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Deicde to be creative and ended up working on a cover and upload for a fanmix I wasn't even thinking about before. Go figure.

Anyway, it's one for Brimstone rather than Yang, Sabine, or Quinlan and I am pretty proud of the cover I made. Completely cobbled together on my own.
Behidn to cut cause it is 400 x 400 pixels. There's a link to the mix too... )
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 Working on an AU wherein I have the time and inclination to EP Sabine Wren to a sandbox (cause fuck it, it's just for fun and I can fine tune her once the show starts or I see the trailer on Sunday), write up the next steps to my headcanon for Quin (him starting his own rebellion with Khaleen, Tholme, T'ra Saa, and the kids), finish the Brimstone thread with Shephard (which is the easiest of this list), and work on Hank's threads as well.

I did app a new pup, Isabella Camherst, i.e. Lady Trent from A Natural History of Dragons; because Milliways needs more dragons. Now I need to find a child PB for her and an elderly woman. I've sort of picked Lynn Cohen for the elder ISabella but am not hard set on her. She does seem like an older version of her youthful PB.

ETA: If I stay off of Tumblr, I'd have a better chance at my AU.
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 Random thoughts I've had about two pups, behind a cut cause I might get rambley and there could be spoilers for Brimstone's canon.

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 Looks like Brimstone is getting the fanmix treatment next.

Preliminary track list:
01 Resurrection by Koh Ohtani, 02 All Souls by Opal, 03 The Jeweler by This Mortal Coil,
04 Keep The Streets Empty For Me by Fever Ray, 05 Your Bones by Of Monsters and Men,
06 The Eternal by Joy Division, 07 A Private Future by Love and Rockets, 08 Hope For The hopeless by A Fine Frenzy,
09 Just A Lifetime by The Legendary Pink Dots, 10 Don't Fear The Reaper by Heaven 17
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 Ugh, this is too cute and tempting to use for Brimstone, with come cropping and color manipulations.
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 Just in case anyone was paying attention, I am going to hold off on apping Yang Xiao Long and Brimstone until next month. I've started their apps but just haven't felt the push to complete them so rather than rush it and be impulsive, I'm going to let it ride another month. Which is good in both cases as it will give me more canon on Yang's part to work with and will let me finish the second book in Brimstone's canon to determine what happens/happened to him. I have my guesses, and my AU plans, but I'd like to see what the author has in store first.

And now I am tempted to move forward with Brimstone's app simply because a first EP on Halloween suits him, as does the day after for its various holidays. I will see how his app writes itself on the morrow.


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