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Stolen from a Tumblr post in case I even app Yang and need some backstory: I know that Yang’s Goldilocks and all, but her name and the yellow reminds me of the Yellow Dragon (黄龙) in Chinese mythology. It’ll be interesting if, in the future, she has a posse that represents the four cardinal constellations (Vermilion Bird, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise-Snake).
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In today's Marvel Watcher, it is hinted Hickman might actually get to a point soon and my first thought was, "I hope Jessica isn't involved." I honestly don't know if she has been featured in the main Avengers book but I'm pretty sure she hasn't been in the New Avengers, aka Illuminati v2.0. Seriously, why don't they just call the title Avengers: Illuminati and be done with it?

Anyway, as much as I want Jess to get stories, I don't want her being written by Hickman. He takes way to long to do anything and his concepts are always difficult to grok, at least to me. I did enjoy his F4 run but he burned out my patience for him with that run. 10+ issues for a punch line was too much. Yes the punch line was good but the set up was too long of a wait.

Had a followup visit with my GP yesterday. Mostly good news in the numbers department but my diastolic blood pressure is still creeping up into high blood pressure range. Which means I'll be seeing him again in a Oct to check how I'm doing. I was very encouraged by the numbers as I've been discouraged with progress (weight and such) that I was seeing on a daily basis.

And, because I can't make a post without mentioning RPG, I have a some theories about Yang (from RWBY) that I'm still parsing out, mostly regarding her abilities. In her canon, Hunters access their Aura and Semblance in order to accomplish amazing feats. Popular opinion is that Yang's semblance is control over fire, pointing to how her hair turns flaming when she fights or is emotionally charged. I disagree. I think the flames are a manifestation of her aura (and are actually mostly harmless) and her semblance is actually kinetic energy. I need to write this out more since it's only a vague idea at this point, but it would explain her extraordinary durability and strength.

ETA: Re-watching the Yellow trailer, I think a large part of the above is due to how nothing is left blazing in Junior's club; i.e. while Yang is aflame, most of the effect she has on the club is concussive. A similar thing happens in the Grimm forest; Weiss' glyph starts a forest fire but Yang's gauntlets and fire hair don't.
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Yang insisted she had to host a Happy Hour today so I threw something up here, if you are interested. I should warn you, she is going to try and get you to wear a fake mustache if you don't have one.
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 When I first made an account for Yang Xiao Long, I came up with audlocks which is a play on words/phonemes. It can either be AU'd 'Locks, i.e. Alternate Universe Goldilocks (as the character is inspired by Goldilocks) or it can be read as AU-dee-locks, where AU if the periodic table abbreviation for Gold.

I now have another idea though, streetwise_hippolyta, which is inspired by Bonnie Tyler song, Holding Out for a Hero; to wit, "Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds". I really like this as I have some head canon that Yang spent a lot of time on the streets with a motorcycle gang before going to Beacon. Though things didn't end up so well for Hippolyta.


Dec. 27th, 2013 01:51 pm
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 Slow day at work yet I don't seem to have any spoons for playing. Go figure. Instead, here's a ficlet that's been bouncing about in my head for the past couple of days as I listen to the RWBY soundtrack too much.

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Head Desk

Oct. 7th, 2013 02:49 pm
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 And I just thought of another name for Yang's journal, that I really like; streetwisehippolyta. An obvious play on the lyrics to I need a hero but it really sums her up I think. So do I switch from [personal profile] audlocks  or just save it for the title of a fic?

Ok, reading the wiki regarding the mythological Hippolyta, not so sure of a good fit now. Of course, I was mostly going for a female equivalent of Herakles, which I doubt exists in the first place.
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 Just in case anyone was paying attention, I am going to hold off on apping Yang Xiao Long and Brimstone until next month. I've started their apps but just haven't felt the push to complete them so rather than rush it and be impulsive, I'm going to let it ride another month. Which is good in both cases as it will give me more canon on Yang's part to work with and will let me finish the second book in Brimstone's canon to determine what happens/happened to him. I have my guesses, and my AU plans, but I'd like to see what the author has in store first.

And now I am tempted to move forward with Brimstone's app simply because a first EP on Halloween suits him, as does the day after for its various holidays. I will see how his app writes itself on the morrow.
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 I think I've finally pinned down my first fanmix for Yang Xiao Long. I kept throwing songs out there but very little stuck, that is until I stopped looking at song older than 1990. The main criteria is they had to be songs that left you feeling good and bouncy. Next was they had to be appropriate for a teenager, at least in my head. Iggy Pop's Lust For Life is a great song and full of energy but doesn't fit a PG rating.

So the working title is You'll Never Shine If You Don't Glow:
All Star - Smash Mouth 
Motorcycle - Love And Rockets
Stylo - Gorillaz
We Are Young - Fun.
Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
Pumpin Blood - NONONO
Hearts Like Ours - The Naked And Famous
Burn - Ellie Goulding
I Burn - Jeff Williams

This will likely end up on my 8tracks once I get time to make a spiffy graphic for the cover.

ETA: If you have any bouncy suggestions that seem to fit the others, feel free to comment. = ]
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Feeling sorta blah so trying a post to lift my spirits...

Yang Xiao Long, lemme show ya why she's awesome…(Gifs within) )
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 Random Yang things, i.e. condensing all my paper scribbles so I can recycle them.

First, I just can't read or look at RWBY smut, which I keep stumbling across on Tumblr. I'm happy it's there for those younger than me but I can't help feeling a creeper when I spot it. Must be my fatherness showing.

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Dear self

Sep. 13th, 2013 12:12 pm
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 You've worked for a company that makes blood glucose monitoring equipment for 9 years now. You know glucose is not spelled with two Ls so stop spelling it gluclose.

In other news, why do I bother with a fanlix list when I have youtube channels like this to listen to. Additionally, I am sorry everyone but Yang seems to have taken over my mind and is sitting on all my other headvoices. I'm hoping to let her out in a sandbox sometime today so she'll let the others out.
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 New songs for Yang:
2NE1's I am the best
Love and Rockets' Motorcycle
The Cult's Born to be wild
Iggy Pop and the Stooges' Lust For Life lyrics don't work for the charter
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 So I'm at work, feeling better but still sore and achy. At least I'm past the sharing stage of the ick. I still cough a bit but no more sneezing, which is good as for a while it was feeling like I was tearing muscles with every sneeze.

As I'm working and playing catchup, I am finding that I am working on a playlist for Yang. This is likely a bad sign (and by bad sign I mean cool, a new head which will likely be in a sandbox as soon as I have the urge to play again).

She seems to like rock, rock-a-billy and ska. I image some funk could be good but I am trying to stay away from too many songs featuring burning or flames as the lyrics. As much fun as Disco Inferno could be, it might be a bit much as I already have Ring of Fire and Burning Up For Your Love...wait, I just found a cover of the song by Cyndi Lauper, better yet, one with her and Tina Turner!

I think my statement of her being a cheerful and non self-hating Ben Grimm was wrong as she is much more. I think she is more like Red Sonja or Dinah Lance. She is cheerful and bold. I think she also has little shame and doesn't care what other think of her, which could be a fun pup to play. She doesn't self censor, you either take her for who she is or you'd best get out of her face.


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