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So since my plotting brain kept me awake last night and I'd hate to lose all it came up with, I'm going to try and get some things down. Warning for spoilers for X-Men First Class, Knights of Sidonia, and my head canon for Sabine Wren (which is based on vague references to her past from canon).

Did I mention spoilers?

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Jun. 25th, 2015 08:30 am
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 There's a model of Izana's Garde available for pre-order. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, it's $73 +shipping.
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For the next bit of Izana's canon write up, I was going to have them describe things that happened with Nagate to some friends instead of rewriting the events shown on screen. I've also been wanting to include more bigendered people since Izana is the only one in the anime. Of course, this now means I have to invent people.

My first thought was to look to famous Japanese transgender folks and base the characters off of them as a sort of homage, but quickly decided that was a bad idea. I don't know enough about these people or their struggles to truly honor them and it would likely come across as appropriation. So I scrapped that. 

I have new names now, thanks to a random name generator paired with baby name meaning websites and one friend has become three. Now I need to look into anime/manga archetypes to decide on basic personalities.

Maybe I'll tag Rollo some and return to the research later.

PS: This may seem like complaining, but I am enjoying the research and care this character is requiring of me.
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Of course, if I am going to switch the canon about to make the narrative Izana's, I need to ask myself, what is their story?

First thought is the path they take to becoming a pilot and warrior, and how much of themselves they have to give away to become a fighter when they really don't want to be. I am basing this head canon on the fact that in most of the fights Izana has been shown to be in, they are nervous or fearful; which is translating to me as them not really wanting to be there but doing it out of a sense of duty. The reluctant hero as it were.
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So I think I am going to go with intersex and bigender for terms with Izana and have already updated their profile. I noticed with a rewatch of the first episode of season 01 that the changing room Izana walks out of when we first meet them is translated as bigender room* and looking up the term, it reads much more like them as they express themselves in both masculine and feminine ways. Gender neutral was a good description but it lends more towards agender in my head. 

Intersex comes from some new dialog in season 02 and researching the term, I think it describes their sex very well.

I am still keeping them as being intersex/bigender even when they swing more female/feminine. They will not become female as the anime and manga begin to call them.

[* It's amazing to me the difference in translation between English subtitles and English CC. Because of my hearing, I tend to watch with subtitles.]
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 I cannot wait until next Saturday when the new episode of Sidonia no Kishi is released so that the animated gif of Izana's spacesuit bursting into shreds because they've grown breasts can go away. Yes, it is canon but that's not what would happen. If any seams split, it would at the sides or the front zipper and it wouldn't be the entire suit bursting Chris Clairmont style. I do like that the anime is having the suit rejecting Izana as the wearer since the fit no longer falls within parameters--rather than the suit bursting cause breasts are super humanly resilient, as in the manga--but ejecting the wearer by shredding the suit doesn't make sense.

Yes, there is too much male gaze in my favorite.
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 You know, screw canon. What's the point of having a diverse character if you are going to erase other forms of diversity? Yes, they have show no darker skin tones in Sidonia but that doesn't mean they aren't there. After all they've not shown any real look at the residential folks, the public sector folks, or anything beyond the military really. I'm just going to assume they haven't been shown on camera and go from there. Japanese will still be the dominate ethnicity but other ones are present.

And why did I not notice until just recently that all the icons I have of her come from folks who have played with filters and color balances so much that her blue eyes have turned dark, almost black?

ETA: OK, looking closer, I think it's just that in reducing the images to icon sized, the color gets lost. I'm not going to worry about it since I've noted her eye color in her profile.
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 And another thought on life on the Sidonia, the ecosystem. If my memory is serving me well, the only land animals they've show are a cat (companionship or are there mice on board?) and a stag beetle. Despite lots of open air, no birds, which in a controlled environment with artificial air and weather, I can see why you'd not want animals that can muck up the works. They'd still need pollinators, thus insects, but with humans do to the planting, I can see why birds were left out.

No dogs, and while one character looks like a bear, that is apparently an life support suit. I don't know, they've haven't explained farther. Corned beef is mentioned as food, but Im tempted to say that is artificially created since even real seaweed wraps are an amazing thing. I can't see them wasting the space or resources to feed cows, unless it was to use as fertilizer as well as food?

There are genetically engineered bed bugs that are the size of small dogs, which reportedly were for hunting and a food supplement? Being insects, they promptly go lost in the pipe works. This is from the manga but may still show up in the anime's future.

There are a wide variety of aquatic life, mostly marine, in the water section of the ship. And now I am half remembering sea birds in the water area of the ship. I'll need to reread though spots. ETA: And nope, no birds. This could easily be artist oversight, but I think I'll go with an ecosystem with limited fauna.

All this adds up to animals being a strange thing for Izana I think.
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 Another thing occurred to me that I need to think about in playing Izana. In her canon, everyone seems Japanese. They all have Japanese names and while there are some differences in facial features that might be different ethnicities, there is only one, maybe two people who might be European in features. I honestly am so new to manga, that I don't trust myself to see when they draw a person with Western features. I think I will just go with a handwaved mix of modern Japanese ethnic groups and not worry about Europeans and other Westerners. There were 499 other space ships that left Earth when the Sidonia did after all.

And the whole reason I am thinking about this is because of the folks she will likely meet in Milliways; meeting someone white when their culture hasn't had any contact with any others is going to stand out.
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So, does anyone feel up to proofing a character profile write up for me? I'm looking for any info I might be missing or anything I've written that might be problematic. This is for Shinatose Izana ([personal profile] garde723 ).
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 Well, I've finished all present volumes of Sidonia No Kishi now (13 total) and wow what a cliff hanger. Very happy with some almost surprises with the direction of Izana's narrative; things I saw and loved but didn't think the author would venture towards. = ]

Ach, I've got to wait until the end of September for vol. 14.

And holy shit, how did I not make this connect before this? So in Vikings, Rollo is based on the historical Rollo, who becomes Robert the First, Duke of Normandy right? His great-great-great-grandson becomes William the Conqueror. I am distantly related to William on my mother's side. I am related to one of my pups?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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 I just want to take a moment to thank the folks who asked questions and commented on my thoughts as I analyzed Sidonia no Kishi and Shinatose Izana. I know playing someone who is both from a culture I know little of and who is gender neutral will be a challenge and I don't wish to walk into any pitfalls; to come off as harmful or annoying. Your comments have helped me look at problematic assumptions I've made and to look at the canon and character with different and hopefully more aware eyes.
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This is mostly me thinking out loud and trying to get a few things down for potentially playing Izana. Spoilers for Knights of Sidonia are likely, so I'm including a cut. As well, my rambling will focus on the culture presented in the anime (i.e. a fictional Japanese culture) and speculations on writing a transgendered gender neutral character. If I screw up and offend in this, I apologize now. (Sorry, gender neutral is a better term for the character than transgender).

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