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 Wait...instead of mythic Japan AU for Hank, what about Overwatch AU? I mean, Winston just screams Hank to me. Here's an 8 min. animated short.
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 First, Izana's journal keeps getting followed by spam bots. It's weird. Maybe because I have key words in their profile?

And just had an AU idea for Izana. A sort of Japanese version of Frankenstein where they're a shikigami that was created so skillfully that it not only gained sentience but will power. It can even cast magic.

For Hank, I think I am going to go with Aoi from the X-Men Fairy Tales-verse.

And for Selina, I have two ideas: the Sorcerer Kings of Gotham AU or the Adventuring Archaeologist AU. Although, the DC Bombshells Au Selina is a lot of fun. Granted, all of these are an adult Selina which is a huge difference for wee Selina. I'll have to consider these better.
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 Thoughts and speculations on Irene Adler in the X-Men movie-verse.
Read more...since I might ramble a bit... )
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 World's longest commute tonight...or at least it felt like it. 2 hours in the car on the freeway. Thanks Super Bowl!

And if that weren't enough, I got blindsided with Hank feels when Apoptygma Berzerk's Nearer came up on the music. Here's the lyrics (metro lyrics) and here's the song  (youtube) if you are unfamiliar. The whole thing just screams of Hank mental state after Raven leaves and him seeing how free she seems to be, and just how destitute he feels.

I am also fairly inspired by the second fic I wrote for Sabine in today's DE, both as an expanded fic and as an art piece. I think I need to at least outline the ideas and the art piece.

And lastly, having too much fun with Eliot in last weekend's DE. Also I think Tybalt may be back. Might need to see whom I can shift around to bring these boys to Milliways. (Kind of thinking Luidaeg and Quinlan, but nothing is firm.)
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So since my plotting brain kept me awake last night and I'd hate to lose all it came up with, I'm going to try and get some things down. Warning for spoilers for X-Men First Class, Knights of Sidonia, and my head canon for Sabine Wren (which is based on vague references to her past from canon).

Did I mention spoilers?

Hank McCoy )

Izana )

Sabine )
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 Le sigh.

End of what feels like a long night. Had a great dinner (cooked with Her Ladyship as the primary chief)  and just finished all the dishes. Never wrote those fics I mentioned earlier but I did make notes for how I see the story. I hesitate to call it outlining since I have no idea what a story outline looks like, but I feel better about the stories now.

And I tagged some with Fi on a Hank/Charles OOM which I think will be published soon. I might publish but keep tagging as I like them brainstorming or talking. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

So many threads I owe tags to. At the very least, I need to tag a Quinlan/Ibani OOM that was supposed to be a short run but is now a month or so because I keep stalling out. Maybe bringing in padawan Quin will fire up things again.

OK, I'm for bed now.
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I don't think Hank is as skittish as I've thought him and unless his mutation is pointed out, he seems pretty confident. He is still "square" though, and I think he craves the approve of authority too much.

I don't think he was as cowardly in Shaw's attack as I first thought. A lot of my first perception of his cowardice was from stills or gifs on Tumblr where he is behind everyone. These were out of context. From watching the movie, I can see all those shots were when the group was changing direction. Hank lead as often as he followed. He also suffers from being the tallest person and thus being pushed to the rear of shots so the other actors could be seen.

I still think he was mean to Raven but it was a blind or thoughtless mean, not a malicious mean. He honestly wasn't ready to let go of the dream of being normal and thought she was with him in this regard. To find out she wasn't was a shock. I think she also made him doubt his dream which upset him. Still doesn't make what he said right but it's more understandable. I also think he still was doubting his dream when he took the formula as you could see him struggling with his decision up until he inserts the syringe.

I still don't see the Alex and Hank ship that seems so popular. Alex was mostly an ass to Hank and did a lot of verbal bullying. Alex and Darwin I can see but not Alex and Hank. I guess i just have a problem with bullies and their victims falling in love.
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 Just finished another rewatch of First Class and tightened up a few things about Hank. I will write up so more but I know we will have to rework the beach scene and Charles getting shot since Hank will know not to move Charles. He's going to have to yell at Erik not to do anything and the Moria as Guppy's first aid classes will have covered how to treat spinal injuries. We can likely pass it off as Erik ignoring Hank or something though.

