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2017-08-16 03:23 pm

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Freaky Dark Side Ahsoka fan arts to consider
RaiKoh (Armored and not) I'l liking the not armored more as the armored looks too much like Ahsoka as a youngling or teen-aged.
Iledra (Not quite Dark Side, but definitely darker.)

Although an Ahsoka who studied with Assaj and helped create a new tribe of Nightsisters has a lot of potential.
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2017-08-15 08:16 am
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 So I came across this fan theory on the New Mandalorians (Tumblr link to a text post). I call it fan theory as the animators/show creators may not have meant for things to be this awful and deep, but still...

tl'dr: The New Mandalorians not only exiled those Mandalorians who chose the warrior traditions, but those who were racial diverse. Evidence is given in that every one of the New Mandalorians shown, even the background characters, were white, light haired, and pale eyed. The language used to describe the exiled Mandalorians was also pretty xenophobic and prejudiced.

Thoughts on possible directions to Sabine's play here....
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2017-08-15 08:09 am

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 Today's goal, stay away from Facebook and Tumblr. I need a break from how awful the world is.
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2017-08-14 03:51 pm

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 So wow...that thing in West Virginia...I don't think I need to say I'm so far beyond against what those waste of DNA are expressing that I can't even express it. But I find myself feeling kind of helpless. I know there's places to donate cash and such, but I'm kind of tight on cash. There is a protest in my area at the end of the month but I kind of feel like it's a case of preaching to the choir since I live in a pretty liberal area (SF Bay).

Of course signs are indicating leadership of these stains came from the Bay Area, which is just really hard to bend my mind around, so maybe that preaching isn't just talking to those who agree. 

I also have one person on my FB feed who has to say she can't support initiating violence, no matter at whom. I can see her point, but I don't think now is the time for that conversation. People have a right to be angry and all that. I doubt this person is meaning to derail that anger, but I can't help feeling like that how it is coming across.

Over all I'm just heart broken and anger, and I just don't know what to do to make the world better. I used to think raising our children to not hate was the way, but now I'm afraid there won't be much of a world if we don't act now.
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2017-08-07 01:29 pm
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Spoons...I have none

But still my brain wants to play.

In the fantasy world of extra time, I think I'd give serious thought to figuring out where and/or how to play the following characters:

Yato, from the Noragami anime and manga. A small god who is trying desperately to both be remembered and worshipped, and shift his purview and erase his past. Cocky and obnoxious (in entertaining ways) he is nonetheless very complex, despite coming across as shallow and callous.

He could cause problems for security as he tries to sell his services within Milliways (outside business?) but would always have a plot hook in that he will do most anything for 5yen, which in the Japanese kanji reads/sounds like a prayer. A fun problem for X? A random plot hook as he can be a mostly dependable retainer for the small price of 5yen!

More here if you're curious.

 Elaye Kevarian (her profile is here if you are curious), from the Craft Sequence series of books. Bad ass solicitor/necromancer who, I think, is trying to make the world better, or at least more stable.

She appeals as she's very snarky and does't bother with drama or BS. I do worry about her being too powerful (she has killed and resurrected gods), though Milliways has it's own way of dealing with that, and with having adequate knowledge of her world.

On the plus side, she's used to buying things with portions of soul, so unless she's told not to, that could lead to Bar gaining more awareness and power. If that's something Bing wants to deal with.

I also find Yang Xiao Long (RWBY) and Tybalt (October Daye) are making noises again; although Tybalt might be wanting a new PB. I'm currently looking at Aidan Turner (Google image search link). Maybe I'm missing having a tank and a deadly pretty boy?

Then there's Ehren from the Codex Alera books. I want to finish the series before anything definite, but the two threads I've started with him and Cassian, and K2, has me liking his potential. 
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2017-07-04 09:09 am

Happy 4th

 i have the day off and mean to spend it with the fam, but I hope you all have a good day if you celebrate it. Our country is fucked right now and will be for years after p45 but I still believe in the dream. 

May Steve Rogers or America Chavez bless you this day and the year to come. 

(So wish I had the time and spoons to EP America into a sandbox.)
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2017-06-23 02:47 pm
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Since I have no thread brain and work isn't allowing play anyway, my impulsive self is looking at other pups to play at some point, likely sandboxes cause of bandwidth issues.

America Chavez, because damn you Marvel. You suck, but sometimes you do things right. Plus, she'd be a lot of fun.

Jack Wolcott, from Seanan McGuire's Wayward Children series. Thinking of came_tumbling_after as a user name and I have a bunch of icons cribbed from classic b&w horror films with mad scientists for use.

Ehren ex Cursori, from Jim Butcher's Codex Alera. Scholarly spy with a fondness for knives who seems pretty unfazed with life and odd things. About the only way he could be more my jam is if he were a shape shifter or teleporter. Only name I sort of have is study_of_cursors, but I'm not committed to it. I want to read more of the books first before doing anything farther. PBs are either Ben Whishaw or Mika., Ben Whishaw in Perfume: A Story of Murder would work really well.
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2017-06-21 09:29 am

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 Part of my recent self care is trying to do a daily meditation. Nothing huge, just five minutes in the car before I walk into work. Today I forgot and so just took five minutes in my cube, using a guided meditation on youtube. The search 5 min meditation auto filled to either "5-min calming meditation" "5-min mindfulness meditation" or "5-min goth meditaion"...wait, what? I'm all for dark expressions and aesthetics, but goth meditations?

