thrawn didn't strike me as all that, but this book really sold him to me.

Also, Governor Pryce is an awful person. If her willing to torture a teenaged girl (Sabine in season 03) wasn't enough evidence, this book really makes it obvious, especially the last battle of the book.

And I squeed anytime a mention was made that tied into Star Wars Rebels.

I hope we hear more about Eli Vanto in the future.
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 Woke up with a head ache and feeling inflamed. Hopefully this will die down with hydration, healthy breakfast, and ibuprofen, otherwise my 400 words are going to be a challenge today.
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 nearing the end of the book and it's making me love Thrawn more the Heir to the Empire did. I've hit the period that crosses over with Rebels. 

Also, when he says, "Perhaps" that's his way of saying, "That's a cute theory but you're wrong," isn't it?
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Brainstorming about Sabine and Ahsoka behind the cut, spoilers likely.

Ahsoka... )
Sabine's thoughts are really just this past post and thinking of how the New Mandalorians seem like they were more benevolent Fascists than the ideal pacifists presented. Possible ideas are Sabine finding a book about the change in power during the Clone Wars and the switch to Imperial occupation. My main concern is that I am not sure if I'm the person to touch on a story so deeply seated in racism and eugenics, nor what the story has to do with Sabine now. The possibility is fascinating, but I am just not sure it needs to be told and told by me, a white male.

Well damn

Sep. 11th, 2017 09:22 am
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I've fucked up the bird food order. I knew we were running out so I ordered more to be delivered last Friday. It was supposed to show up Saturday, or Monday at the latest. Guess what never showed up?

Now the wife has to drive to the vet, buy some over the counter, drive back home, feed the birds, and then go into work. This is making her very late and, rightly so, very pissed at me.

Note to see, stop cutting things so damned close. I knew on Friday there was a problem. STOP TRUSTING OTHER PEOPLE TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. I should've gone into a pet store on Sunday and gotten food to carry over until we got the special food the birds are used to.
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 I've collected intel on an Insurance claim appeal, checked up on another one, ordered bird food, arranged a service for a recall on a part on my car, and now I am listening to old Siouxsie to sooth my anxious introvert self who *hates* talking on the phone.


But I do feel I've accomplished great things. I may ever make an entry post for Sabine into Milliways as a reward.
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I've started Thrawn and I have to laugh at the opening. Lite spoilers behind the cut.
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Also started Ruin of Angels (latest in the Craft Sequence), and damn me if Gladstone isn't good at sucking you into a story.
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At the end of the month, I am taking nearly two weeks off of work. This is mostly to give rides to Her Ladyship to her water polo games and to spend time with her during her school's Fall break, but I am looking forward to it. I am also going to take on day and just spent it alone. I love my family, but I feel like I am constantly doing things and not taking care of myself.

I'll likely just spend a few hours at a cafe or library, nothing big, just me time. 

I also need to figure out how to get my muse to not be crepuscular, i.e. most active at bedtime/evenings and wake up time/mornings. Both are times when I don't have a keyboard. That or I need to figure out how to get some time in to write during those periods. I keep having story ideas or start making plans to thread in Milliways, but then work happens and blah. 
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Just some notes and bits I'm collecting in one place...
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 Finished The Defenders and I liked it. It wasn't flawless or amazing, but was fun. Danny wasn't half as annoying as in Iron Fist, but he is still an idiot.

I don't want to go into too much and risk spoilers, but I do feel like Danny's fighting choreography has improved. It isn't as good as Matt's or Elektra's, but it stands out compared to IF. I did notice Danny doesn't use as many acrobatic moves as Matt and Elektra, which has me thinking maybe I'll have Danny focused on a style that uses a strong grounding stance and punches. Could be a way to explain him not seeming as skilled or flashy as the other marital artists in the program.

And don't think I didn't see Madame Gao doing the crane pose right before that last fight with Danny. (A call out to her being the Crane Mother?)
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Watched ep03 of Defenders, and despite an "Eh" hallway battle scene*, I liked it. It was nice to see Danny actually learn something from his talk with Luke, although yet again a minority is left to educate a white person. Crossing my fingers that his growth continues.

(I am going to have so much fun writing the talk with Luke and I love that despite their friction, they immediately started fighting as a team in the boardroom and beyond.)

I like the Hand as corporate evil with a sinister past. The whole ninja thing needed to be updated and so far I'm liking how they're doing it.

Don't want to say too much more as I'm edging into spoilers already.

(*Finn did a good job with the fight in the boardroom before hand. Likely his best fight choreography so far.)
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I'm onto the second episode of The Defenders and I'm liking the build up to the team. Danny Rand is still lackluster at best, which sucks as he's my fav, but I loved his meeting and immediately fighting with Luke.

I am a little weirded out that very few people seem to be complaining about Madame Gao (a WoC) being upstaged by Alexandra (a white woman). Given all the valid criticism Iron Fist got, I would've expected more. I guess this gets a pass cause Sigourney Weaver?

(Madame Gao would be so amazing in Milliways if done well.)

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 I've started The Defenders, although I only got to the first episode before chores and then my Fire table disappearing. Set up seems good and if this first episode is anything to go by, relationships will be a big part of the story.

 I did read a writer friends mostly spoiler free review and he pointed out that the entire Marvel Netflix would be so much better had they done rewrites to remove the Hand from the plot. Every series was strong or well centered until the Hand we brought in, arguably forced in. Even Danny's story worked much better as just the Meachums as the bad guys and lost its footing pretty quickly when it went mystic Asian; not that it had a strong footing. Maybe if someone who respect Asian cultures, and the fact that Chinese does not equal Japanese, etc, the mystic elements could've worked, but we aren't allowed nice things.
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Freaky Dark Side Ahsoka fan arts to consider
RaiKoh (Armored and not) I'l liking the not armored more as the armored looks too much like Ahsoka as a youngling or teen-aged.
Iledra (Not quite Dark Side, but definitely darker.)

Although an Ahsoka who studied with Assaj and helped create a new tribe of Nightsisters has a lot of potential.
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 So I came across this fan theory on the New Mandalorians (Tumblr link to a text post). I call it fan theory as the animators/show creators may not have meant for things to be this awful and deep, but still...

tl'dr: The New Mandalorians not only exiled those Mandalorians who chose the warrior traditions, but those who were racial diverse. Evidence is given in that every one of the New Mandalorians shown, even the background characters, were white, light haired, and pale eyed. The language used to describe the exiled Mandalorians was also pretty xenophobic and prejudiced.

Thoughts on possible directions to Sabine's play here....
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