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 Thoughts and speculations on Irene Adler in the X-Men movie-verse.
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I don't think Hank is as skittish as I've thought him and unless his mutation is pointed out, he seems pretty confident. He is still "square" though, and I think he craves the approve of authority too much.

I don't think he was as cowardly in Shaw's attack as I first thought. A lot of my first perception of his cowardice was from stills or gifs on Tumblr where he is behind everyone. These were out of context. From watching the movie, I can see all those shots were when the group was changing direction. Hank lead as often as he followed. He also suffers from being the tallest person and thus being pushed to the rear of shots so the other actors could be seen.

I still think he was mean to Raven but it was a blind or thoughtless mean, not a malicious mean. He honestly wasn't ready to let go of the dream of being normal and thought she was with him in this regard. To find out she wasn't was a shock. I think she also made him doubt his dream which upset him. Still doesn't make what he said right but it's more understandable. I also think he still was doubting his dream when he took the formula as you could see him struggling with his decision up until he inserts the syringe.

I still don't see the Alex and Hank ship that seems so popular. Alex was mostly an ass to Hank and did a lot of verbal bullying. Alex and Darwin I can see but not Alex and Hank. I guess i just have a problem with bullies and their victims falling in love.
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 Just finished another rewatch of First Class and tightened up a few things about Hank. I will write up so more but I know we will have to rework the beach scene and Charles getting shot since Hank will know not to move Charles. He's going to have to yell at Erik not to do anything and the Moria as Guppy's first aid classes will have covered how to treat spinal injuries. We can likely pass it off as Erik ignoring Hank or something though.

I still ship Hank and Raven. =(
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 At least the first hour or so...I can't help thinking Mr. Sinister would have been a much better fit for the story than Sebastian Shaw,


May. 30th, 2014 01:26 pm
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 And I'm back to being able to wait to see the movie. Great essay about the many things wrong with the story.

Now part of me wants an AU where Hank contacted Mystique and joined up with her during the 10 years she's getting things done.


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