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OK, more Amelia notes. I guess I blasted past all these details the first time I read her book.

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Now to recover from the migraine from earlier.
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 And in rereading Amelia's canon--well the book she's in-- it turns out she's somewhere between 300 and 1,000 years old. This would have to mean her exposure to modern things is minimal and either comes from outer plane bleed over or Milliways. I think I may have her being really curious and fascinated by any human tech. Good way to hook her into threads as well. 

ETA: I think I'm going to say she left the prime material plane of her reality around the 1950's. There's nothing that says she didn't spend a lot of time on earth before she left and the only clue to how long she's been go is her saying she came came back 50 years earlier than she had originally meant. So I'm going to handwave she'd meant to leave for a couple of centuries and since it's 2096 at present, her leaving around the 1950's fits. I'm also going to be vague about all of this in case the new book in August gives more details.
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 Things which Amelia might bring to Milliways, pelota purépecha. Although the sport is Mayan and she'd be more familiar with Aztec customs. Granted, I'm pulling that in myself as the author hasn't really brought much of Mesoamerican culture into the books aside from Amelia being the granddaughter of Quetzalcoati.

And maybe I should research Mesoamerica a bit myself instead of cherry picking.
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Brain: Hey, wouldn't it be cool to find fantasy costuming to kind of match up with the different planes you plan on putting Amelia in?

Me: But I've already made icons of facial expressions and funny poses.

Brain: Yeah, and that's good. But costumes!

Me: Stares off into camera.

ETA: OK, lesson learned, don't do a Google search of ( ______ ) fantasy costume unless you want to see the sexy Halloween varieties of same; especially Indian fantasy costume.
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 Oh shit. I just realized with Amelia Heartstriker, I could conceivably bring Spelljammer and other D&D outer planes funtimes to Milliways.

Sorry, Yato. I think you've been pushed out. Although I am going to finish the book first.

ETA: And journal is made. Had to go with [personal profile] planerwayfarer  rather than planeswalker, since the later was taken. I like planer wayfarer better, tbh, less brand confusion with D&D and Magic The Gathering.

ETAA: And dang it. I wanted to be sure to use a Latino actress as a PB for Amelia as her line of dragons comes from Quetzalcoatl but I fell into Alanis Morrisette without thinking about it; and she is too perfect for the character in my head. True, canon doesn't say anything about them being Latino in their human form (just that she has black hair and hazel eyes) but it seems disrespectful not to use someone from the area Quetzalcoati came from. Have a couple of options though.


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