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And that means Penny Dreadful thoughts! Warnings for vague gore and spoilers )
Oh, I feel I should also mention I am lagged this morning, despite OK sleep, and work's internet is being weird again. Pages just seem to be spinning in the mud as they try and load. Very frustrating.
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 Since I am so wiped, I'm vegging out with PD and noticed I had a few details wrong with Ethan.

Again, behind a cut... )
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 Some Ethan Chandler thoughts before I get to tagging existing threads.

Look a cut, that must mean there's poilers for Penny Dreadful or something... )
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What a day. Spent most of it feeling worn out and vaguely hungover because I had two beers and a couple shots of whiskey. The real question is if I will remember I am no longer 20 and able to shrug off such excess.

Also went through and cut more titles off my pull list at Comixology. I'm still supporting the female solo titles I can but I've been sort of underwhelmed by some titles or keep pushing off others for reading later. This does mean I can go back to reading the Black Widow series though. = ] It is still weird not reading Fantastic Four but I am sick of the team being deconstructed.

I've also been reading GeNext and GeNext United, two miniseries written by Chris Clairmont about the offspring of familiar X-men. I am loving the stories, even with Clairmont's habit of over dramatizing things. It makes me wish these character had more stories published and sort of wish that the same heroes we've had for 50 years now could clear the stage a bit so we could have new characters.

I also killed my Netflix streaming account in order to get Showtime, all for Penny Dreadful's sake. I've only watched the premiere, which is online for viewing, and it really reminds me of what Alan Moore had made with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, much more horror, mystery, and suspense than action adventure like the LXG movie.

I think I am heading for bed. Happy Mother's day in case any of you are such. = ]


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