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Listening to the second half of next big installment of Andrea's canon, once I finish Magic Strikes (current OOMs) and then Magic Mourns, which is a novella). Looks like there's a day or so of active, on patrol out in the city duty for Andrea. I'll have to decide what she's doing since it's never mentioned, she's just not available for giving Kate a ride because she is out with Mauro. I'll also get a chance to have Ted give a speech so everyone can see how much of an ass he is.
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 Internet is better finally. But now my Muse is being a Diva and only wants to play with Andrea or maybe Ethan. (rolls eyes)

Also, someone here at my work is wearing cologne or perfume that is something like grapefruit and eucalyptus mixed together. It is very strong and I'm not a fan.

In plot land, Andrea seems to want a memorial tattoo for her mother. I suspect it's from my current commute read, A Good and Useful Hurt, which features  a tattoo artist who does this for people using ashes from their deceased mixed into the ink. I'm leaning towards a lasso, suggesting both Texas and Wonder Woman. I need to be vague as to whether her mother is actually dead though as I don't remember if she is, while some folks at the Goodreads group are certain it's been mentioned before that she is dead. Next book Andrea gets married, so I should have confirmation if her mother is dead then; as what Southern belle would allow herself to get married without her mother?

With Mulan, I think I am going to have her wander different lands seeking her way back to the Enchanted Forest and Aurora. I figure the Wicked Witch curses her or something so that overtime she finds a way back, a twister will show up and whisk her away to another place. Or maybe not as that'd be a lot of property damage on Mulan's conscience. Ultimately she may end up in Storybrooke as I spin her into AU territory. That is if I keep her. Don't know for sure.
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 So I am reading Hyena Nights and Kalahari Days to better understand Andrea and her hyena side. Plus, I just love hyenas and would like to know more about them. I'm only twenty pages in and I've already learned new things!

I already knew they were more closely related to cats than dogs, with civets and genets genets being their closest relative. There are also only four living species of hyena; three true hyenas (brown, striped, and spotted) and the aardwolf. They apparently evolved 10 millions years ago, filling the same niche that true canidae did in what would become North America, that is until the dogs crossed the Bering Strait and moved in on their territory. There was also a hyena the size of a cow at one point!

I guess this is a warning that I will be leaving notes in future posts as I read further.
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 I was thinking about Andrea on my way home, specifically a post-Gunmetal Magic (the book where she has her crisis of self and ends up accepting her Were-nature) scene where she and other shape-shifters are surrounded and attacked by were-dolphin in the Mediterranean Sea and she doesn't shift to fight. At the time I read it I wondered, as it seemed the more effective to fight in a shifted form (bone crushing jaws, three inch claws, and all that) but instead she stays pink, small, and armed with crossbows. Tonight, she answered me, saying, "Had they been a real threat, I would have shifted."

This tells me that Andrea has a very interesting sense of what is a threat and that she is still around. She may even be looking to come out for a bit of fun.

*I meant to leave the "r" off this time as lathing while rinsing is amusing to me. Although if you are lathing you do rinse your work so I guess it shouldn't be too funny.
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 This is an awesome summation of the Kate Daniels world written by the author which, remarkably, has no spoilers.

ETA: Oh god damnit. Because some people can't be nice to authors and can't resist making "helpful" comments such as word choice and criticizing the use of swear words, the link above has been taken down by the author who had only asked for if the snippet clarified the world for new readers. *grumps at people who felt the need to criticize*
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 So on their blog today, Ilona (of Ilona Andrews) posted a cut scene/epiloge from the next book and Andrea is getting married. =D


Jun. 13th, 2013 07:07 pm
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 I've reviewed the canon to be sure but I only have the final battle with the fomorians and an epilogue with her Knight-Protector (i.e. the boss) left to write for Andrea and Magic Burns is done!
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 As I'm sure anyone paying attention noticed, I returned to Andrea's canon earlier tonight and I have to laugh at how long the OOM is...again. It's like I can't make a short canon OOM for her. Part of it is my being mindful of giving enough info so the story and world make sense for those who haven't read her canon but I think I also just enjoy writing her. Next book is shorter I swear since the case is more straightforward.

