Jan. 25th, 2017

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 Fun 24 hours...
Went home early yesterday to watch over an anxiety attack my daughter was having. She is better and mostly just didn't want to be alone with her Grandmother, who has little to no sympathy for mental disorders. Once Her Ladyship's BBF showed up and after we made birthday cupcakes for the friend, I took them to a used bookstore for a change of scenery. They bought $60 worth of books each and I bought the latest Toby Daye novel. Already hooked.

This morning I woke up with a sore neck and a vague headache. Didn't eat breakfast as I had an appointment to get a dental filling redone. All went well with that but I developed a migraine while things happened so I called in sick to work. I am feeling better but my head is still kind of fuzzy from the forced restart.

Looks like Singer is taking a direct hand in the X-men spin-off TV series. Not so sure I am on board with this as I am ready for new blood in the franchise. I wonder how he will make it about Charles and Eric? Sarcasm and negativity aside, I do hope the show is good and successful.

And Trump senior staff are apparently using a private server. >: /


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