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 Just got my 750 mile badge from Fitbit which means I am now well past Rivendell and about halfway to Lotholorien, with about 50 miles to the doors of Moria. Woot!

My inspiration is also warring with work, past threads I am due on, and wanting to play with Chance Falconer a bit. I think once I get one project done, I will tag up my threads and then throw Chance into a sandbox and see if anyone is interested.
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 You know work, when you taper off and make it look like I might have some time to get back to threads, it's just sorta mean to take that away from me. I'm just saying. OK, I could squeeze tags in between these quick little jobs but if I keep getting these quick little jobs, I have trouble getting into the mood/character.

In other news, I got to walk in the rain! It was only slightly chilly; in fact, it was nice. Mileage wise, since it's been a bit since I've mentioned it, I'm over 250 miles which means I am past Weathertop and Frodo has been injured by the Ringwraith.
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Lunch time ride was hard but satisfying today. My legs were tired and achy and I fought a stout head wind (16mph) for the first and last mile or so but I did 9 miles in 48.25 minutes. I was hoping to hit 12 miles today but the wind just slowed me down too much and I ran out of time. I also scared the quack out of a pair of male mallards and for the next mile their screams of "AFLAC!" haunted me.

So with today's ride I am at 62.5 miles towards Rivendale which puts me right close to Farmer Maggot's.
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 I love mysterious things and this article over at i09 is just food for my fascination. 

 ETA: I also took a short break today and only walked a short distance as my legs are being stiff and sore. Total distance is now 16.39 miles which means the hobbits have begun to sing and are walking through a deeply cloven track between tall trees. I'll have to find time to run this weekend.
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 So as I mentioned earlier, I left my running clothes at home so today I walked. To make up for not running I pushed myself for extra milage and walked 2.97 miles in 50 minutes.

So that means I'm now 11.47 miles on my way to Rivendale which puts me at the stop in a birch grove where in Frodo adn Co. at a frugal supper (ca. 10 p.m.).
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 Okay Mars is officially a fun character to play. He already wants to go to the Fall Out-verse and give the faux Romans an education. = )

In other news, road 6.1. miles at lunch in 32 minutes. With yesterday's 2.4 miles, Hobbiton is about to disappear behind slopes and hills. Total mileage, 8.5 miles into the Walk to Rivendale challenge.


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