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Another 15 minutes, same story as the last couple of days. Warning for brief animal cruelty this time.

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A continuation from yesterday. Warning for transphobia and abuse.
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 In today's morning writing I am going to flesh out an idea I have for a Jessica Drew noir AU, which I am thinking might actually make a good story on its own.
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 Something original again...and a bit of a tribute to all the wonderful fantasies that start in libraries and bookstores.

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I have no idea what this is but it's all mine for once.

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 For days after the death of Master Tyvokka, Quinlan tried to meditate and find peace but it was elusive. The young padawan had tried everything; lightsaber forms, silent meditations, moving meditations, even floating meditations--though he always had trouble with that one. All met with inconsistant success. The times he was able to reach peace were few but always the death would cross his mind, disturbing his center and he would experience the visions of his parents death all over again.

Finally, his master, Tholme, gave up trying to lead the boy to peace and instead took him away from the Jedi Temple to yet another mission. Perhaps the boy would find peace in activity.

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 Nolan and Irisa had been on the road and the run for two weeks before he felt they were far enough away they could spend more than a day in any given city. Irisa was delighted though shy to find other children her age and it took Nolan sometime to convince her it was okay to play with them if she wanted. He even had to insist on giving her some script so she could buy something for herself from the market. When she returned a few hours later and shyly, yet definitely, showed him the knife she had bought herself, he had to bite his tongue not to laugh as he told her it was a great knife.

That night he taught her how to care for it and keep it sharp.

[Busy day but I want to try and write something, no matter how small everyday.]


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