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Slacker workout, only 25 minutes: 10 flex & core, 15 on the treadmill for .99 miles and 166 calories.

I've brought lunch and snacks today.
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Last night on the treadmill (I flaked on my morning and thanks be to zoe_me for encouraging me to go last night):
739 calories and 3.85 miles in 62 minutes. I actually got my heart rate up to 160 several times "running" up hills.
5 minutes stretching.
Didn't bring lunch or snacks

This morning on the treadmill:
297 calories and 1.16 miles in 30 minutes.
Brought lunch and snacks.

What I learned yesterday in skipping my morning workout? I need to get up and workout. I was lagegd to whole day. What I last night? It is time to step up the workouts. I feel the need.
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Treadmill: 26 min, 332 cal and 1.55 miles
Calistetics/Stretching: 15 minutes

Soundtrack to Slave Zero for inpiration.

Today I am slammed at work. bye bye
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Good work out today:
30 minutes on the exercise bike for 11.03 miles and 272 calories.
15 minutes flexibility and ab exercises.

I may need to up my 15 miles in one hour commitment for [ profile] 1on1challenge.

I may end up adding another 15 min's or some of Flex/Ad work tonight at Katie's dojo but I will have to see if Katie wants to stay for the 6pm class.

Music: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Soundtrack which worked really well I must say.
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I need these for my car....

Work out news...
Only 15 minutes on the Bike today for 5.64 miles (9 km) and 142 calories.

I have so tanked my numbers this week...185 of the 270 challenge. I suppose if I get to the gym and do the last 85 minutes on saturday and sunday I would be okay.

I don't know...yesterday I was jazzed about breaking my weight loss plateau but this morning and today I just have no energy or umph.
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Given the time I get up for working out, this would be a perfect work out shirt

Today's summary:
1.59 miles (2.55 km)
368.4 calories
30 minutes

Another "wimpy" work out but I 'm kind of behind at worka dn since I am not coming in tomorrow...this does mean I will have to add at least 1.5 hours to my time before the end of the week.
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Not much of a work-out today:
Distance - 1.70 miles (2.73 km)
Calories - 402.4
Time - 30 minutes

Plus some stretching.

What's funny about this is that I realized that while this feels like an "eh" work out, it is what I was doing, and feeling, as a good work-out not 3 weeks ago. So go me!

I couldn't decide on a playlist theme last night so todays playlist was a mix of Cocteau Twins and Clan of Xymox...Cocteau Xymox? Clan of Cocteau? Xymox Twins?
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Pretty good...I worked on increasing my heart rate and I think I did a goo djob of it. I stepped up the incline instead of the mph and it felt like that was a better work out. It was easier on my legs too some how.

Anyway, here's the numbers:
2.4 miles (3.86 km)
656 calories
45 minutes

Last week was pretty nice; I managed to burn 3309.5 calories!

No playlist today, iPod it had no charge.
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Good one today, 45 minutes for:
Calories - 603.5
Distance - 2.65 miles (4.26 km)
Today's playlist theme, SKA: )
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Used a different machine today cause my iPod didn't have any juice left so I headed to the TVs with subtitles.

Cal.s - 601 (Huh?)
Dis. - 2.64 (4.25 km)
Time - 45 minutes

I am curious about the reading on the machine I used. I did a slower speed than I usually do but burned more calories? And teh heart rate monitor seemed to be reading lower than my usual treadmill.

Anyway, I liked its "hills" settings. Just the fact it has more than one makes this a better machine to me.

No playlist today due to a lack of charge in my iPod.
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Just a mellow one today:
10 minutes of stretching and calisthenics focusing on core muscles.

30 Minutes on the treadmill for 300 calories and 1.79 miles (2.8 km)

Today's playlist, no theme really: )

I did have car trama this morning though...the poor commute beast has been leaking oil...a lot...and this morning it started rattling arround second gear so I traded cars with meh wife, [ profile] zoe_me . I hope this does not turn out to be too cha-ching.
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Today's work out was awesome!

Cal.s - 508
Dist. - 3.09 miles (3.34 km)
Time - 45 minutes!

And today's playlist theme, Drug #6: )

I finished The Kite Runner and I must recomend it. Very good drama, nice view of Afghan culture from a child's POV and a touching ending.
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Another Geek T-shirt for my work outs...

And today's Work-Out Stats:
Cal.s - 357
Dist. - 2.27
Time - 35.02

No soundtrack today, I listened to the Kite Runner instead.

Last week..started good but ended up as not much to talk about but here it is for the morbidly curious. )


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