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 OK, Danny is definitely an easy and fun voice for me to play. I can pull him up without having to "get in the mood" and he's goofy which is good for sour moods. I should finish his canon before writing an app, although I may go ahead and start one.

I still like the idea of Elayne Kevarian, but for some reason she stalled out on me with Lucy from Wic&Div started to vaguely flirt with her. Not sure if it's my usual reaction to flirting (I know it's silly but being married I always have a bit of awkward with flirting, as if I could be doing something wrong) or maybe Elayne isn't attracted to women. I know she can flirt, she did it in her canon's first book, but she's never flirted with a woman on page . The author does have a wlw relationship in later books, so he's not ignoring that aspect of sexuality. Maybe Elayne is too busy now. I don't know.

But I do only have one slot open, so Danny will get it. If I play Elayne more and she gets louder, I'll have to see whom is to go. I'm kind of thinking Rollo since he's never been as loud as I had hoped. Like threads just don't seem to hold his attention in my head.

OK, back to work and Sam's happy hour.
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