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But still my brain wants to play.

In the fantasy world of extra time, I think I'd give serious thought to figuring out where and/or how to play the following characters:

Yato, from the Noragami anime and manga. A small god who is trying desperately to both be remembered and worshipped, and shift his purview and erase his past. Cocky and obnoxious (in entertaining ways) he is nonetheless very complex, despite coming across as shallow and callous.

He could cause problems for security as he tries to sell his services within Milliways (outside business?) but would always have a plot hook in that he will do most anything for 5yen, which in the Japanese kanji reads/sounds like a prayer. A fun problem for X? A random plot hook as he can be a mostly dependable retainer for the small price of 5yen!

More here if you're curious.

 Elaye Kevarian (her profile is here if you are curious), from the Craft Sequence series of books. Bad ass solicitor/necromancer who, I think, is trying to make the world better, or at least more stable.

She appeals as she's very snarky and does't bother with drama or BS. I do worry about her being too powerful (she has killed and resurrected gods), though Milliways has it's own way of dealing with that, and with having adequate knowledge of her world.

On the plus side, she's used to buying things with portions of soul, so unless she's told not to, that could lead to Bar gaining more awareness and power. If that's something Bing wants to deal with.

I also find Yang Xiao Long (RWBY) and Tybalt (October Daye) are making noises again; although Tybalt might be wanting a new PB. I'm currently looking at Aidan Turner (Google image search link). Maybe I'm missing having a tank and a deadly pretty boy?

Then there's Ehren from the Codex Alera books. I want to finish the series before anything definite, but the two threads I've started with him and Cassian, and K2, has me liking his potential. 
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Since I have no thread brain and work isn't allowing play anyway, my impulsive self is looking at other pups to play at some point, likely sandboxes cause of bandwidth issues.

America Chavez, because damn you Marvel. You suck, but sometimes you do things right. Plus, she'd be a lot of fun.

Jack Wolcott, from Seanan McGuire's Wayward Children series. Thinking of came_tumbling_after as a user name and I have a bunch of icons cribbed from classic b&w horror films with mad scientists for use.

Ehren ex Cursori, from Jim Butcher's Codex Alera. Scholarly spy with a fondness for knives who seems pretty unfazed with life and odd things. About the only way he could be more my jam is if he were a shape shifter or teleporter. Only name I sort of have is study_of_cursors, but I'm not committed to it. I want to read more of the books first before doing anything farther. PBs are either Ben Whishaw or Mika., Ben Whishaw in Perfume: A Story of Murder would work really well.
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With my pup reshift, I realized I need to update my pup icons with the new ones and perhaps adjust their pairings.

Ahsoka & Chance: girls who leap into helping people regardless of the cost or if they'll get in trouble for it.
Sabine & Selina: rebel girls
Hank & Touji: Guys who worry they're monsters/have body issues
Izana & Sam: My socially adapt peeps
Danny & Elayne: Peeps who will do what they think is right regardless of the consequences? Or maybe mystic pups?
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Muse musing behind the cut, since I am silly and don't want to clutter your DW feed.

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Dear Self

Mar. 23rd, 2017 08:43 am
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OK, I get that you've loved the Iron Fist mythos since reading Ed Brubaker's Immortal Iron Fist...Is it really 10 years ago now? You also were a kid during the twilight of the martial arts craze and the Marvel Netflix universe is pretty awesome, but you have to seriously ask yourself if attempting to play Danny is a good thing. Yes, you have some ideas on things which seem better than the show. Yes, playing a flawed hero and not flinching away from the entitled white hero with all of it's problems is likely a better way to handle leaving Danny as white, but is this really a good idea?

Before doing anything, invoke the Craig Ferguson litmus test:
1 - Does this need to be said/done
2 - Does this need to be said/done now
3 - Does this need to be said/done by me

Now, get to work so that you can tag the pups you already have.

(Spoilers for Iron Fist in the comments. Also, letting go of the idea of Vlad Taltos as a pup. Too much canon (15 books with a goal of 17) and I'd need to play two pups as he can't be played without his familiar.)
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New app cycle, new pups. Only two this time to think about...
Yato, from the manga/anime Norgamai. Crazy mixed up character who goes from cracky, to selfish, to noble with no warning. Nice balance of humor and drama, so that he could be anything I need to play with at the time. He also sells services for 5 yen as a means to gain followers, or at least not get forgotten and thus cease to exist. Perfect way to plant plot hooks within Milliways.

