Jul. 12th, 2013 08:59 pm
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 An Irisa popped up in [community profile] dear_mun  and I have some time to myself tonight so she and Nolan are chatting. =]
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 Oy! Work has been nothing but tsunami after tsunami. I know I am not exaggerating as upper management has made noises about hiring an outside vendor to help with one of the projects. Which of course is sending some of us into fits of paranoia. Myself, I just wonder if it doesn't make more sense to open up a frigging head count for another production artist cause the work is obviously there if you are looking to hire an outside vendor to do the work. But I am just a gear. (grumble)

I wish I could just wiggle my fingers and get all my tags done while I work. Of course, I am sort of wiggling them now and making words so in theory the tagging could happen. Better yet, if I could just do a voice recognition kind of thing and dictate my tags. Who am I kidding, I am burnt from work. If I wasn't, I'd sneak the tags in.

Still reeling from the finale of Defiance and having to wait an entire year. What the shtako, Syfy. I don't want to say much but this finale was very Buffy.

And now, some muse musing since I have so many voices on the radar... )

Lastly, I think I may have introduced a younger friend to Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper's Elvis Is Everywhere. I don't know that I could say I am sorry.
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 And watching this week's Defiance right now. Yeah, Nolan's back. I think Milliways can fix a few things they keep glossing over, like his and Irisa's fights.
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 Cutest Gif in the whole wide world for me right now.

For those who aren't watching, that's a flashback to the first time Nolan and Irisa meet.
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Caught up with Defiance. We learn more about Irisa's past and see when Nolan rescued her. My head canon was right! It was a weird religion thing her parents were involved in. Fic might happen tomorrow as I've been waiting for this last episode to see when they give us of her past. I know I need the distraction tomorrow. I'd tag but I don't want to let anyone down by dropping tags as work eats me alive.
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From this weeks episode...Nolan (the sheriff) and Datak (the town crime boss) are forced to work together to rescue the Mayor's sister who has been kidnapped. Right before this bit of dialoge, Datak shows how smart and resourceful he is and how much Datak knows the towns folk and Nolan doesn't; leaving a clear impression that Nolan is nothing but a slowwitted thug. They confront the boyfriend of the person they suspect is the kidnapper and the following dialog happens after the lead refuses to talk.

Nolan: Funny, I'm the guy with the gun yet you aren't looking at me, you're looking at him (Datak). I think Datak’s boys got here before me. I think they impressed on you the importance of not cooperating with me. Then I get to beat on you fruitlessly for a while until Datak swoops in, whispers in your ear, and all of a sudden the information flows. I get to look like a big dumb ape, you get to look like a hero…How close am I?

Datak: (Looking embarrassed and slightly off guard) Close enough. But for the record, I had no intention of whispering in this disgusting man's ear.

I swear Nolan is like Han Solo and Captain Vimes' love child or something.

Nolan Fic

May. 7th, 2013 01:34 pm
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 Taking a first pass as I wait for a meeting… )
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Watch out, I'm about to talk of something besides Milliways or fic writing, I'll get there though so just be patient. Starting a new focus on food and health. We've signed up for Once A Month Mom, which basically gives you a meal plan based on types of meals you like to eat. It's really nice as it gives you shopping lists, what to prep & freeze as well as the weekly menu. We are also trying out best to break the engineered food habit and focus on more simple foods, things not high in salt or sweet that looks like food and not a highly processed ideal of such.

We also got a membership to a Swim and Tennis club which is right next door to our apartment. I no longer have the excuse of "it'll take me 20 minutes to get there", it literally takes less than five minutes walking to get from my front door to the pool. I have my swimsuit and brand new goggles and swim cap with me so I am doing laps as soon as I am home. And on days when the weather isn't good, there is a workout room with machines and free weights.

On to the fic side finally, I have a Nolan fic brewing within. It started with a discussion that's occurring on Tumblr amongst Defiance fans about how truly bad a father Nolan is in caring for Irisa. I am picturing a snap shot kind of fic starting with him fresh out of the Earth Military Coalition and trying to find work, to stumbling across a young Irisa and killing her parents (don't worry, they were abusive, it's canon!), to not being able to leave the girl behind at an orphanage. to them truly bonding, and so on. I don't know that I will get to the pilot.

Damn new canon, make room for my other canons. Of course work is being crazy so I don't have much time anyway.


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