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What a day. Spent most of it feeling worn out and vaguely hungover because I had two beers and a couple shots of whiskey. The real question is if I will remember I am no longer 20 and able to shrug off such excess.

Also went through and cut more titles off my pull list at Comixology. I'm still supporting the female solo titles I can but I've been sort of underwhelmed by some titles or keep pushing off others for reading later. This does mean I can go back to reading the Black Widow series though. = ] It is still weird not reading Fantastic Four but I am sick of the team being deconstructed.

I've also been reading GeNext and GeNext United, two miniseries written by Chris Clairmont about the offspring of familiar X-men. I am loving the stories, even with Clairmont's habit of over dramatizing things. It makes me wish these character had more stories published and sort of wish that the same heroes we've had for 50 years now could clear the stage a bit so we could have new characters.

I also killed my Netflix streaming account in order to get Showtime, all for Penny Dreadful's sake. I've only watched the premiere, which is online for viewing, and it really reminds me of what Alan Moore had made with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, much more horror, mystery, and suspense than action adventure like the LXG movie.

I think I am heading for bed. Happy Mother's day in case any of you are such. = ]

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 I wish the new Iron FIst ongoing well. If I had the money in my comics budget, I would totally support it but I'm not willing to give up any more of my current titles and I can't afford another $4 a month. I'd also like to check out the new Ghost Rider but again, budget.
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 The first preview for the Once Upon A Time comic is up and dang, the art is pretty!

Comic day

Mar. 13th, 2013 12:15 pm
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Ultimate X-Men: Damn I was really trying to get away the Ultimate universe but the things they are doing in Ult. X-men are very intriguing. 20 mutants given a plot of land in the deserts of Utah as a reservation, can they build a society? Well, yeah. That and better. Can it survive itself and the petty humans when they do? That remains to be seen.

Age of Ultron: Holy shit, Marvel finally is doing the summer cross over right. Have the heroes on the ropes due to a villain rather than having them fight themselves. Issue 02 is still the set up but I am very curious and hooked.

Fantastic Four: Damn but Fraction is really getting the family dynamic down! He also has Susan and Reed fighting perfectly. Much better and more believable than them post-Civil War.

Fearless Defenders: Kick ass ladies continuing to snark and take names. Definitely on the continue to buy pile.

Rachel Rising: Terry Moore proving he is still a master story teller even when writing spooky stuff. Great art.
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 Listening to Throwing Muses this morning and getting in gear to clean out my in box. Signed up for (thank you for the invite Cam) and it looks like a good, push-type website for exercising. I've worked with Spark People before which is a good site but it relies more on you doing things and doesn't "assign" you things to do like Fitocracy does. Now if I could just figure out how to give props back.

I am hoping post-lunch I will get a chance to play a bit but with how work has been I'm not holding my breath. I'm also thinking of applying Mars to Milliways but am waiting to hear if he counts as an Ares as Ares is a retired character.

Guess that's it this morning unless anyone has any suggestions for icon comm's here at DW?

ETA: File this under comics I want to read NOW! (Image link which is medium sized and safe for work.)  From Comics Alliance.

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Inspired by all the "I'm the 99%" photos, DC's blatant trend of fetishizing it's female leads and justifying it as "female empowerment" and this article at

Several images behind the cut of female comic characters taking a stand... )
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So something about the bike ride this weekend is encouraging me to get healthy again. For breakfast I had apples and peanut butter instead of a bagel with cream cheese or whatever else from downstairs. I also plan on hitting the StairMaster tonight while my daughter does her Math Facts on the computer as the two are right by each other.

I would be tempted to go for a bike ride tonight but a) my daughter really needs help getting to bed on time and b) my butt is still sore from Saturday's ride. I do want to do another ride this weekend though.

Holy guacamole! November not only means the return of a Fantastic Four comic but that comic is going to be 100 pages of new story! All by Hickman! And the FF comic, i.e. Future Foundation, will be continuing! Now if only they wold bring Ult. Sue and Ben back to the Ultimate Comic line. I'd still love to read a comic featuring them and a guest star each issue like the old Marvel Team Up.

ETA: The 100 pages will actually be several stories, all penned by Hickman. Not one story written by him as my sentence implied.

Adorable Panda picture from The Animal Blog.
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A thought occurred to me this morning on the way into work regarding the NuDCU and what they've done to Starfire and Catwoman which I think Jim Shooter summed up nicely as "The problem I have with Starfire is that she’s a device, not a character." Anyway, my thought is that it is causing a lot of dialog about how female characters are portrayed. I know the dialog is nothing new and that DC doesn't seem to be listening but I feel like Marvel is (at least a little) and perhaps other comic publishers. One can only hope I guess. I'd like to give my daughter super hero comics without worrying how her gender is presented.

Oh and I must add this, Why Cleavage Is Bad For Crime Fighting.
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Batwoman 01: Gorgeous art that makes one stretch a little to read the action. I find this a good thing as it really pushes the boundaries of comic art and makes you want to study it. I've always been curious about the new Batwoman and the Art Nouveau styled artwork is only the icing on the cake. Never kept up though, maybe I will with the reboot. Only question though is Renee Montoya dead like it seemed to imply?

New Avengers Annual 01: Uggg…crap on toast this sucked. I really wish Bendis wasn't so polarized a writer. He never seems to have a middle ground; it's either really good or really bad and this is one of the bad ones. The New Avengers, all of whom are veteran super heroes are taken down with little effort by C and D list super heroes turned semi-villians. Ben never lands on punch though I did find it amusing it took three separate people to bring him down. This will not be part of his Millicanon.

Fear Itself 06: Good art as Stuart Immonen always provides. Pacing feels a bit off, like the series started with this build up and now we're at the climax and it's only a curb and not the three story fall we expected. This is not good as next issue is supposed to the final. No mention or sight of Ben but Captain America shines.

Journey Into Mystery 627: This one was genius and really felt like something Gaiman might have written if he had the Marvel Universe to play in instead of the Endless and Vertigo. I really am liking kid Loki though he's not in this issue.


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