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Brainstorming about Sabine and Ahsoka behind the cut, spoilers likely.

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Sabine's thoughts are really just this past post and thinking of how the New Mandalorians seem like they were more benevolent Fascists than the ideal pacifists presented. Possible ideas are Sabine finding a book about the change in power during the Clone Wars and the switch to Imperial occupation. My main concern is that I am not sure if I'm the person to touch on a story so deeply seated in racism and eugenics, nor what the story has to do with Sabine now. The possibility is fascinating, but I am just not sure it needs to be told and told by me, a white male.

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 Spotted this rough animation of an alternate ending to The Wrong Jedi and I have to say I like it much better than what aired. I think I might end up mixing the two; having Ahsoka say, "They never should've told me to leave," in a hurt yet still firm tone rather than the almost angry tone here.

I am also finding that I am tempted to run Ahsoka through the entirety of her canon after all, but with an aggressive timeline. Like try and pick out 2 or 3 episodes/storylines to focus on per season, and aim for one season a month or so. Could work, or it could burn me out. I need to look over the episodes and decide if it's something I think I can manage. I think it'd also be good to have at least roughs of each season done before I start to publish, just so Ahsoka doesn't end up in limbo when work or RL catches up with me.
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 So more playing with t-minus icons.

Both work, though the solid green kind of could be mistaken for Yoda? I think I need to rework the ear feathers more and add a little detail to the beak.
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 I confess, the trailer for the second half of season 02 of Star Wars Rebels has me worried and excited.

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Had an idea for Ahsoka getting her first lightsaber crystal but am still developing the story. Details behind the cut as I want to get out what I have and see if it knocks anything else loose.

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My mental state is much better after having gotten a goodly amount of sleep and getting my paycheck into my checking account. I'm beginning to realize how much of my stress is the damned game of Russian roulette I end up playing living paycheck to paycheck. I think I need to cut back on the extra money I am sending towards CC balances. Not a whole lot, as I do mean to pay them down and in the long run it will end up costing less, but the present stress isn't worth it.

I have been spending a lot of time the past few days making icons. Playing with color balances, shadows, and the like. It's good to polish those skills, even if it does make me want to overhaul all the icons of all my pups.

Speaking of pups, heard a rumor that next year there might be content released for the two unfinished Ahsoka story arcs from the canceled season 06 of Clone Wars. I am cautiously squeeing. This, plus having an Anakin in bar, is making me want to rewind time a bit with Ahsoka and bring her in from the Clone Wars movie and first season of the TV show. This way I can stall on future events until the rumor is announced (I'm guessing to hear something at the NY ComiCON since a comic book mini series was part of the rumor) and I'd get to have fun with her younger self. I guess that would be a soft-retcon since her previous entries would still have happened, she'll just have sort of remembered Milliways.
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Damnit Macintosh, why label a button delete when it is really a backspace?!?!? I just had a long post written out and lost it because instead of deleting a bit of the post, I went back in my history to the last url I visited in the tab. GGGGGRRRRRRRRR.

Anyway, things behind cuts if you are curious about what I am doing with my two newest Force users.

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Asajj and Ahsoka... )

Future skills for my ladies... ) 

I think that's it. And of course, now that I have rewritten this, my lunch break is over and my inbox is full. crap.
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Fun thing I spotting via my RSS feeds. From The Star Wars Underworld:
Continuing our run of revealing new, exclusive inside information about Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens on the SWU Podcast we have something new for you about Lupita Nyong'o's character. It was previously reported that Nyong'o's character was code named Rose and was portrayed through motion capture. Now we can tell you that here character is an elderly, female alien with orange skin.

Which has me wondering if she is going to play an old Ahsoka! Did I actually pick a head voice that lives and gets lots of story?!?

In other news, Ahsoka's playlist has 11 songs. Now I need to decide on what story those songs are telling me.

Ahsoka fic

Dec. 18th, 2014 12:31 pm
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This started to write itself this morning as I finished Lioness Rampant.

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 Well, another crazy busy day at work, leaving me with no spoons for playing. Either that or my stumbling into Ahsoka Tano feels this morning lead to my being side tracked. I might have even made a journal ([personal profile] jedi_interrupted ) and found some 100 icons. How the hell did that happen?

I do plan on waiting until Star Wars Rebels picks up and the book Dark Disciple is released, as I sort of assume Asaaj and Ahsoka have some contact post-Clone Wars and I want to see if SW Rebels has some hint of Ahsoka's story.

I've also gutted my icons since I am not going to doing a paid account for this journal (which is expiring in a couple of weeks) to I can shift the money to character journals. I really don't like how DW is 15 icons or 100. I miss LJ's different levels of icons. Some pups can work fine with 30 or so, really.


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