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A bit of talk regarding my fitness, which I'm going to put behind a cut just in case folks don't care to hear about it. Some talk of weight loss and a changing view of food beyond. You have been warned. Also, two gifs within.

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Outside of the fitness talking, I bought a 5Gen iPod Touch and I am in love with it. I'm using it mostly for playing music or running my C25K program but I've also used it for pictures of my walk and selfies. I've posted some of the lunch walk pictures, mostly the wild life I keep spotting, on Facebook but I wonder if I should post them here?

I've also started listening to Podcasts I've been behind on during my lunch walks and am now about halfway through Carmilla. Damn is that a good story! I don't remember much of Dracula, but I think I like Carmilla better. I'm tempted to listen to The Island of Dr. Moreau next, though I still have Nightvale and Stuff You Should Know to catch up on.
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Watch out, I'm about to talk of something besides Milliways or fic writing, I'll get there though so just be patient. Starting a new focus on food and health. We've signed up for Once A Month Mom, which basically gives you a meal plan based on types of meals you like to eat. It's really nice as it gives you shopping lists, what to prep & freeze as well as the weekly menu. We are also trying out best to break the engineered food habit and focus on more simple foods, things not high in salt or sweet that looks like food and not a highly processed ideal of such.

We also got a membership to a Swim and Tennis club which is right next door to our apartment. I no longer have the excuse of "it'll take me 20 minutes to get there", it literally takes less than five minutes walking to get from my front door to the pool. I have my swimsuit and brand new goggles and swim cap with me so I am doing laps as soon as I am home. And on days when the weather isn't good, there is a workout room with machines and free weights.

On to the fic side finally, I have a Nolan fic brewing within. It started with a discussion that's occurring on Tumblr amongst Defiance fans about how truly bad a father Nolan is in caring for Irisa. I am picturing a snap shot kind of fic starting with him fresh out of the Earth Military Coalition and trying to find work, to stumbling across a young Irisa and killing her parents (don't worry, they were abusive, it's canon!), to not being able to leave the girl behind at an orphanage. to them truly bonding, and so on. I don't know that I will get to the pilot.

Damn new canon, make room for my other canons. Of course work is being crazy so I don't have much time anyway.

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So this is the last of my original 100 words a day for 10 days challenge and I'll be writing about how it was. I was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. Easier as once I actually sat down and did it, the words flowed. They weren't always good words but they were there. Hard because some days I had to really force myself to sit down and write them out. Finding inspiration was hard at times also. But one thing that kept me going and will push me into the next 100 word challenge (I hope) is that to do anything, drawing, carpentry, driving, bicycling, whatever, you have to practice. Talent is an illusion. Predisposition for certain skills is a reality but if you do not practice the skill, it will atrophy and never evolve. The creative arts are like dragons or cats, if you don't feed them and pet them, they will go feral.

So here's to the past 10 days and here's to the next 10. A question before I go however, should I just set my 100 word exercises as private? I don't want to clutter your friends list and let's be honest, it's always nice to know if folks are reading your stuff.

200 words

May. 10th, 2012 07:59 pm
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Spoilers for The Avengers movie behind the click.
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So I'm being a good worker bee whilst Greensleeves is playing over my headphones when I notice apps are open for Milliways. It isn't until I'm adding Palamedes to the cast list that I realize how appropriate the song is for him. ; p

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Avengers tickets procured!!!!

So for those on the East Coast who have seen it, how's the soundtrack? Looks like it should be rockin' but the Soundgarden clip seems a little forced to me.

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The danger of setting up music for my daughter is getting her songs stuck in my head.

Anyway, today's 100 words...something original this time.
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Umm warning for reference to childhood abduction I guess.


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