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 So for my notes, and plot, if anyone wants to help...with Rollo's cwdp, he's been given three tasks.

He's to bring:
A sheaf of wheat from a goddess (hoping to have him interact with Demeter between now and next year to convince her to allow him to grow some wheat with her.)
Teach a child a song (I am thinking I can use Pino if no other opportunity presents itself)
And the three broken shields are easy enough to work into canon battles.

I had meant to do something with appeasing alfr, or elves, to drive him to do the Xmas elf plot, but I think I'm just going to push him into it as the other three tasks seem more culturally appropriate.
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 So 10 year old Rollo, Isaac Hempstead or Leo Howart?  Both links go to

I feel like Isaac's eyes and general face shape match Clive Standen's better, but the messiness of Leo fits how I image wee Rollo to have been. Of course, the Northmen we pretty hygienic and so he wouldn't stay dirty long. For reference see how clean all the children in Kattegat have been.


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So Rollo is the younger brother, at least according to a Tumblr user (link to Tumblr post) who read it in The World of Vikings (which is a companion book for the series). They also mention it is a switch from previously stated canon, so I'm not going to kick myself for thinking Rollo was the elder. I'll have to buy the kindle version of the book to confirm.
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Yesterday was pretty fun and awesome. It started with a scrimmage-type tournament water polo match, basically just the local club teams getting together and having unofficial matches to give their player more game time. I am a little grumpy at my daughter's coach as I feel like he is reigning her in instead of letting her play a more active role in the game. This week during practice, another coach has been there as the main coach is tied with with something, not sure what. The new coach has been having Her Ladyship front and center and in the middle of all the action, playing full court as it is termed I believe. This means playing both the defensive side of the pool and the offensive.

Before this Her Ladyship has only done half court or staying on the defensive side fo the pool and hanging around on the outside edges of the playing field. Where basically nothing happens. The new coach saw how good a swimmer the wee miss is and said, "Naw, get in there."

Then game day yesterday, Her Ladyship is doing as the new coach has been teacher her and she is doing pretty great, until the old coach yells at her to get back to half court. I don't wish to "that parent" and I know there are things about water polo I don't know but I can't help being grumpy.    : \

She also got her first game injury. She was blocking a shot, or interfering with one, striking the opposing players elbow as they tried to shoot (totally permissible in WP). Unfortunately the ball and the other players nails then smashed into Her Ladyship's left eye to the point where her vision was blurry for a bit. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she woke with a shiner All is good and the other player felt terrible.

Read more for bits about the concert festival I went to last night... )
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 Interview with Clive Stanton about Rollo insights to read later. Could alter a few assumptions of mine.
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 Well, I've finished all present volumes of Sidonia No Kishi now (13 total) and wow what a cliff hanger. Very happy with some almost surprises with the direction of Izana's narrative; things I saw and loved but didn't think the author would venture towards. = ]

Ach, I've got to wait until the end of September for vol. 14.

And holy shit, how did I not make this connect before this? So in Vikings, Rollo is based on the historical Rollo, who becomes Robert the First, Duke of Normandy right? His great-great-great-grandson becomes William the Conqueror. I am distantly related to William on my mother's side. I am related to one of my pups?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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