Apr. 14th, 2017

bjornwilde: (01: Danny Rand)
And it would've been so much better with an Asian person as the lead. It also could've been much better had Coleen's story been a large part of the narrative. Wasted potentials.

I get what they were aiming for but the problem of the themes they were using is that we've seen this story from the white male hero so many times it's become trite at best and cliche at worst. Having the story told from the point of view of someone Asian would have at least brought something new to the table.

Also, Marvel, why is your male hero journey all about growing up? Like ALL of them. Well, Cap might be an exception. (Not counting the ladies in this observation.)

I still like Danny and will be apping him next month, I think. I need to sit and write out the themes, problems, and possible solutions. I'd be so tempting to face swap him with an Asian actor, but a) I don't think that would be allowed for Milliways, b) I don't think it's my place to tell the story of an Asian American trying to reclaim his family and heritage, and c) I know I wouldn't have the see thru to play the pup in the Sandboxes that way.


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