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 Well, I'm 360 words into a Mulan fic which I hoping will end with her and Aurora in Storybrooke, together again and honest with each other. I'm also hoping it will lead to some spoons for threading but I keep being interrupted with work. BAH!

The story is being resistant though. I know the events I want to happen but the setting/stage is proving problematic. I'll just keep reminding myself to keep writing, don't fix it. It can be fixed later, once I have it done and out of my head.

ETA: A few scenes for me to keep in mind, or things i wish to accomplish. Behind a cut in case it gets long, also since there be spoilers for the last episode and season of Once.

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 Of course I am trying to be creative and so work slaps me upside the head with several projects.

Still, have a few more ideas for Mulan. The dragon Mushu is now Ming-Yue and will have been the dragon she got the whisker which was forged into her sword. I think he will follow Mulan on her quest and maybe even put her on it since she turned her back on love. I blame the idea on this gif set. Ming-yue will of course be a shape shifter and have no trouble traveling between realms.


Jun. 20th, 2014 08:22 am
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 Potential icon fodder for Mulan when I get her to Storybrooke.

I've also started The Diviners and it is a damn good book! But then I am a sucker for things set in the early 20th century. 
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Slow day at work for once and yet while I have great threads I am involved in, I don't seem to have any spoons for playing. Think I'll try a playlist and see if that doesn't kick me into gear.

While I wait, a few thoughts for Mulan. Since I know what I want to do with her, to wit, making her get lost in other fable-esk realms, I need an exit plan and need to decide on a few answers for when she finds Storybrooke.

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 Thanks to this, now once I get Mulan to Storybrooke and she opens her dojo, eventually Aurora will use it part time as a dance studio as well.
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I need more songs for my Mulan soundtrack. What I have so far:

Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler
Broadsword - Jethro Tull
King And Lionheart - Of Monsters And Men
Nothing Else Matters - Lemmy Kilmister
Is Your Love Strong Enough? - Bryan Ferry

Oh, Robin Hitchcock's cover of The Ghost In You is being added!

I have no idea why Prog/Classic rock is working for her.
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 If I do work it so that Mulan makes her way to Storybrooke, she'll have to open a dojo next to the library. Which would, in a way, bring her parents school back into existence.
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 Internet is better finally. But now my Muse is being a Diva and only wants to play with Andrea or maybe Ethan. (rolls eyes)

Also, someone here at my work is wearing cologne or perfume that is something like grapefruit and eucalyptus mixed together. It is very strong and I'm not a fan.

In plot land, Andrea seems to want a memorial tattoo for her mother. I suspect it's from my current commute read, A Good and Useful Hurt, which features  a tattoo artist who does this for people using ashes from their deceased mixed into the ink. I'm leaning towards a lasso, suggesting both Texas and Wonder Woman. I need to be vague as to whether her mother is actually dead though as I don't remember if she is, while some folks at the Goodreads group are certain it's been mentioned before that she is dead. Next book Andrea gets married, so I should have confirmation if her mother is dead then; as what Southern belle would allow herself to get married without her mother?

With Mulan, I think I am going to have her wander different lands seeking her way back to the Enchanted Forest and Aurora. I figure the Wicked Witch curses her or something so that overtime she finds a way back, a twister will show up and whisk her away to another place. Or maybe not as that'd be a lot of property damage on Mulan's conscience. Ultimately she may end up in Storybrooke as I spin her into AU territory. That is if I keep her. Don't know for sure.

Let It Go

May. 13th, 2014 07:41 pm
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 Just watched the season finale for Once Upon A Time and damn that was cruel. 

I also had a bit of inspiration for Mulan on my drive home, her ending up with Marya Morevna and to hell with Prince Ivan! Details to come later as I flesh it out a bit. Also tempted to send her to Hans Christian Andersen land, perhaps for The Snow Queen? I can see her aiding Gerta in her quest.

Lastly, Her Ladyship has oodles of homework so the wifi is turned off. This means I am using cellular data to write this on my tablet which doesn't work for threading. I'll have to try again on the morrow or later tonight when she is done.
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 Prickly Hank is kind of fun to play. ;]

I'm also setting Eona aside in favor of The Tropic of Serpents, the second book of Lady Trent's memoirs. Eona is just striking me as over dramatic so I am going to try and come back to it at another time.

