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Since others are posting theirs I guess it's okay so here is mine:
Rock Steady, Ultimate Fantastic Four.
Sue figures out who it is that's always been there for her.

I love this so much with giant hearts. It is all I had hoped for and I love that it is not only from Sue's point of view but runs the gamut of the Ult. F4 run. Thank you again mystery writer, you've made my day. = ]

And with that, I wish everyone a happy holidays, whatever and however you celebrate. Stay warm.

ETA: And my Assignmentee (?) loved my story as well! Is it okay to post it since they've read it now?

ETAA: I realized at breakfast I shouldn't post my story until the Yuletide reveal in January. = ]

[Testing the dreamwidth link from LJ, don't mind me.]

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Just finished the first draft and am putting it away for an hour or so before I go back and proof. I'm pretty happy with it and it clocks in nearly 2k words. It did go in a direction I hadn't expected but I got tired of trying to force it where I wanted.

Now to work on the wife's fic request.

ETA: And my Assignment is posted, final count 2k+! And I just noticed I got a gift! Can't wait for the reveal.
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The sickness has turned to be more like allergies now and clinging, dear god don't leave me alone allergies at that. Bleck.

I think I'll be starting Diane Wynn Jones' Chrestomanci series next. I'm actually still reading Airborn but last night I miss placed it and so picked up The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume One (which includes Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant) and before I knew it I was twenty pages in.

In Milliways news, I think I need to figure out how to exit Ult. Ben Grimm from the stage once he finishes helping the Half-Life world. Now that I am focused on bringing 616 Ben back, two Ben's is feeling too much. I may change my mind but that's where I am right now. I'm also going back and forth on whether to keep Jessica Drew. Maybe I just need to focus on her being an agent of Sword and not bother with canon aside from the vaguest of nods.

And with that, I think I am going to take the morning off of tagging. Or wait until the coffee kicks in. ; p I do need to EP Val and I have a Julie Finster EP waiting as well.

The Yuletide project continues nicely. I have a much better idea of direction now though I haven't written any more since yesterday.

Oh I forgot the weird Mozambique posters of super heroes self-checking for breast cancer. Stay classy Mozambique. Okay the Wonder Woman and Strom don't bug me but the She-Hulk bursting through a wall and then self-checking or Catwoman self-checking with her claws just doesn't seem right.
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First my five words from the five words meme, via [ profile] ceitfianna(books, father, proofreading, Marvel, comics) )
Yuletide update: 1056 words and I only feel halfway done. Is it bad form to go beyond the 1K words?

And lastly, another fun looking meme from [ profile] wanderlustlover and [ profile] ceitfianna:
Tell me about a story I haven't written.
And I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.
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Feeling much better today. I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual physical and got a prescription for some antibiotics so whatever this Ick is, it's on its way out! Some good news and bad news with the physical and all the bad news is fixable if I get more exercise and lose weight.

Word count on the Yule Tide is 402 for the first draft. Not bad but I'm getting a little frustrated with how to get the character off the flight in as little words as possible so I can get to the action. I think I just need to write it out as I can always fix it later and there's really no reason I can't go past 1000 words right?

Still need to start on the fiction for my wife. I'm tempted to write out an outline to help.

Guess that's it.


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