Amelia Heartstriker, from Rachel Aaron's Heartstriker series. Lady adventurer, planeswalker, dragon mage. Lots of fun potential and well, dragon. She wears a human form, being of the shapeshifting type of dragon. Magic, dragon, and immortality, as well as being able to teleport and open portals to other dimensions, what is not to love? She's also kind of a pulp hero adventurer and just seems fun.

The problem with both of these is that I still am challenged by how much time and motivation I have to play. I also only have one slot open once I delete Briareus, whom I love but he's just not clicking with me.
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 Not an actual ledge and no, I am not depressed. Just trying to placate the part of myself that loves making character journals.

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This is mostly me thinking out loud and trying to get a few things down for potentially playing Izana. Spoilers for Knights of Sidonia are likely, so I'm including a cut. As well, my rambling will focus on the culture presented in the anime (i.e. a fictional Japanese culture) and speculations on writing a transgendered gender neutral character. If I screw up and offend in this, I apologize now. (Sorry, gender neutral is a better term for the character than transgender).

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I think I am going ot let Jessica go this app round in order to bring in Rollo from Vikings. I love Jess, I love that she seems to be getting the book she deserves but I haven't had the urge to EP her, despite having easy answers to DE topics for her.

Rollo intrigues me both in his non dualistic Christian default morality and his quest for renown, which of course leads him to dark places but his love of his brother and Siggy's care (on the fence if I'd say she loved him when she helped him), lead him back to the light. He also, at least for a while, turns out to have gained some wisdom in his fall if his interacts with Bjorn are anything to go by. Plus, there are lots of Vikings pups coming to bar. =)

I had thought Ethan was going to be deleted in April as well (since he's been so quiet) but seeing promos for the next season of Penny Dreadful have reminded me of how interesting he is. I'm going to hold onto him until I can rewatch the first season and maybe the first few episodes of the second. John Young can wait or hang out in the sandboxes until then.

In closing, the soundtrack for Sword and Sorcery EP is really good.
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 Well, another crazy busy day at work, leaving me with no spoons for playing. Either that or my stumbling into Ahsoka Tano feels this morning lead to my being side tracked. I might have even made a journal ([personal profile] jedi_interrupted ) and found some 100 icons. How the hell did that happen?

I do plan on waiting until Star Wars Rebels picks up and the book Dark Disciple is released, as I sort of assume Asaaj and Ahsoka have some contact post-Clone Wars and I want to see if SW Rebels has some hint of Ahsoka's story.

I've also gutted my icons since I am not going to doing a paid account for this journal (which is expiring in a couple of weeks) to I can shift the money to character journals. I really don't like how DW is 15 icons or 100. I miss LJ's different levels of icons. Some pups can work fine with 30 or so, really.
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So those thoughts on pups and comfort levels I mentioned this morning.

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Sep. 24th, 2014 11:14 am
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 October looks to be the month of cats for me. I plan on apping Tybalt, of course, and I had planned on taking the plunge and apping Yang Xiao Long but now I am thinking I am going to be apping Selina from Gotham instead.

I love Yang. She is very straight forward and truly happy and balanced. She has a great world to play in and I love her abilities and personality. However, I've yet to picture any interactions with her. And, to be honest, figuring out her world is intimidating me. I understand it enough to enjoy watching it but having to explain it to another character? Don't know that I am up for that. I would worry that I would come up with something that contradicts canon at a later date.

Selina on the other hand seems to be a character that survives by her wits. She is a rogue and I do have a softspot for that kind of character, especially the ones with a heart of gold, as she does. I know Gotham and this Gotham seems even easier since it is such a young Gotham. I needn't worry about the rest of the world as it's the US and not too much is different. Exactly what year it is is somewhat vague but despite the noir feel, cellphones and other modern inventions are present.

In regards to who she is, I don't have much to go on. In the pilot episode, she didn't say anything but by her actions and facial expressions, she seems to care about victims, especially kids and cats. The next episode does bear the title of her name, so one would assume we'll get a better feel for her character. There is also this promo clip to go by and so far, I've not seen anything to dissuade me from liking the character.

Best part is, I'm imagining all sorts of interactions with established Milliways characters. I can see Selina easily adapting to other worlds as well, something I never quite got with Yang either. I'm even coming up with head canons about her past.

