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 The forest should become covered in a giant spider-web like substance, to end up looking like this (link shows art installations that are completely man-made). No clue should be given as to how the webs were created and no giant spiders should be seen. Just giant, creepy webs people can climb around in. \o/
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Please leave a comment with your DE suggestion here. I will reply to it when we use it. Thank you.

ETA: The suggestion box has changed location. It can now be found here, in this backroom post.
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Another one of the characters from the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel that I love is Niten. An immortal human better know to us, and history, as Miyamoto Musashi. I've thought of playing him before but not too seriously. Then, just now, two possible PBs popped in my head; Byung-hun Lee (the actor who played Storm Shadow in the recent GI Joe movies) and Dong-gun Lang (the lead from The Warriors Way).

Why do I do this to myself?
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So things are good today. Her Ladyship (thank you [personal profile] innerbrat  for that title) is no longer sick (for the most part) and was going stir crazy last night. We sent her to school today so she could run wild with her pack. Work is busy this morning and I am hoping to push through it by lunch. And my muse seems fired up for fun.

Taking the day off yesterday helped a ton and the Ben OOMs have been writing themselves in my head; I just hope they sound as good when I write them. = ]

And since I mentioned it here is a snipet of the conclusion of the Fear Itself OOMs (a little hope and good feeling before I get into the misery again)...

Read more... )

Outside of this I am trying to think of a good t-minus id for Kate Kane...trying to work with something like "twice named" or "wounded soldier/warrior" but drawing a complete blank. "Called to serve" is another. Okay now then play.

Dear Pup

Mar. 9th, 2012 01:43 pm
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Ben, I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for having to put you through the wringer just now and I know there's more to come but you will be stronger for having gone through all of this. I love you man.

Love, your number one fan.

PS-Here's a song for you to make up for it. Never forget, clobberin' time will always come and I will give you your moment even though Marvel didn't.

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Or at least a more honest look at them.
616 Ben Grimm ([personal profile] ever_lovin )
Definitely going strong. I see the path into Fear Itself and I think I am just waiting for the DW migration to officially start before I begin publishing. I could be smart and start writing these up now so I can post them in a timely fashion.
Ult. Ben Grimm ([personal profile] unbreakableben )
It really is a bit taxing to have two versions of the same character but I find it hard to let go of either Ben. The potential for AU fun post canon is great. At the very least I feel I owe it to him to take him through canon.
On the fence.
Jessica Drew ([personal profile] justdyedit )
I had been thinking of letting her go but with the idea of taking her AU and focusing on her being an Agent of SWORD (think the MU's MiBs) pushes her back into the super spy I fell in love with.
Staying. Okay maybe she's really on the fence. With my future plans of only sticking with F4 related comics, I kind of feel like I'd be giving Jess teh shaft since I'd not be reading her canon, i.e. Avengers.
Val von Doom ([personal profile] time_dancer )
I feel guilty about this but I think I am going to let her go post move in order to make room for Valeria Richards. Val has had a good run and her potential for whatever shenanigans is great but I really am likely Val Richards.
Julie Finster ([personal profile] fiss84 )
Love Julie! And now that I have her to the point in canon where she's come into her own I love her even more. Soon it will be time to bring inAdult84.
Thalia Grace ([personal profile] chameno_koritsi )
With the move I am going to take the opportunity to push her back into canon. I should start write ups for Titan's Curse now. How quickly I push her to the next series depends on canon mate but I can go either way.
Rincewind ([personal profile] mis_adventurer )
Fun guy but I'm not so sure about keeping him. I haven't run an EP since the week he was approved. He is still fun for pure crack so I may keep him.
On the fence.
Mars ([personal profile] u2642 )
Just approved and very loud voice. He already wants to go off to fight in the Fall Out-verse and he's only had one EP! I also need to figure out how goats typically act as that goat he was carrying in his First EP is becoming an NPC. = /
Definitely staying.

Under studies:
Valeria Richards ([personal profile] 2smartbyhalf )/Fantastic Four, FF, X-23
Love what they are doing with little Val in the comics and I really love to potential she and X could have within Bar.
Griffin O'Conner (used2bnice)/Jumper, Jumper: Griffin's Story
Fun guy who skirts the edges of villainy. Lots of potential for grey area fun.
Monroe (pilates_wolf)/Grimm
I love Monroe's snark and the monster trying to find peace.
Kate Kane, Batwoman (to_serve)/ Batwoman
Kate is a fascinating character to me and I love her reasons for doning the bat. Don't know that I am familiar enough with DC canon but with the reboot is this an issue?

I know I have more spare character journals but these ones have clear voices. And I need to update my milli-pup icon.

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 Okay Mars is officially a fun character to play. He already wants to go to the Fall Out-verse and give the faux Romans an education. = )

In other news, road 6.1. miles at lunch in 32 minutes. With yesterday's 2.4 miles, Hobbiton is about to disappear behind slopes and hills. Total mileage, 8.5 miles into the Walk to Rivendale challenge.
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 Listening to Throwing Muses this morning and getting in gear to clean out my in box. Signed up for (thank you for the invite Cam) and it looks like a good, push-type website for exercising. I've worked with Spark People before which is a good site but it relies more on you doing things and doesn't "assign" you things to do like Fitocracy does. Now if I could just figure out how to give props back.

I am hoping post-lunch I will get a chance to play a bit but with how work has been I'm not holding my breath. I'm also thinking of applying Mars to Milliways but am waiting to hear if he counts as an Ares as Ares is a retired character.

Guess that's it this morning unless anyone has any suggestions for icon comm's here at DW?

ETA: File this under comics I want to read NOW! (Image link which is medium sized and safe for work.)  From Comics Alliance.

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So I have all these wonderful idea for stories and toys (i.e. characters) to play with and lovely threads but I'm just not feeling it you know? So tell me Muse, do you need something I'm not giving you? Do you need a little break? Or do we need to write something original?

Love ya,

PS-Corgi's on a treadmill!
PPS-A cow just hanging out.
PPPS: Julia Stiles rides a bike. I don't know why I love this pic so much.


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