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 You know, I've been thinking of letting Jess go. I haven't quite gotten behind her characterization in Secret Defenders and she's a little too harsh in her new solo series, but I have to say Kris Anka's new design (and here's the model sheet with notes) has brought her back for me. He not only updated her look, he got rid of the crotch arrow and the look at my breasts triangle.

I can't wait to see the new design on page. = ]
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And my creative self seems to be dead in the water today. I think I am going to back off and let it recover. Tonight is water polo, I am unlikely to be tagging.

I do have to say though that I just came across this lovely AU for Spider-Woman (here's a solo shot) and it made me think that if she ever visit's Ellen's world, she may have to steal the look somehow.
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 In today's morning writing I am going to flesh out an idea I have for a Jessica Drew noir AU, which I am thinking might actually make a good story on its own.
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In today's Marvel Watcher, it is hinted Hickman might actually get to a point soon and my first thought was, "I hope Jessica isn't involved." I honestly don't know if she has been featured in the main Avengers book but I'm pretty sure she hasn't been in the New Avengers, aka Illuminati v2.0. Seriously, why don't they just call the title Avengers: Illuminati and be done with it?

Anyway, as much as I want Jess to get stories, I don't want her being written by Hickman. He takes way to long to do anything and his concepts are always difficult to grok, at least to me. I did enjoy his F4 run but he burned out my patience for him with that run. 10+ issues for a punch line was too much. Yes the punch line was good but the set up was too long of a wait.

Had a followup visit with my GP yesterday. Mostly good news in the numbers department but my diastolic blood pressure is still creeping up into high blood pressure range. Which means I'll be seeing him again in a Oct to check how I'm doing. I was very encouraged by the numbers as I've been discouraged with progress (weight and such) that I was seeing on a daily basis.

And, because I can't make a post without mentioning RPG, I have a some theories about Yang (from RWBY) that I'm still parsing out, mostly regarding her abilities. In her canon, Hunters access their Aura and Semblance in order to accomplish amazing feats. Popular opinion is that Yang's semblance is control over fire, pointing to how her hair turns flaming when she fights or is emotionally charged. I disagree. I think the flames are a manifestation of her aura (and are actually mostly harmless) and her semblance is actually kinetic energy. I need to write this out more since it's only a vague idea at this point, but it would explain her extraordinary durability and strength.

ETA: Re-watching the Yellow trailer, I think a large part of the above is due to how nothing is left blazing in Junior's club; i.e. while Yang is aflame, most of the effect she has on the club is concussive. A similar thing happens in the Grimm forest; Weiss' glyph starts a forest fire but Yang's gauntlets and fire hair don't.
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 And my inner Jess is feeling kind of guilty about how much damage HYDRA managed to do. Wha? Not even your universe, Jess. Let's keep the guilt trips local.

She is also very impressed with Skye.
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Watched Avengers tonight and was struck with some ideas. Behind a cut incase you haven't seen Cap2 yet.
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 Really having a hard time with motivation today. Lots of work and I just don't want to do it but it's why they pay me. Need to find music to kick myself in gear with.

Currently burning mp3s of Eona for listening to in the car. I swear I am only doing this to be safe in the car and not to steal an audiobook. I remember the first book being fun so I hope the second is, though the cover is getting a raised eyebrow as it is very Western videogame cover for a very Chinese mythic landscape.

Caught up with Agents of SHIELD and have a few thought behind the cut for sort of spoilers.
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And random ficlet blurb that popped into my head earlier today featuring Sam Wilson and Jessica Drew:
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The Spyder Who Loved Me [Listen here at 8tracks]
A View To A Kill / Duran Duran
02 Girls Girls Girls (Mashup) / Lana Del Rey - ft. M.I.A. & Beyoncé
03 Shame / Battery
04 Sweet Dreams / Bat For Lashes
05 Dog Days Are Over / Florence and The Machine
06 Bubblegum Bitch / Marina and The Diamonds
07 International Dateline / Ladytron
08 Gold Guns Girls / Metric
09 I Am the Best (내가 제일 잘 나가) / 2NE1
10 Titanium (Feat. Sia) / David Guetta
11 F**kin' Perfect / P!nk
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 I think I might be starting a Black Widow/Spider-Woman playlist while I work on jobs.
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So I’ve been kicking around ideas for a redesign of Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman costume for a while but seeing this quote by Michael Walsh:
Why fix something that’s not broken?” Walsh asks. “I love the Spider-Woman costume. It’s unique, sleek and fun to draw. I tried to capture some of Jessica’s brilliant smile and brightness. I’d love for the readers to have a crush on her.

, that itch became too much and I banged out a few designs. Unfortunately my drawing skills are not such that I can bang out something in a few minutes and have it look good, so I used a template I found from a google search (which I can’t seem to find now to give proper credit. Crap.)

