Mar. 1st, 2017

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 I am in at work, though still feeling the cold that hit this Sunday. I'm likely to head home at lunch since I am feeling worn out and such.

Reading The Black Company by Glen Cook, which I swear someone suggested to me. It's not bad, just not my usual jam. Think Full Metal Jacket or Platoon but in a Conan-esk fantasy world. It is written pretty well, though the noir is thick and the grit might stick in your teeth.

I'm also into book 06, Phoenix, of the Vlad Taltos series. It's funny how I can cast a lot of the other characters (Richard Armitage and Natalie Dormer just kind of leap out) but can't seem to cast the main character in my head. I guess it's because I am not familiar with Eastern European actors with mustaches. Still loving every word and I think I am getting to the point where new to me canon will be happening.
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So now I keep losing my voice with this cold. Bleck.

Doctor Strange is finally available to rent digitally and I am glad I waited. Stunning visuals, although I can't help wondering if they copied Inceptions homework. Still, they did the classic psychedelic Doctor Strange panels justice. Mr. Cumberbatch did well, although I couldn't find any traction for Strange's story. This could be because I am so familiar with his origin. Loved Chiwetel's Mordo and Wong's..well...Wong. I wish they story had more room for them. The weakest link, imho, was Tilda Swanson's Ancient One. I guess she was angling for a serine and wise vibe but she just came across as cold. She would've been a perfect vulcan as she acted. I still think this movie could've been so much better but it was alright.

Also saw the pilot for Taken and I'm very much looking forward to see Clive Standen's acting chops. Got some hints of them through the action, but I hope to see more. I will definitely be having Rollo think he's Bryan Mills for the IMDB flu. Kate Kane might have been making noises in my head as I watched also.

Onto Bob's Burgers.


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