May. 30th, 2014 01:26 pm
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 And I'm back to being able to wait to see the movie. Great essay about the many things wrong with the story.

Now part of me wants an AU where Hank contacted Mystique and joined up with her during the 10 years she's getting things done.
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 Well, Comicbook Resources liked Days of Future Past.
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On Days of Future Past:
I am getting more and more ill at ease about this movie. I am not sure if I will see it in the theater but I am sure I will see it at some point. In no particular order, I am concerned with what I am seeing of the characterizations, with the accusations of Singer's actions in regards to an underage person, and now I am hearing of Fassbender being abusive to an ex-GF. Accusations are always challenging as on one hand, innocent until proven guilty, on the other you can't ignore the possibility this person did something horrible.

On Lady Trent:
App approved, yay! Likely to EP today with her as a young child. Funny thing, I noticed her young PB is in another movie called Copperhead, and is in her late teens therein, which is perfect for the Isabella (the future Lady Trent) who goes adventuring in the world as she is only 16 when she does so. Very tempting to shift the elder PB but I like the costuming from Murdoch Mysteries, so I'll likely stick with Georgina Reilly, even if she is a few years too old.

It's funny but when I first read the book, I realized the author is very vague on details such as racial features. Thus I tried to imagine something outside of the English norm and pictured Scirlanders (her native land) being akin to Indians in skin tone and coloring. Alas, in the second book, Isabella makes a comment about her pale skin not being up to the heat of the Africa-like nation she visits. Standard English it is then.

On comics:
I spent a fair bit of the weekend reading from Marvel's Digital Unlimited and realized how great a deal it is. I may be able to scale back my monthly Marvel habit a fair bit if I keep in mind I can likely read series later through MDU.

On the Constantine trailer:
Looks good. Also looks like they are taking things much more from the movie than the comics but I can work with that. Only thing not working is John's white shirt; it is too clean and starched. It should be off shit and rumpled, as if he slept on a bench in it. Actually, all of his clothes should look worn and have stains.

Oh Charles

May. 10th, 2013 11:01 am
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 The decade has not been kind to you. Either that, or Hank really needs to keep you away from Studio 54.


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