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 Evil Seanan is evil with the non-canon ficlet in which Toby becomes a fish again, leaving Tyblat and all behind; as inspired by this.

And damn, but I'm tempted to throw Tybalt somewhere now.
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Forgot to mention I got my Sam Wilson minimate last night and thus my collection of muses grows!

And it's a little awkward how hard it is to photo Sam with any sort of detail. I mean, compare:

I shouldn't have to use a flash in a decently well light room to get a picture.

I also had an inspiration for a face for Walther Davies, a young Julian Sands. Just geeky enough to read UC Berkeley chemistry professor* but pretty enough to read fae, especially since he's of tylwyth teg; the Welsh brand of elf.

*Disclaimer: Not all chemistry professionals, nor all professors at UC Berkeley are geeky. I do realize this, but the Walther in my head is a bit geeky.
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I'm about halfway through Chimes At Midnight and I have confirmation of something that [personal profile] silveraspen  said/thought that Tybalt had done.

Spoilers for Chimes possible behidn the cut and in the comments... )
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Spoilers for several books from the October Daye series behind the cut.

Thoughts and notes on <i>Late Eclipses</i>... )

Other thoughts that aren't spoilers...
I'm half tempted to come up with a story that features fae of different cultures clashing. A lot of modern faerie books and stories feature class clashes and sometimes racial ones, but I always wonder what it would really be like to have Japanese kami interacting with fae of the British isles.

Seanan does a wonderful job of casting her fae net wide, but she really focuses only on European fae with sprinklings of non-European fae. She does a wonderful job of writing those fae with respect and they are their own characters, but I can't help feeling like they are shoved into a European box when their thoughts and cultural expectations should be different; Lily being an exception.
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Random head canons that I keep meaning to write into fics but work is not cooperating and giving me the time to do. Spoilers abound.

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Also, I finished An Artificial Night and am now onto Late Eclipses. It is very interesting to be reading the series like this as the first three books are definitely the first act and now we are moving into the second.
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On my way out the door but just remembered another thing I had meant to mention this morning...

ETA: Looks like there is a character maximum for cut text.

Behind a cut as it could be a spoiler if you haven't read An Artificial Night, book 03 of the October Daye series.

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Spoilers may happen in the comments. I'll edit if it happens. =)
And spoilers for future books happened. =]


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