I've also decided to go back to Allison Mack as a PB. Now to hunt for beast form picks I like. I wonder how the female weres in Teen Wolf would work.

I may try and do another write up tomorrow and maybe even get her to the next book before my vacation. What else do I have to do with my self imposed exile? = ]
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Saw this on Tumblr:
“When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be noble to pretend you do not notice them.”
— Lemony Snicket
The epiphany behind a cut as it's vague but spoilery for Andrea's canon... )

Quote text

Apr. 12th, 2013 10:55 am
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Later in Andrea's canon from where she is now, Gunmetal Magic to be exact, she breaks down and sort of goes off the rails. I have been planning to use Iggy Pop and the Stogges' Search and Destroy as link text for when this happens, to wit, "I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm. I'm the runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb."

This works pretty well except she is neither a cheetah nor male, but no need to be that picky right?

This morning I am listening to a Mash-up which uses Avril Lavigne's What the Hell? and am reminded of the lyrics, to wit, "All my life I've been good but now, I'm thinking, what the hell?"

This works much better except it's Avril Lavigne and I can't decide if Andrea would hate her bubblegum-bad-girl-ness or love her.

ETA: Oh, I forgot part of P!nk's Raise Your Glass, "Can't stop, coming in hot. I should be locked up right on the spot. It's so on right now."
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 I found the cap stone for my Andrea playlist! There had been a hole (from between Magic Bleeds and Magic Slays) which I could go into more detail for but that would be giving things away. Never thought I'd use Maroon 5's Payphone since my daughter sort of overplayed.

And I'm still liking Billie Piper for Andrea though I am holding off on committing to her. There's a thread up here in [community profile] panfandomsandbox  if anyone is interested.

La Sigh

Apr. 4th, 2013 02:01 pm
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 I don't know if sigh is a masculine or feminine word so don't lynch me if I got that wrong. Work continues to be nutty though its a consistant rather than inundation sort of nutty.

I'm enjoying what little bit of play I'm getting in the AU Hogwarts but I find I am tempted to throw Andrea into a sandbox with a new PB I have in mind, one Billie Piper.

I'm also trying to read up on how to build a Daikyu Yumi as I'd like Andrea to do this within Milliways. My headcanon states that she likes the ritual, meditative practice of Kyūdō as it helps her maintain control over the beast, so it makes sense to me that she'd want to be able to practice at the archery range. From what I can see, it is a long process so this should be good for several EPs. I also wonder how Yew would be as the hardwood core as Red Oak or Cherry seems to be the preferred, or so it says at the one site I've done more than a power skim.


Apr. 2nd, 2013 12:38 pm
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 A rare photo of a young Andrea Nash.

And now I want to bring this young Andrea into Bar. ;p

ETA: Also, as I knew would happen since I am taking a break from Milliways, I'm thinking of a newish pup, Baba Yaga. I blame the Night Watch series. Anyway, I'm thinking I could use Bea Arthur for PB or, since I am sure Baba Yaga can shapeshift, a mix of elderly, kick ass ladies such as Dame's Helen Mirren and Judy Dench. Can't decide if I like "hero_forger", "hero_smith" or "boney_legs" as a journal name though.
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 Of what I hope is brilliance. So in the Ellen OOM, Annabelle and Andrea are chatting it up while causing mayhem. Andrea mentions the Galahad 5 warhead, which is a crossbow bolt created by the Welsh to take down giants. Annabelle's eyes light up and she asks Andrea if she could get one for her. Travel and shipping being what it is in Andrea's world, it is unlikely she can pick one up on the sly through official channels as a) it'd be expensive and b) likely have serious documentation.

So my inspiration is this, Andrea goes to the black market to get one and that's where she bumps into Felix (if he visits her world). They can even have an adventure as I can see her having to go to Unicorn Lane to find anyone crazy enough to sell a crossbow bolt of mass destruction. =]
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I've started listening to the next book in Andrea's canon while working and will be leaving notes to myself for OOMs with the idea that hopefully I won't feel the need for such long OOMs now that I have set the stage. We'll see.

So yeah, spoilers for Magic Strikes, though mostly this will be in outline form of the scenes she is in. )


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