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In more happy news, I checked out the Force Awakens Visual Guide from the library, just cause. On the page with Maz Kanata, they mention she collects objects of interest from about the galaxy and the wording suggested she's been doing this for a long time and doing so in case the items are needed at certain times in the future. My mind immediately went, adventuring archaeologist Maz, ala Indiana Jones, and I don't know that I will not be able to let the idea go.
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 My theories for Rey's parentage, spoilers behind the cut.
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Finn is the child of the two main characters in SW: Shattered Empire, the currently running miniseries comic by Greg Rucka.

Rey is Han and Leia daughter. I don't know why she isn't with either of them at the seemingly start of the movie.

Kylo Ren is the lost twin brother of Rey, cause Star Wars loves twins and who doesn't love an evil twin?

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And I think I finally came across the thing I was looking at in Empire Strikes Back, i.e. Yoda reflecting on the errors he brought to the Jedi. It was actually in the novelization of Revenge of the Sith.

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Fun thing I spotting via my RSS feeds. From The Star Wars Underworld:
Continuing our run of revealing new, exclusive inside information about Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens on the SWU Podcast we have something new for you about Lupita Nyong'o's character. It was previously reported that Nyong'o's character was code named Rose and was portrayed through motion capture. Now we can tell you that here character is an elderly, female alien with orange skin.

Which has me wondering if she is going to play an old Ahsoka! Did I actually pick a head voice that lives and gets lots of story?!?

In other news, Ahsoka's playlist has 11 songs. Now I need to decide on what story those songs are telling me.
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 Well, another crazy busy day at work, leaving me with no spoons for playing. Either that or my stumbling into Ahsoka Tano feels this morning lead to my being side tracked. I might have even made a journal ([personal profile] jedi_interrupted ) and found some 100 icons. How the hell did that happen?

I do plan on waiting until Star Wars Rebels picks up and the book Dark Disciple is released, as I sort of assume Asaaj and Ahsoka have some contact post-Clone Wars and I want to see if SW Rebels has some hint of Ahsoka's story.

I've also gutted my icons since I am not going to doing a paid account for this journal (which is expiring in a couple of weeks) to I can shift the money to character journals. I really don't like how DW is 15 icons or 100. I miss LJ's different levels of icons. Some pups can work fine with 30 or so, really.
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 I'm reading Star Wars: The Jedi Academy trilogy and while I am enjoying it, I have to wonder how skinny the physical books are; each audiobook is only 3 hours. Also, I it just me or do a lot of characters turn to the Dark Side and then make it back to the light? It seems about every story has someone do it and yes, I am aware Quin did it as well. This makes me wonder if neither side is as potent as they are billed or if it is the character that is truly strong and not the opposing sides. Conversely, maybe the Force isn't binary and it's how people use it that is Dark or Light.

I am tempted to explore these ideas and have Quinlan adopt them...assuming he agrees.
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 May the Sixth be with you.


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