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 At the water polo tournament and waiting for the Teen's game to start. Killed some. Time going through my old Ben Grimm account ([personal profile] ever_lovin ) and realizing how many words I wrote for him from the various storylines the comics had while I played him. I should collect, polish, and publish them. 
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 Oh god Ben, I already love you, you don't have to keep proving it. (Preview for the next F4 wherein it is shown that Ben has been sending birthday and Christmas presents to Flint Marco's daughter and in Flint's name while Flint is serving time. For those who don't know, some time ago it was revealed that Flint and Ben knew each other back in their youth, before they became The Thing and Sandman, and Ben convinced Flint to go legit and stop committing crimes as Sandman; which lasted a far bit.)
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 Mostly for my own awareness, a cover for an upcoming Deadpool featuring a lot of Marvel peeps as MLP. When they put Jess and Ben right next to each other, how can I not see it as provenance?

OMG, Beast and Doctor Strange are there as well. No Carol though. : /
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 But first a couple of thoughts...
Throwing human Ben into this Hulk situation is proving to be very interesting, especially his talk with X. It's interesting to me how complex his relationship is with the Hulk.

I still want to play with Dr. Strange.

And I think I need to start a habit of writing for 15 minutes a day. I feel like I have great story ideas, as well as OOM ideas for my pups, but balk at the time it will take to write a full length story. I need to establish the habit and find that frame of mind where time matters less than the craft. Of course the flip side of this is being interrupted with work or home life when I'm "in the zone".
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 I think for the last of Cubefall Ben is going to experience a bit of PMS. Not in an over the top way but enough to get the idea. After all, he wanted to see how the other half lived right?


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