Also, Agents of SHIELD is looking pretty good. Not happy with them killing off another female character, though.
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Fitness is going well. Last night was day 1, week 5 of the C25K program which meant 3 different runs of 5 minutes in length and I managed it without dying nor breathing too heavily. Go me.

I'm also trying really hard to finish Chimes At Midnight, I've only 20 minutes left, but work keeps interrupting me dang it! ;p

(Also, stop making it look like you are killing people Seanan!)

I also can't decide who I should use for Tybalt's PB, Colin O'Donoghue or Aidan Turner:

I keep being drawn to Colin but hesitating due to his being so well known as Hook from Once Upon A Time; it might be the eyeliner. I like Aidan but I am not quite so sure, he seems too feral or wild for a city cat.
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 I am stuck without a mouse as Her Ladyship left hers at a playdate yesterday and now I am stuck with a touch pad. Alas, I do not like the touch pad and it makes me not want to be on the laptop.

Despite this, I am having too much fun with the new pup thread. I rediscovered my Tybalt voice while listening to Chimes At Midnight and why I waited so long to get back to the world of Tody Daye I cannot say. I am having enough fun that I am tempted to app Tybalt this month, though I am unsure of Jared Leto as a face for Tybalt. I'm tempted to try out Aidan Turner, maybe in a sandbox tomorrow. I'm open for other PB suggestions.

I think I might be letting go of Mulan this month. I love her and I know what I'd like to do with her but I fear her voice isn't fun any longer. I think I'd still like to try and write some fanfic for what I imagine her journey to Storybrooke would be.

I kind of fear for Brimstone as well. I love the character and feel I have the voice but I don't know that the pup is fun and with the time constraints I have, fun is an important aspect to anyone I play.

Which sort of leads me to Yang Xiao Long, the other voice I'm playing with in the backroom.  She is fun and recent revelations in canon have lead to interesting places in my perception of who she is and how she sees the world. 
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 I'm torn between threading (and yet being shy), writing Fic (for either/both Sam Wilson and Yang Xiao Long), and creating covers and posting a couple of the fanmixes I've been polishing for weeks now.

And work is being hit or miss. Like no projects and then several will land at once. Internet is being weird and buggy as well.

I think I will finish my current folder, give myself 15 minutes to write, and then see where I am at.
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Been a while since I've done one of these, though I know I've done evaluations of new pups.
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A very productive morning, at least on the job front. Might get some threading in as well but I've still a few folders to sheer off.

Mostly, I just wanted to take a minute and look at some new voices that are tickling my fancy and I keep forgetting the slots I am saving.

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On Days of Future Past:
I am getting more and more ill at ease about this movie. I am not sure if I will see it in the theater but I am sure I will see it at some point. In no particular order, I am concerned with what I am seeing of the characterizations, with the accusations of Singer's actions in regards to an underage person, and now I am hearing of Fassbender being abusive to an ex-GF. Accusations are always challenging as on one hand, innocent until proven guilty, on the other you can't ignore the possibility this person did something horrible.

On Lady Trent:
App approved, yay! Likely to EP today with her as a young child. Funny thing, I noticed her young PB is in another movie called Copperhead, and is in her late teens therein, which is perfect for the Isabella (the future Lady Trent) who goes adventuring in the world as she is only 16 when she does so. Very tempting to shift the elder PB but I like the costuming from Murdoch Mysteries, so I'll likely stick with Georgina Reilly, even if she is a few years too old.

It's funny but when I first read the book, I realized the author is very vague on details such as racial features. Thus I tried to imagine something outside of the English norm and pictured Scirlanders (her native land) being akin to Indians in skin tone and coloring. Alas, in the second book, Isabella makes a comment about her pale skin not being up to the heat of the Africa-like nation she visits. Standard English it is then.

On comics:
I spent a fair bit of the weekend reading from Marvel's Digital Unlimited and realized how great a deal it is. I may be able to scale back my monthly Marvel habit a fair bit if I keep in mind I can likely read series later through MDU.

On the Constantine trailer:
Looks good. Also looks like they are taking things much more from the movie than the comics but I can work with that. Only thing not working is John's white shirt; it is too clean and starched. It should be off shit and rumpled, as if he slept on a bench in it. Actually, all of his clothes should look worn and have stains.


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