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 I think I might actually be getting ahead at work...

Also, I am enjoying the latest book in the World of Watches series. Somehow the tone is very different, Anton seems less nihilistic or existential. I don't know if seeing the movies changed his headvoice or if he's just more evolved/experienced since this is now the fifth book in the series.
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 And awww, Anton get's a protégé. It's so cute.
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I'm officially working on Anton's app now or his profile at least. I had forgotten how much work it can be to do these!

I'm also listening to one of his bands, Nautilus Pompilius, and they're not half bad. It'd likely be better if I spoke Russian but you know...
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 Many irons in the forge today at work and with RPGing. I am enjoying Hank stargazing even if I can't tag consistently. Also looking forward to Andrea getting some more action in Ellen's world...not that kind of action.

And yes this whole post is so I can use my latest icon.

I have also picked up the first six novelizations of Robotech from the mid 90s in eBook form. Writing is pretty good considering the insane deadlines the writers faced when the series was published, something like a book a month. I've already picked up new things that either I forgot about or didn't catch when I watched the TV series.

And of course this brought back my Max Sterling voice so I made him a journal, [personal profile] lil_boy_blue  which I am making his call sign. I do need to figure out what ethnicity he is if I do get serious about playing him as the still art from the series isn't the best and the comics aren't much better. Canon only states he was orphaned in Europe during the global civil war and I don't know enough about manga/anime depictions to guess if he is asian or european. It's not really a big issue but I don't wan to accidentally white wash an asian character, you know?

ETA: I'm also about half way through the second book of the Watch series, Day Watch. This book is nice as it's told from the POV of Dark Others so you get to see how the other side lives, sees the world and the Night Watch. It's also on audiobook with a great narrator. I am looking forward to book three and getting back into Anton's head though, as well as seeing if my perceptions of his voice and tone from The Night Watch will last in hearing the novel read to me.
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I've finished Night Watch and definitely love it. I am still not quite sure about Anton's voice though. At first I thought he was very serious but then I realized that all the dialog if fairly serious. Is the serious thing a cultural thing or just the tone of the book? His motivations are interesting also but I think I have a few theories that may or may not be canon.
Spoilers for Night Watch but nothing more than a wiki...I hope )


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