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Inspired by all the "I'm the 99%" photos, DC's blatant trend of fetishizing it's female leads and justifying it as "female empowerment" and this article at

Several images behind the cut of female comic characters taking a stand... )
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"Science Paparazzi"

Last Free Comci Book Day's Atomic Robo. I wish teh big two would remember how fun comics can and should be from time to time.

One more

Aug. 12th, 2011 07:37 pm
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Susan Richards by Phil Noto...I'm rather embarrassed that it took me so long to realize that the backdrop of this picture is Ben.
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So one of my favorite comic book artists is Phil Noto. I love the 50-esk, fashion-esk style he brings to his art. The past few days he's been running a series of drawings as candid photos of Marvel heroes that I am just in love with. What I relaly like about it is that he's put a story behind the photos that makes you want to read the whole thing. I would so buy a comic series based on these.

Reed and Sue with Ben in the background
Janet and Jean.
Johnny/Crystal and Black Bolt/Janet.
Avengers and Co. on vacation.

In other news, I really hope this means the FF kids get their own book with the return of a book titles Fantastic Four in November.


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