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Some good news to spin out of the problematic (for Eliot) finale of The Magicians that I talked about last week.

Spoilers from The Magician King (I am guessing) )
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Saw the finale for Magicians finally and of course it ends on a cliff hanger.

Cut for spoilers and talk of rape and sexuality )

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A funny thing realizations about representation can be.

Spoilers for 'The Magicians'... )
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 World's longest commute tonight...or at least it felt like it. 2 hours in the car on the freeway. Thanks Super Bowl!

And if that weren't enough, I got blindsided with Hank feels when Apoptygma Berzerk's Nearer came up on the music. Here's the lyrics (metro lyrics) and here's the song  (youtube) if you are unfamiliar. The whole thing just screams of Hank mental state after Raven leaves and him seeing how free she seems to be, and just how destitute he feels.

I am also fairly inspired by the second fic I wrote for Sabine in today's DE, both as an expanded fic and as an art piece. I think I need to at least outline the ideas and the art piece.

And lastly, having too much fun with Eliot in last weekend's DE. Also I think Tybalt may be back. Might need to see whom I can shift around to bring these boys to Milliways. (Kind of thinking Luidaeg and Quinlan, but nothing is firm.)
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 Thoughts that keep bugging me about my new problematic favorite, The Magicians.

Sort of spoilers... )


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