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But still my brain wants to play.

In the fantasy world of extra time, I think I'd give serious thought to figuring out where and/or how to play the following characters:

Yato, from the Noragami anime and manga. A small god who is trying desperately to both be remembered and worshipped, and shift his purview and erase his past. Cocky and obnoxious (in entertaining ways) he is nonetheless very complex, despite coming across as shallow and callous.

He could cause problems for security as he tries to sell his services within Milliways (outside business?) but would always have a plot hook in that he will do most anything for 5yen, which in the Japanese kanji reads/sounds like a prayer. A fun problem for X? A random plot hook as he can be a mostly dependable retainer for the small price of 5yen!

More here if you're curious.

 Elaye Kevarian (her profile is here if you are curious), from the Craft Sequence series of books. Bad ass solicitor/necromancer who, I think, is trying to make the world better, or at least more stable.

She appeals as she's very snarky and does't bother with drama or BS. I do worry about her being too powerful (she has killed and resurrected gods), though Milliways has it's own way of dealing with that, and with having adequate knowledge of her world.

On the plus side, she's used to buying things with portions of soul, so unless she's told not to, that could lead to Bar gaining more awareness and power. If that's something Bing wants to deal with.

I also find Yang Xiao Long (RWBY) and Tybalt (October Daye) are making noises again; although Tybalt might be wanting a new PB. I'm currently looking at Aidan Turner (Google image search link). Maybe I'm missing having a tank and a deadly pretty boy?

Then there's Ehren from the Codex Alera books. I want to finish the series before anything definite, but the two threads I've started with him and Cassian, and K2, has me liking his potential. 
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