I still ship Hank and Raven. =(
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OK, here go my 200 words, but first let me point you towards a great book I've been listening to, The Diviners by Libba Bray (flash-based main site or Goodreads). I'd be tempted to describe it as The Great Gatsby as an urban fantasy but I've never actually read The Great Gatsby nor seen the movie. Set in the early 1920s, the author does a great job of bringing that world to life with snappy lingo, bits of historical info and personages (and not just the big names or events, but little ones as well), and well developed characters, from many different walks of life. The dialog is done well enough I can easily picture this as a classic black and white movie. The fantasy element is low thus far, primarily expressed through rare psychic abilities (though most ever main character seems to have them in one form or another) and the ghost of a serial killer who is brought back to kill again. The audiobook is well performed if you go that route.

Ok, onto the words... )

Okay, that was longer than I thought it would be and yet it still feels like it could stand to be fleshed out more. Warnings for non-graphic lynching and Shakespearian gallows humor.
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 Reading these early draft pages of X-Men Days of Future Past and I want to smack my Hank McCoy...repeatedly.


May. 30th, 2014 01:26 pm
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 And I'm back to being able to wait to see the movie. Great essay about the many things wrong with the story.

Now part of me wants an AU where Hank contacted Mystique and joined up with her during the 10 years she's getting things done.
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Gleaned from X-Men First Class so no spoilers. Hank sympathizes with Erik's speech and maybe even believes it a little more than Charles' but Hank chose Charles for both his stance of peaceful existence and because Charles sees mutants as people while Erik sees them as tools for his vision.
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 Saw this on Tumblr and it actually gives me a little hope for Days of Future Past (spoiler filed essay regarding Hank with some discussion on Charles as well). I will still likely wait until it is on cable to watch it. ETA: Wait, sorry. It was this essay. Same warnings as the other.

In Penny Dreadful land, saw last nights episode and there's more evidence of Ethan being a werewolf. Nothing definite but likely damning. I think it would be interesting if he's actually some half-assed shaman or something. It also seems I need to look into the Indian Wars if I do decide to pursue him as a pup.
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 Working on an AU wherein I have the time and inclination to EP Sabine Wren to a sandbox (cause fuck it, it's just for fun and I can fine tune her once the show starts or I see the trailer on Sunday), write up the next steps to my headcanon for Quin (him starting his own rebellion with Khaleen, Tholme, T'ra Saa, and the kids), finish the Brimstone thread with Shephard (which is the easiest of this list), and work on Hank's threads as well.

I did app a new pup, Isabella Camherst, i.e. Lady Trent from A Natural History of Dragons; because Milliways needs more dragons. Now I need to find a child PB for her and an elderly woman. I've sort of picked Lynn Cohen for the elder ISabella but am not hard set on her. She does seem like an older version of her youthful PB.

ETA: If I stay off of Tumblr, I'd have a better chance at my AU.
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 Thoughts after watching the newest Days of Future Past clip, if Hank is an ass to Raven, I am officially taking him AU. He is supper smart and would've learned from the first movie. Yes, the clip doesn't show him being an ass or anything, just him flying a plane, but things are mixed up enough, I still worry. His mannerisms seem the same as well, despite it having been ten years.

But we do seem to have a explanation for how Charles is walking.


Feb. 20th, 2014 08:43 am
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I knew he was being human in so many of those stills and it wasn't the image inducer or Xavier making mental illusions.

“It’s become slightly smaller makeup, there’s a bit more of my face underneath it. So yeah, it’s a different design and slightly cooler than the last one as well in terms of heat.
What’s happened up to this point is between the time of the last movie and this movie my character has created a serum which basically controls his mutation so his appearance is normal as long as he doesn’t get worked up. Any animal instinct or urges, that kind of brings him out. So yeah, he changes into Beast a few times throughout the story and they’ve done some great action sequences with him this time, particularly in the mansion flying around on these chandeliers and stuff.

It can be tough, it can be time-consuming. I did another big makeup job on MAD MAX as well, so it’s one of those things where I seem to be doing a lot of it. And it’s fun to be able to transform that much and you can play around with it a lot more and push the character in very different ways., but it is something whereby it’s kind of trial and error. We’d be doing some scenes and then Bryan would be like, “Try and use the makeup more. Try and express.” And you have to do things that feel silly as well. You have to growl and jump around and do things which if you weren’t wearing the makeup would be completely ridiculous, but in the makeup luckily I think it’s slightly more intimidating. And I’ve got a muscle suit on so it’s maybe not as funny as me growling and roaring and stuff. But yeah, there’s definitely a real “playing” element to it.”

— Nicholas Hoult about his character on Xmen: days of future past.


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