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 First, Izana's journal keeps getting followed by spam bots. It's weird. Maybe because I have key words in their profile?

And just had an AU idea for Izana. A sort of Japanese version of Frankenstein where they're a shikigami that was created so skillfully that it not only gained sentience but will power. It can even cast magic.

For Hank, I think I am going to go with Aoi from the X-Men Fairy Tales-verse.

And for Selina, I have two ideas: the Sorcerer Kings of Gotham AU or the Adventuring Archaeologist AU. Although, the DC Bombshells Au Selina is a lot of fun. Granted, all of these are an adult Selina which is a huge difference for wee Selina. I'll have to consider these better.
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Selina Kyle as a reverse archeologist. she steals from museums and private collections and returns things to the shrines and graves where they belong. she brings a clay jaguar to monte alban and now she can talk to cats. the whip is because she’s indiana jones. batman makes half-assed attempts to stop her but it’s not like she’s wrong so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he’s got violent crimes to deal with, what does he care if she’s stealing back smuggled relics from rich assholes. he met that guy at a party once and he was a huge asshole so fuck him. steal his toupee, too. it’s probably endangered. ‘oh no catwoman is escaping and there’s nothing we can do. robin sit back down. there’s nothing we can do. she’s taking that statue back to egypt and we have no possible recourse against this terrible nonviolent crime with a single dick victim. i am definitely really mad about this. i’ll fight her later, when you’re sleeping or at a friend’s house or something. you’ll understand when you’re older.’

From this Tumblr
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Since I can't seem to write anything I want to write:

Power is what moves the gears in Gotham, and nothing holds more power than magic. High in their towers, the sorcerer barons grow ever more potent on the lives of those below them. Out in the city, the City Watch maintains the status quo, vying only for the favor of the barons within their district. Left with nothing, the innocent pray to the Bat to guard them, while everyone else prays to the cat.

Selina is the forgotten bastard daughter of the Calbrise patriarch. She has fought her way to the lofty palaces of Gotham's sorcerous elite from the streets themselves and now nothing will remove her from her rightful place; not even her nocturnal hobby of stalking the streets for those who would torment and feast on those less fortunate.

High magic mixed with the Godfather as only Gotham can produce.
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 Me after watching the finale for Gotham: How the hell am I supposed to work with that? Great acting by Carmen but that seemed out of the blue for the character, given the rest of the season.

I kind of wonder if the writers looked at each other and said, "How are we going to tie up all these loose story threads?" "Shoot out?" "Shoot out."

I think this is all vague and nothing more than trailers have show, but if you'd like me to put it behind a spoiler cut, I'll be happy to.
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 Next week Selina and Bruce meet face to face and spend time together!

Here's some clips for next week's episode, the fourth shows them interacting. They are so cute!
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Why doesn't Catwoman volume 3 not have more digital collections or TPBs? I read the first issue last night and LOVE it, especially the premise to her new costume.

Me and my love of none, easily assessable things.
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 Also, I am an idiot who bought NuDCU Catwoman when he meant to buy Old DCU. Oh well. Still I am enjoying it, over sexulization included. Somehow it seems to fit her and she does seem in control in each situation. I fully own my perception of her being in control of her sex might be skewed. 
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 I am having too much fun throwing Rand (Tybalt) and Selina at the Sookie canon vampires. =D

Rand is less pleased than Selina, however.

Also, two songs are competing for my Toby/Tybalt OST: Panic! At The Disco's Collar Full and My Chemical Romance's The Only Hope For Me Is You.

Selina's top song is currently Neon Jungle's Trouble.

Ok, food time and then back to tagging.
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 In the pilot episode of Gotham, Selina is show using a switchblade to split the grocery bag of a woman (who looks a lot like Felicity Smoak from Arrow, though I doubt the shows are in the same year in canon) in order to steal the woman's milk. While I am fine with the scene for the most part, I seriously doubt Selina would have a 6" switchblade. I can almost see her having one in order to seem more threatening if a fight happens, but I think she'd avoid fights as often as she can. Plus if she were stopped by the cops, having a knife that large would become a very big problem.

I think a boxcutter would have made much more sense and less likely to cause an accidental stabbing of her theft victim; which is likely what I will be having her use and have in head canon.
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Damn you Gotham! You give me just enough information to get me in trouble and then close the episode?

Spoilers behind the cut )

In closing, still loving this show!
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 And thanks to Camren Bicondova's (Selina's actress) background in dancing and this video (warning for NSFW language), I'm tempted to have a head canon that Selina used to study dance until her parent(s?) died. 

This might be an excuse to bring back the dance studio in Milliways that was mentioned Monday or Tuesday.


Sep. 24th, 2014 11:14 am
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 October looks to be the month of cats for me. I plan on apping Tybalt, of course, and I had planned on taking the plunge and apping Yang Xiao Long but now I am thinking I am going to be apping Selina from Gotham instead.

I love Yang. She is very straight forward and truly happy and balanced. She has a great world to play in and I love her abilities and personality. However, I've yet to picture any interactions with her. And, to be honest, figuring out her world is intimidating me. I understand it enough to enjoy watching it but having to explain it to another character? Don't know that I am up for that. I would worry that I would come up with something that contradicts canon at a later date.

Selina on the other hand seems to be a character that survives by her wits. She is a rogue and I do have a softspot for that kind of character, especially the ones with a heart of gold, as she does. I know Gotham and this Gotham seems even easier since it is such a young Gotham. I needn't worry about the rest of the world as it's the US and not too much is different. Exactly what year it is is somewhat vague but despite the noir feel, cellphones and other modern inventions are present.

In regards to who she is, I don't have much to go on. In the pilot episode, she didn't say anything but by her actions and facial expressions, she seems to care about victims, especially kids and cats. The next episode does bear the title of her name, so one would assume we'll get a better feel for her character. There is also this promo clip to go by and so far, I've not seen anything to dissuade me from liking the character.

Best part is, I'm imagining all sorts of interactions with established Milliways characters. I can see Selina easily adapting to other worlds as well, something I never quite got with Yang either. I'm even coming up with head canons about her past.

Also, Agents of SHIELD is looking pretty good. Not happy with them killing off another female character, though.


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