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Brainstorming about Sabine and Ahsoka behind the cut, spoilers likely.

Ahsoka... )
Sabine's thoughts are really just this past post and thinking of how the New Mandalorians seem like they were more benevolent Fascists than the ideal pacifists presented. Possible ideas are Sabine finding a book about the change in power during the Clone Wars and the switch to Imperial occupation. My main concern is that I am not sure if I'm the person to touch on a story so deeply seated in racism and eugenics, nor what the story has to do with Sabine now. The possibility is fascinating, but I am just not sure it needs to be told and told by me, a white male.

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 So I came across this fan theory on the New Mandalorians (Tumblr link to a text post). I call it fan theory as the animators/show creators may not have meant for things to be this awful and deep, but still...

tl'dr: The New Mandalorians not only exiled those Mandalorians who chose the warrior traditions, but those who were racial diverse. Evidence is given in that every one of the New Mandalorians shown, even the background characters, were white, light haired, and pale eyed. The language used to describe the exiled Mandalorians was also pretty xenophobic and prejudiced.

Thoughts on possible directions to Sabine's play here....
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Brain dump for what I mean to do with Sabine in March and getting her closer to season 01.

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 World's longest commute tonight...or at least it felt like it. 2 hours in the car on the freeway. Thanks Super Bowl!

And if that weren't enough, I got blindsided with Hank feels when Apoptygma Berzerk's Nearer came up on the music. Here's the lyrics (metro lyrics) and here's the song  (youtube) if you are unfamiliar. The whole thing just screams of Hank mental state after Raven leaves and him seeing how free she seems to be, and just how destitute he feels.

I am also fairly inspired by the second fic I wrote for Sabine in today's DE, both as an expanded fic and as an art piece. I think I need to at least outline the ideas and the art piece.

And lastly, having too much fun with Eliot in last weekend's DE. Also I think Tybalt may be back. Might need to see whom I can shift around to bring these boys to Milliways. (Kind of thinking Luidaeg and Quinlan, but nothing is firm.)
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 I confess, the trailer for the second half of season 02 of Star Wars Rebels has me worried and excited.

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So since my plotting brain kept me awake last night and I'd hate to lose all it came up with, I'm going to try and get some things down. Warning for spoilers for X-Men First Class, Knights of Sidonia, and my head canon for Sabine Wren (which is based on vague references to her past from canon).

Did I mention spoilers?

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Izana )

Sabine )
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 Attack of the random headcanon: Sabine has a talent for linguistics and cryptography. This is based on her understanding Aqualish and Wookie (two of the more difficult languages of the SW universe), and the idea of her coming to Milliways and immediately trying to decipher the English of the welcome pamphlet.
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Since I seem to be in a Sabine headspace this morning as I work through projects at work, I'm going to try and outline my short term goals with her. Warning, there be spoilers both from canon and my imagined backstory behind the cut.

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ETA: I keep forgetting about DW's limited number of characters for the cut text. Behind the cut are spoilers from the Star Wars Rebels episode Out of Darkness, which aired last Monday.
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 I finally have something more than Sabine counting down! Still not much but it's interesting how she seems soft spoken. Maybe it's her helmet's mike?
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 Working on an AU wherein I have the time and inclination to EP Sabine Wren to a sandbox (cause fuck it, it's just for fun and I can fine tune her once the show starts or I see the trailer on Sunday), write up the next steps to my headcanon for Quin (him starting his own rebellion with Khaleen, Tholme, T'ra Saa, and the kids), finish the Brimstone thread with Shephard (which is the easiest of this list), and work on Hank's threads as well.

I did app a new pup, Isabella Camherst, i.e. Lady Trent from A Natural History of Dragons; because Milliways needs more dragons. Now I need to find a child PB for her and an elderly woman. I've sort of picked Lynn Cohen for the elder ISabella but am not hard set on her. She does seem like an older version of her youthful PB.

ETA: If I stay off of Tumblr, I'd have a better chance at my AU.
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 Gifs from the new trailer!!!!! Sabine in action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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