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 And over all I liked the story. Lots of feels and I am left feeling like something important actually happened, assuming revelations that came to light aren't dropped or ignored.

It also left me with a vague idea of a thread/ep where Hank ends up reading all the various dystopian X-Men futures and sits there shocked and worried about his world's future. Obviously it'd have to be after his furry transformation but it could make for an interesting sandbox post.
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 From the Days of Future's Past set. Looks like Hank is going back to the pseudo-wolf man look. He also seems quite pissed at Erik. I liked feral, cat-like Beast. *pout*

More images and looking at his clothes, I am confused as it looks like he gained bulk and split his clothes ala Hulk.
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 Tweet from Bryan Singer suggests X-Men & Avengers sharing a character? Is this going to mean the XMCU and MCU as going to fold into each other?
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 So looks like Hank and Logan are getting in on the disco action. So image inducer or mental illusion projected by Xavier?


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