Anyway, here she is with three different takes
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 Well I cleaned up a character model sheet template I found and started coloring and mocking up a redesign of Jess's costume. Not quite as creative as I wanted but better than nothing right?
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Things I would love from a new Spider-Woman series, which I may try and work into my Milliways play:
  1. A new design of her costume; perhaps more tactical looking but still retaining the spirit of the original.
  2. The return of characters from her first series such as Lindsay McCabe, David Ishima, and Lt. Sabrina Morrel.
  3. A return to being a P.I. Love her working with SHIELD and SWORD but I loved her cases in LA and SF.
  4. Visits from Hulk, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel. THose friendships need to progress as well.
I find I am also tempted to change her user name but I can't think of anything. Maybe I should try and think of something she would use as a journal name. I find I am tempted to have her cut her hair also, as she had several times in her first series (as Spider-Woman she wore a wig when she had done so).
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I am still enjoying this servers! The art has shifted and I can tell I have entered the era of Jim Shooter (Mr. Each Issue Should Read On Its Own) as E-I-C since the first pages of the last few issues have had summaries of the previous issue. I do like how the story is told. Each story arc is threaded with another, like the prologue of one will happen during or in between Acts 1 & 2 of another, making the stories sort of leap frog over each other.

Jess's rogues gallery to date is odd. She's faced the Needler (a crazy guy who would sew victims lips together), the Brothers Grimm (basically a couple of stunt men who used special effects), Gypsy Moth (a woman who could control fabric telekinetically), the Enforcer (a mercenary whose gun fires specialty bullets/darts) and Morgan Le Fay.

Jess's love life is terrible as well. Her first love was a SHIELD agent named Jerry Hunt who spends most of the time grumpy with her for leaving dates to go do Spider-Woman stuff or for rescuing him, despite knowing she is Spider-Woman. Then after he leaves for London, she almost hooks up with this guy who turns in pink goo and tries to eat her. Then it's a criminal master mind who tries to manipulate her. I worry for what is next!

She's also living in LA and not SF as I had thought, though I was working more with Spider-Woman: Origins for that bit of info. She's yet to become a PI, instead working in secret as Spider-Woman and collecting rewards on the criminals she captures, at least up until the last few issues where a newspaper discovered her and started writing articles covering her activities.
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 Managed to stumble into Jess feelings as I felt like listening to music on my commute home and so listened to her two playlists I had made ages ago, The Luck I've Had (focused on her life and losing Carol) and I'm Not Thinking Of You Again (her breakup mix for Clint). Track lists are at the links, in the comments, if you are curious.

This has also made me realize I should cover the first two story arcs of Avengers Assemble before I take on her and Clint's break up and Carol losing her memories.

I'm also shamelessly listening to 5+ hours of old Goth club tunes from the 80&90s.
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 Sort of a long day of alternating tummy and headaches. Finally feeling better but I think I need to not eat so much rich food for a bit. Curse you office party! *shakes fist*

Listening to pop Christmas music and I'm sort of inspired to write a follow up to the Jessica Drew and Danny Rand fic based on the old Waitresses' song Christmas Wrapping
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 Well dang, Hellboy 2 is not on Netflix steaming. Neither is The Wolverine or X-Men: First Class. =(

I also think I am going to buy myself the essential Spider-Woman, vol's one and two of course, for Christmas. I'm tired of waiting for Marvel Unlimited to get their act together and make the series available.
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 Gah. I was feeling better this morning but slowly, as the day has progressed, I've been feeling worn out and sick again.

And just why am I tempted to mess with Jess by having her transform to this or this for Halloween? Can such drastic physical changes happen for Halloween? Another option would be changing her to a pony, using that custom build or this Deadpool cover.
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 I'm beginning to regret making an EP for Jess simply because my head doesn't seem to be on straight right now. Allergies or a sinus infect have ben plaguing me all day and yesterday there was a shooting at a middle school in my childhood hometown which still has me off kilter. Not to mention work is wanting my attention as well. It's enough to make me wish I could have called in and made a blanket fort at home instead.

The fall out from the kid plot is interesting. I think Jess may be wanting to explore the childhood memories she's been reminded of, to find the happy times. I may try and enlist Charles Xavier's help since Jess would trust him given the help he gave Carol in her universe.
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 I don't ship Jessica and Natasha, but I agree with everything else about this Tumblr post. I'm very curious to see where the comics go with their friendship, as well as Jess's friendship with Banner. It also makes me look forward to what is happening in Milliways with Jess and the MCUs Natasha. = ]

And dang but the January solicites aren't looking too kind to my wallet. Jess looks to be in Avengers World, Secret Avengers, and Avengers Assemble, if not the adjective-less Avengers title and Captain Marvel's title. I love that she is getting this much exposure but it is daunting at the same time.


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