Of course I had to look and there was no results that were actually goth, but I am amused that someone had to have entered that search stream right?
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2017-06-21 07:41 am

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And once more I am on another day of little sleep. Third day in a row now where I've only managed 6 hours and let me tell you, I am noticing a decrease in my mental faculties. (I had to pause there and figure out how to spell 'row'.)

In the quest of self improvement, I came across an essay about how anxiety can present as anger and it was like a light from above switched on. I've always been fearful of my temper, often thinking of it as the classic Irish stereotype, but all the times I've lost it or snapped, I'm usually feeling overwhelmed, threatened, or panicked. I need to dig deeper into this, but it seems legit and has helped me take a deep breath and step back when I feel like attacking or yelling.

I've also come to realize I suffer much more from impostor syndrome than fear or laziness when it comes to creative things. Like I know I am creative and always have ideas for making art or stories, I can't stop the ideas, but any time I think about making them happen, I hit a wall. I've always read it as fear of making the thing badly or a general laziness, i.e. writing takes so long, but i think it's more a little voice in my head telling me I'm faking it. I'd like to know where I got that voice so I can pommel it.

OK. Time for pain meds, caffeine, and music to see if I can find my way out of my mental fog.
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2017-06-13 01:39 pm

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 OK, feeling better from this morning's broadside of bad news. Lost my words, but I've been looking at faces for a sandbox pup with some success. Why aren't there more movies with a teenaged, female scientist type of character? Image searches mostly give me manic or sexy mad scientist when I'm looking for more Hammer/Universal calm and collected in a bitchin' Edwardian style attire.

Now I'm soothing with music. We'll see if words find me or not.
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2017-06-05 01:51 pm

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 I seemed to have burned my creative spoons with hunting new icons for Elayne today. I've been using Helen Mirren, who is lovely, but about a decade too old for the character. I would just run with it, but she didn't quite fit.

Somehow I came across Robin Wright in House of Cards and thought, "Oh she could work" and so I looked, and I think she will work very well indeed. Although I must admit it wasn't until I saw her older and smiling with the short hair that she pinged proper. She also has a very nice and long film career and so I have lots to use for different parts of Elayne's long life. (And when the IMDB flu comes around, she can be the general from WW who trains Diana.)

I've set up my choices here in the post to see them all together.
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2017-05-31 03:44 pm
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 If I weren't so adverse to going AU with pups, it'd be tempting to use this rewrite of Iron Fist as milli-canon. So. Damn. Tempting.
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2017-05-25 07:39 am

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Game to check out:

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2017-05-22 12:01 pm

Dear Ferret Brain

 Yes, we love the character, both from the comics and Days of Future Past. Yes, we love the idea of playing in the Sentinel guarded, mutant dystopia. But, simply put, you've only see her in the trailer for all of 5 seconds, she doesn't speak a word, and that interview with Jamie Chung isn't a whole lot to go by.

And stop shipping Clarice with Lorna. You have no idea if there's chemistry or not.


[This post brought to you by love of Exiles, Blink, Jamie Chung, and missing active lesbians in bar.}
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2017-05-05 09:43 am
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icons redone

With my pup reshift, I realized I need to update my pup icons with the new ones and perhaps adjust their pairings.

Ahsoka & Chance: girls who leap into helping people regardless of the cost or if they'll get in trouble for it.
Sabine & Selina: rebel girls
Hank & Touji: Guys who worry they're monsters/have body issues
Izana & Sam: My socially adapt peeps
Danny & Elayne: Peeps who will do what they think is right regardless of the consequences? Or maybe mystic pups?
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2017-05-01 08:08 am
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Since it's app time

Muse musing behind the cut, since I am silly and don't want to clutter your DW feed.

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2017-04-27 12:16 pm

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 Still enjoying Limbus, Inc, although I am getting wary as so far each story has been about a brute type character facing weird situations. I am in awe of the short story collections concept, think MIB as a temp agency rather than a policing force, but there needs to be more than thug jobs, okay? The concept is ripe for good and unique stories.

In other news, I'm likely to let Rollo go the coming app cycle. I going write a post to the Vikings come to give warning, but he's never stuck around long in threads and I haven't heard him in some time. I will offer him for OOM threads and/or adoption if anyone is interested, but I think it's time to let him go.

Which opens the way for Elayne Kevarian from the Craft Sequence. I'm not ready to app her just yet, I want to play her some in the sandboxes to be sure of her voice, but I'm really on board with the idea.

I also seem to be haunted with Chance Falconer, who is like Nancy Drew meets Kolchak the Nightstalker. Her canon is close and has been for at least 20 years, so there's lots I can do with her. Before anything happens, I need to thread with her and find her TPB collections to reread. But come on, inquisitive girl with dragon, what's not to love?

Both pups have a sandbox post here if you are curious.