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Dec. 15th, 2016 03:11 pm
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Bullet point notes for the two OOMs I mean to write. No need to read, if you actually read y stuff. ; p
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 I think I need to figure out how to draw lost boy Sam/Falcon. I think he'd have a mask that goes down to his cheeks (but more birdlike), and I think his cloak (rather than being entirely feathers) is feathered at the shoulder and then tattered fabric that's spit down the middle to emulate wings when the wind hits it.

And he has Redwing. His special ability will, of course, be talking with birds, as well as the flying all lost boys do.
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Looks like I was right in thinking he doesn't need any sort of psychology degree for his work. = ]

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Forgot to mention I got my Sam Wilson minimate last night and thus my collection of muses grows!

And it's a little awkward how hard it is to photo Sam with any sort of detail. I mean, compare:

I shouldn't have to use a flash in a decently well light room to get a picture.

I also had an inspiration for a face for Walther Davies, a young Julian Sands. Just geeky enough to read UC Berkeley chemistry professor* but pretty enough to read fae, especially since he's of tylwyth teg; the Welsh brand of elf.

*Disclaimer: Not all chemistry professionals, nor all professors at UC Berkeley are geeky. I do realize this, but the Walther in my head is a bit geeky.
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 As promised, my thoughts. Behind a cut cause spoilers...
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 EP/OOM ideas for Sam here Also, Truth or Dare was an awesome topic. There are so many great threads going on.
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In reviewing the Winter Soldier scene where Sam tells Steve that Bucky may not be one to save, some funny dialog occurred to me for what immediately follows.

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 And other silly things, I think I may have my gender bent Sam WIlson, Samira Wiley. Although Lyndie Greenwood is temping, I have a hard time seeing Sam with long hair. I think she'd be too use to flying in the suit to want to brush it out every damn time.
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When I first started having a Sam voice, I imagined he was part of the team that created the Falcon suit, or even made them on his own; much like the Ultimate Comics Falcon. Canon has directly opposed this since it is clear the suit was built by Stark Industries. As a consolation prize, I am thinking a niece or cousin of Sam's is the one who built it and she wanted Sam to be the one to fly it.

I have a vague fic about how Sam taught her to fly kites as a kid (when she was going threw some tough time) and the closing dialog is her telling him she's given him wings now.
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 No Sam, you cannot rescue everyone within Milliways, nor should you try,
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 Really having a hard time with motivation today. Lots of work and I just don't want to do it but it's why they pay me. Need to find music to kick myself in gear with.

Currently burning mp3s of Eona for listening to in the car. I swear I am only doing this to be safe in the car and not to steal an audiobook. I remember the first book being fun so I hope the second is, though the cover is getting a raised eyebrow as it is very Western videogame cover for a very Chinese mythic landscape.

Caught up with Agents of SHIELD and have a few thought behind the cut for sort of spoilers.
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And random ficlet blurb that popped into my head earlier today featuring Sam Wilson and Jessica Drew:
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 Random thoughts I've had about two pups, behind a cut cause I might get rambley and there could be spoilers for Brimstone's canon.

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 I must finish reading this Sam Wilson as the therapist for the MCU fic when I get home. I started it and it is too awesome!

ETA: Now with link! I read it while I worked out and it is very good!


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