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Slow day at work for once and yet while I have great threads I am involved in, I don't seem to have any spoons for playing. Think I'll try a playlist and see if that doesn't kick me into gear.

While I wait, a few thoughts for Mulan. Since I know what I want to do with her, to wit, making her get lost in other fable-esk realms, I need an exit plan and need to decide on a few answers for when she finds Storybrooke.

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Let It Go

May. 13th, 2014 07:41 pm
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 Just watched the season finale for Once Upon A Time and damn that was cruel. 

I also had a bit of inspiration for Mulan on my drive home, her ending up with Marya Morevna and to hell with Prince Ivan! Details to come later as I flesh it out a bit. Also tempted to send her to Hans Christian Andersen land, perhaps for The Snow Queen? I can see her aiding Gerta in her quest.

Lastly, Her Ladyship has oodles of homework so the wifi is turned off. This means I am using cellular data to write this on my tablet which doesn't work for threading. I'll have to try again on the morrow or later tonight when she is done.
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 The first preview for the Once Upon A Time comic is up and dang, the art is pretty!
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Mostly this will be thoughts about the season finale from last night and maybe a prediction or two.

First, I realized last night that Mulan, Aurora and Philip are sort of in a Fallout-like world. Not quite as ape shit insane but still. I mean the Curse took out nearly everyone and those that remained got taken out by Cora. Then there are ogres and who knows what other monsters about. And what did ever happen to all the villains? I guess they have vegetation and animals in their favor, though.

Ok, onto my thoughts. Which I am putting beneath a cut and in white text in case you want to talk/comment on the above but don't want to be spoiled with the below.

ETA: And I just realized the journal theme I use has a colored back ground that white shows up on. I tried matching the ecolor and it made my eyes hurt so the spoiler content is *not* white texted or hidden beyond the cut. Sorry.

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I'm goofing off on Tumblr between applying redlines and waiting for programs to do their things. If the OUaT gifs I'm seeing are any indication, major stuff happened last night. My Mulan head voice piped up with, "Obviously they need Aurora and I to come and remind everyone of who they truly are."

Works for me. \o/
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 And nicely done plots and villains but I have to wonder about something. As far as I know wood is a poor conductor so August should have been pretty immune to the taser, unless magical wood is conductive?

And I so hope the Dragon is involved with Mulan if they bring her back so I can pretend my head canon is true.


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