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 Finished The Defenders and I liked it. It wasn't flawless or amazing, but was fun. Danny wasn't half as annoying as in Iron Fist, but he is still an idiot.

I don't want to go into too much and risk spoilers, but I do feel like Danny's fighting choreography has improved. It isn't as good as Matt's or Elektra's, but it stands out compared to IF. I did notice Danny doesn't use as many acrobatic moves as Matt and Elektra, which has me thinking maybe I'll have Danny focused on a style that uses a strong grounding stance and punches. Could be a way to explain him not seeming as skilled or flashy as the other marital artists in the program.

And don't think I didn't see Madame Gao doing the crane pose right before that last fight with Danny. (A call out to her being the Crane Mother?)
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I'm onto the second episode of The Defenders and I'm liking the build up to the team. Danny Rand is still lackluster at best, which sucks as he's my fav, but I loved his meeting and immediately fighting with Luke.

I am a little weirded out that very few people seem to be complaining about Madame Gao (a WoC) being upstaged by Alexandra (a white woman). Given all the valid criticism Iron Fist got, I would've expected more. I guess this gets a pass cause Sigourney Weaver?

(Madame Gao would be so amazing in Milliways if done well.)

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 If I weren't so adverse to going AU with pups, it'd be tempting to use this rewrite of Iron Fist as milli-canon. So. Damn. Tempting.
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Thinking about Danny Rand and the problems with Iron Fist I would need to address and fix if I were to play him in Milliways. Spoilers behind the cut.

tl;dr: Iron Fist has many problems and uses problematic tropes to tell its story. Among them are; All Asians are one, Mighty Whitey/White Savior, and a toxic portrayal of masculinity. Why would I chose to work with such a canon, even if I intend to fix the problems? Well, I’m a fan of the Iron Fist mythos and I love the sweet innocence Danny Rand has at his core.

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 And Iron Fisy swings back to intriguing territory by actually addressing anger issues, and not just Danny's. They also revealed why he left K'un Lun and even why he chose to become the Iron Fist in the first place, and both reasons are good ones. Not proper or noble mind you, but good and reasonable.

And I was a little too pleased with Danny wearing Luke Cage's teeshirt for all of ep 11, given to him by Claire. I will laugh so much if the first story arc of Defenders or the catalyst that brings them together is Claire being kidnapped.
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 Oh Danny, Danny, Danny...or should be saying that at the writers? The season started out so well with him...need I say spoilers?

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And now I'm back to wanting to play with Danny a bit. I think it's now less deconstructing the Mighty Whitey and fixing canon's missteps, if I stick with playing him. I am going to stick with sandboxes.

I just love his innocent, I want to help the world because it's right. He's not doing this out of a sense of guilt or whatever. He's like the Flash/Super Girl of the MCU, though not quite so chipper.

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