Just watched the last Once Upon A Time and still no hint of what Mulan is up to. We do get an answer for why Aurora and Philip aren't in Storybrooke, so that's something. I'm getting more and more convinced Zelena banished Mulan to another realm to protect her schemes. I have a half formed idea of Mulan in Narnia, trying to find a portal and then maybe ending up in other fabled lands.
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 And now my head is swimming. I think I need to take my temperature. 

I did just finish watching the first episode of the new Cosmos with my daughter and her mind was properly blown. The bit with showing cosmic scale and then shoving that into a bubble to illustrate the many universe theory kind of made her uncomfortable, like OMG uncomfortable, but she loved it over all. I feel like I've passed on a heirloom as Dr. Sagan's Cosmos was what inspired my love of science.

I also realized with my state of the pups, I forgot Mulan. I still love her but I am worried I am stuck with and canon. With Robin being a part of Storybrooke and the missing year, Mulan should be at least mentioned but, alas, nothing has been revealed. At least not that I've seen since I am a few episodes behind. I am thinking of trapping her with the Wicked Witch or perhaps the Witch sent her off somewhere out of fear of Mulan sword. Like another land or different world altogether. I could actually play with Mulan in Wonderland or Agrabah or even Dr. Whale's home. Or hell why not the world of Gulliver's Travels. Actually, I like that last bit, gives me lots to work with.
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Listening to Of Monsters and Men, which for some reason makes me think of Mulan, especially King and Lionheart.

I finally saw the new episode of Once Upon A Time and of course there was no mention nor sight of Mulan, despite the Storybrooke folks having run into both Aurora and Philip, and Robin and his Merrymen. To be fair, I can see why Robin wouldn't mention her nor why Snow wouldn't think to ask, but why did Mulan not come up with Aurora and Philip? (It does seem like Jamie was very busy with several movies and a TV show.)

I guess this just means I get to have fun with quests! I'm going to list my ideas for such as a comment so watch out for spoilers.
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 Yay, I have a new iPod Nano for my car! I'll be able to finish Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, which has been stalled since my old iPod started forgetting where it was in the book and shutting off or restarting randomly. The new device is a nice ruby red and I've named it Sif in the hopes it puts up a better fight than Sappho (my old one) did. I was tempted to call it Smaug but decided I didn't want to risk it hoarding songs. ;p

Once Upon A Time/Pacific Rim AU idea: In the small town of Enchanted Forest, Oregon, lives two woman with a secret. Aurora is the daughter of a mechanic whose curiosity and urge to tinker is tempered only my her poor heart. Her girlfriend Mulan has run the family farm ever since her father and brothers left to join the Pan Pacific Defense Corp. When a category 2 Kaiju lands under the PPDC's radar, it's up to them to save their town with Aurora's homemade jaeger, Thumper.

Lastly, did you know middle schoolers actually say, hashtag + whatever? Like, "Hashtag, awesomeburger".
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 Work is so fun when you feel like you've taken decongestants but you haven't. Could be low blood sugar so I will see how I feel after lunch but other wise...wee.

Mulan's OOM is up to 1,500 words and I've more I want to get out and then dressing to add to the dialog dump. I may split this between two nights since she is telling a story to some of the Merry Men and that seems a lot to expect folks to read. Which I accept could just be my inner critic being grumpy.
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 I do wish I had a means of splicing all the Mulan scenes into one continuous narrative.
Anyway, Ep 2.02: We Are Both behind the cut...
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 Holy Guacamole, Mulan is a nice strong and effortless voice. I'm also finding her to be almost meta with her knowledge of folklore. This came up in a mixedmuses thread, that she is well traveled enough to know certain things that all travelers in stories should always do and not do but it's coming back for her in Milliways.

Head canon suggests it comes not only from her Father's school and her childhood but from Belle's reminder that books and stories have value.
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 And the Mulan playlist is starting...Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out for a Hero (might use the cover from Shrek2), Of Monsters and Men's King and Lionheart, and Bryan Ferry's Is You Love Strong Enough? (the cover from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is tempting to use instead).

In other news, if you read comics, check out the new limited Sandman series. Marking the return of Neil Gaiman to Sandman and John Williams III on art, it looks to be a delightful story.


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