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 I've a goal for writing 400 words a day or drawing something for 15 minutes. Small steps and all that. I have been counting threads or EPs for this, but I think I need to kick my self and write something of my own, so here goes.

Behind a cut, just because... )
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TFW, you’ve been so busy with work and then you finally have free time to do all the fun things you’ve been struggling to do but instead sit there trying to catch your breath.

I think I’m going to take the morning “off” and maybe see about doing fun things this afternoon.

story idea

Apr. 12th, 2016 02:13 pm
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Super heroes and villains as dangerous urban legends. Everyone knows they're their or they exist at least, but no one can predict when they clash. Sort of Cloverfield with a less obvious source of danger. Like people can just be having a normal day when bam. Of course, that leads it to reading as commentary of urban warfare.
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 Le sigh.

End of what feels like a long night. Had a great dinner (cooked with Her Ladyship as the primary chief)  and just finished all the dishes. Never wrote those fics I mentioned earlier but I did make notes for how I see the story. I hesitate to call it outlining since I have no idea what a story outline looks like, but I feel better about the stories now.

And I tagged some with Fi on a Hank/Charles OOM which I think will be published soon. I might publish but keep tagging as I like them brainstorming or talking. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

So many threads I owe tags to. At the very least, I need to tag a Quinlan/Ibani OOM that was supposed to be a short run but is now a month or so because I keep stalling out. Maybe bringing in padawan Quin will fire up things again.

OK, I'm for bed now.
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 So the past couple of days, I've been writing in 15 minute blocks and have stumbled upon an interesting story centered around an ancient witch and a tough chica in a city that seems like SF in my head. So far, I am treating the 15 minute blocks as snipets of scenes as I work through the plot, with the plan of going back and fleshing out the scenes and maybe stitching together a narrative.

This morning I was all fired up for the next installment. I get to work, bang out a quick project or two, and I just felt my creative drive shrivel. I think I've just pin pointed what has been killing my creative drive, which is good because, if I am right, I now have a target to oppose rather than the general "I don't feel like doing anything".
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 For days after the death of Master Tyvokka, Quinlan tried to meditate and find peace but it was elusive. The young padawan had tried everything; lightsaber forms, silent meditations, moving meditations, even floating meditations--though he always had trouble with that one. All met with inconsistant success. The times he was able to reach peace were few but always the death would cross his mind, disturbing his center and he would experience the visions of his parents death all over again.

Finally, his master, Tholme, gave up trying to lead the boy to peace and instead took him away from the Jedi Temple to yet another mission. Perhaps the boy would find peace in activity.

Second, perhaps more triggery draft behidn the cut... )
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 Nolan and Irisa had been on the road and the run for two weeks before he felt they were far enough away they could spend more than a day in any given city. Irisa was delighted though shy to find other children her age and it took Nolan sometime to convince her it was okay to play with them if she wanted. He even had to insist on giving her some script so she could buy something for herself from the market. When she returned a few hours later and shyly, yet definitely, showed him the knife she had bought herself, he had to bite his tongue not to laugh as he told her it was a great knife.

That night he taught her how to care for it and keep it sharp.

[Busy day but I want to try and write something, no matter how small everyday.]
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The sickness has turned to be more like allergies now and clinging, dear god don't leave me alone allergies at that. Bleck.

I think I'll be starting Diane Wynn Jones' Chrestomanci series next. I'm actually still reading Airborn but last night I miss placed it and so picked up The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume One (which includes Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant) and before I knew it I was twenty pages in.

In Milliways news, I think I need to figure out how to exit Ult. Ben Grimm from the stage once he finishes helping the Half-Life world. Now that I am focused on bringing 616 Ben back, two Ben's is feeling too much. I may change my mind but that's where I am right now. I'm also going back and forth on whether to keep Jessica Drew. Maybe I just need to focus on her being an agent of Sword and not bother with canon aside from the vaguest of nods.

And with that, I think I am going to take the morning off of tagging. Or wait until the coffee kicks in. ; p I do need to EP Val and I have a Julie Finster EP waiting as well.

The Yuletide project continues nicely. I have a much better idea of direction now though I haven't written any more since yesterday.

Oh I forgot the weird Mozambique posters of super heroes self-checking for breast cancer. Stay classy Mozambique. Okay the Wonder Woman and Strom don't bug me but the She-Hulk bursting through a wall and then self-checking or Catwoman self-checking with her claws just doesn't seem right.
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I think I'm finally, truly on the mend. The coughing is still there but it feels more like my body is getting rid of stuff rather then trying to keep ahead of the sickness. I also have more energy and am feeling less beat up.

Plans for the day include catching up at work, writing some on my Yuletide assignment and starting a fic requested by my wife set in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel world. If I manage these things, I will likely be posting something either in Milliways or mixed_muses. I know I have over due threads to tag back on but I feel the need to play with new toys. = ]

Started reading two new books this weekend, Incarceron by Catherine Fisher and Airborn by Kenneth Oppel. Incarceration is a sort of YA Gormenghast or Dark City with hints of Jane Austin and is very fast paced. I started it yesterday and am already halfway through the 458 pages and have requested the next book from the library in anticipation.

Airborn is fun as well but not as rapidly paced. At least not yet. It's sort of like Young Indiana Jones if his adventures had taken place on an airship flying over the pacific ocean and involved cryptozoology instead of archeology.
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Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity. It's long, nearly 20 minutes but very worth the time, especially starting around 12-13 minutes.


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