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 OMG If you love the books and have been thinking of seeing this, you must go see it. It is so much better than Lightening Thief! Yes, a fair number of liberties were taken but the core feel of the books were still there. I left the theater wanting to see Titan's Curse right away. Oh and the Thalia feels! Perfect casting for her, though grants she only spoke a few times but still both actors (young and teen Thalia) emoted quite well.

Definitely on the buy list when the DVD comes out.
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 I think I would like to have Thalia refer to herself with an Ancient Greek military rank rather than Artemis' lieutenant, and not just because I can never remember how to spell it. Riordan uses Roman words for the ranks in the new series so I think it only fair.

Wiki has a short list of terms and Lochagos seems the closest fit, though it's more like a captain than a lieutenant. I do wonder if it is appropriate to use though since the Hunters aren't quite a military group. I wonder if there is a title for hunt leader or second leader. More internet searching.
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 Here's the trailer from MTV. You've likely seen it but try and pause it at 50 seconds or pay close attention to the scene right after the Oracle speaks. I think that's a young Annabeth, Grover and Luke! And that blue glow strongly suggests this is a flashback scene to Thalia's sacrifice!


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