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Oh lordy, I forgot how much I love Tybalt.... )

Quote from the most recent novella, Full of Briars, though I am being vague as to whom the other person speaking is.
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 World's longest commute tonight...or at least it felt like it. 2 hours in the car on the freeway. Thanks Super Bowl!

And if that weren't enough, I got blindsided with Hank feels when Apoptygma Berzerk's Nearer came up on the music. Here's the lyrics (metro lyrics) and here's the song  (youtube) if you are unfamiliar. The whole thing just screams of Hank mental state after Raven leaves and him seeing how free she seems to be, and just how destitute he feels.

I am also fairly inspired by the second fic I wrote for Sabine in today's DE, both as an expanded fic and as an art piece. I think I need to at least outline the ideas and the art piece.

And lastly, having too much fun with Eliot in last weekend's DE. Also I think Tybalt may be back. Might need to see whom I can shift around to bring these boys to Milliways. (Kind of thinking Luidaeg and Quinlan, but nothing is firm.)
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 Evil Seanan is evil with the non-canon ficlet in which Toby becomes a fish again, leaving Tyblat and all behind; as inspired by this.

And damn, but I'm tempted to throw Tybalt somewhere now.
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Regarding Milliways costume and personality shenanigans;
Oh what fun I shall be having at Tybalt's expense. I mean really. I'm especially looking forward to costuming from Velvet Goldmine.
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For my Tybalt OOM, here are the faces I've picked:
Colleen (the elder sister), PB Ashley Greene

Jill (the younger sister), PB Emily Browning from A Series of Unfortunate Events

And September (sister to Simon and Sylvester), PB Barbara Meier

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But I got what I wanted, I think, so I am climbing back out. Did find more icons for Ethan and a PB I really like for the Luidaeg, as well as September Torquill and Rand's sisters, Colleen and Jill. Both will require some photoshop (if I decide to be that detailed for one OOM) since Jill has fog-colored hair with black stripes and Colleen has calico patches on her skin.

Of course, in my head canon, Colleen has the potential to visit, so she might be worth the effort.
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 Instead of writing an abridged version of Rat-Catcher as a third person POV, I'm going to shift the narration between Rand and his two sisters! I might even have September Torquill narrate a bit or two. This way I'm not just copying Seanan McGuire's work and am actually adding my own voice! \o/

Now to find the time. 
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 Whine...I want to include the scene with September Torquill as a link to future OOMs but in the abridged version of Rat-Catcher I am writing, it doesn't fit. Whine...
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 I am having too much fun throwing Rand (Tybalt) and Selina at the Sookie canon vampires. =D

Rand is less pleased than Selina, however.

Also, two songs are competing for my Toby/Tybalt OST: Panic! At The Disco's Collar Full and My Chemical Romance's The Only Hope For Me Is You.

Selina's top song is currently Neon Jungle's Trouble.

Ok, food time and then back to tagging.
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Drove in today while listening to my Tybalt playlist since my iPod lost contact with Audible and, thus, couldn't log into finish my current book, Croak. This, of course, caused ideas since driving at high speeds for long periods of time seems to be great for my creativity.

Behind a cut for spoilers... )

OK, time to get the DE up.
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I'm about halfway through Chimes At Midnight and I have confirmation of something that [personal profile] silveraspen  said/thought that Tybalt had done.

Spoilers for Chimes possible behidn the cut and in the comments... )
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So in Rat-Catcher, the Roane prophecy warns of the fire and a great sickness. The fire is obviously the Great Fire of London but I can't find any hint of a great sickness that occurs after the fire. I will freely admit my grasp of history is shaky, but my Google-fu is only coming up with the Plague hitting London the year before the fire.

Is there something I am missing or is the Roane off a bit? I don't have the book with me, but I seem to remember a mention that the prophecies always have some error in them, maybe this is it? Or do you think Seanan got the dates wrong and I should shift the years for this world?
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And I stumbled upon a song that is near breaking my inner Tybalt's heart with memories of Londonium, Hungry Lucy's Bound In Blood.

And yet another Hungry Lucy song for that time, To Kill A King. I should add a trigger warning for this song as the subject is really an abusive relationship drawn up in fairytale language.
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Spoilers for several books from the October Daye series behind the cut.

Thoughts and notes on <i>Late Eclipses</i>... )

Other thoughts that aren't spoilers...
I'm half tempted to come up with a story that features fae of different cultures clashing. A lot of modern faerie books and stories feature class clashes and sometimes racial ones, but I always wonder what it would really be like to have Japanese kami interacting with fae of the British isles.

Seanan does a wonderful job of casting her fae net wide, but she really focuses only on European fae with sprinklings of non-European fae. She does a wonderful job of writing those fae with respect and they are their own characters, but I can't help feeling like they are shoved into a European box when their thoughts and cultural expectations should be different; Lily being an exception.
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Random head canons that I keep meaning to write into fics but work is not cooperating and giving me the time to do. Spoilers abound.

Read more... )

Also, I finished An Artificial Night and am now onto Late Eclipses. It is very interesting to be reading the series like this as the first three books are definitely the first act and now we are moving into the second.
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On my way out the door but just remembered another thing I had meant to mention this morning...

ETA: Looks like there is a character maximum for cut text.

Behind a cut as it could be a spoiler if you haven't read An Artificial Night, book 03 of the October Daye series.

Read more... )

Spoilers may happen in the comments. I'll edit if it happens. =)
And spoilers for future books happened. =]
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 I've thrown a young Tybalt into the sandboxes. He is a Prince of Cats and is from 1666; i.e. before the Rat-Catcher story and his regency.
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And the Tybalt playlist is starting...not necessarily in this order though.
Stay - Shakespear's Sister
In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed Are Kings - Dead Can Dance (Rat-Catcher/Forbid The Sea era)
All Cats Are Grey - The Cure (Rat-Catcher/Forbid The Sea era)
Severance (Dead Can Dance cover) - Bauhaus (Heading for the New World)
Kill The Lights - The Birthday Massacre
Shadowtime - Siouxsie and the Banshees
In Dreams of Mine - Faith and the Muse
Centuries - Fall Out Boy
Face To Face - Siouxsie and the Banshees (maybe a song for him and Toby)
Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush or maybe the Placebo cover.

I feel like this is becoming a little Goth. ; p

Tybalt test

Sep. 9th, 2014 12:50 pm
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Some photoshop work behind the cut. Image size 300x300-ish. Just seeing if I like how it looks in a browser... )

In other news, how am I supposed to chose 10 icons out of the 43 I've collected? And yes, I am looking forward to Tybalt meeting Yrael and becoming DFFs with Amascut. ; p


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