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 Just watched the second trailer for season 02 of Penny Dreadful, and I'm a mit bit afraid some of my assumptions about Mr. Chandler's past could be a little off, seeing as how he's performing a Native American purification ritual there.
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 And Ethan's app is away, despite work's attempts at being a tweaker.
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And that means Penny Dreadful thoughts! Warnings for vague gore and spoilers )
Oh, I feel I should also mention I am lagged this morning, despite OK sleep, and work's internet is being weird again. Pages just seem to be spinning in the mud as they try and load. Very frustrating.
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 Saw this on Tumblr and it actually gives me a little hope for Days of Future Past (spoiler filed essay regarding Hank with some discussion on Charles as well). I will still likely wait until it is on cable to watch it. ETA: Wait, sorry. It was this essay. Same warnings as the other.

In Penny Dreadful land, saw last nights episode and there's more evidence of Ethan being a werewolf. Nothing definite but likely damning. I think it would be interesting if he's actually some half-assed shaman or something. It also seems I need to look into the Indian Wars if I do decide to pursue him as a pup.

Well, dang

May. 19th, 2014 08:33 pm
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I had this whole head canon/theory about Ethan Chandler but then I looked up one linchpin to the idea and it fell apart. I may run with it anyway so more behind the cut to save you from spoilers.

Read more... )

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 Since I am so wiped, I'm vegging out with PD and noticed I had a few details wrong with Ethan.

Again, behind a cut... )
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 Some Ethan Chandler thoughts before I get to tagging existing threads.

Look a cut, that must mean there's poilers for Penny Dreadful or something... )


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