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 I think I need to figure out how to draw lost boy Sam/Falcon. I think he'd have a mask that goes down to his cheeks (but more birdlike), and I think his cloak (rather than being entirely feathers) is feathered at the shoulder and then tattered fabric that's spit down the middle to emulate wings when the wind hits it.

And he has Redwing. His special ability will, of course, be talking with birds, as well as the flying all lost boys do.
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 Wait...instead of mythic Japan AU for Hank, what about Overwatch AU? I mean, Winston just screams Hank to me. Here's an 8 min. animated short.
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 First, Izana's journal keeps getting followed by spam bots. It's weird. Maybe because I have key words in their profile?

And just had an AU idea for Izana. A sort of Japanese version of Frankenstein where they're a shikigami that was created so skillfully that it not only gained sentience but will power. It can even cast magic.

For Hank, I think I am going to go with Aoi from the X-Men Fairy Tales-verse.

And for Selina, I have two ideas: the Sorcerer Kings of Gotham AU or the Adventuring Archaeologist AU. Although, the DC Bombshells Au Selina is a lot of fun. Granted, all of these are an adult Selina which is a huge difference for wee Selina. I'll have to consider these better.
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Since I can't seem to write anything I want to write:

Power is what moves the gears in Gotham, and nothing holds more power than magic. High in their towers, the sorcerer barons grow ever more potent on the lives of those below them. Out in the city, the City Watch maintains the status quo, vying only for the favor of the barons within their district. Left with nothing, the innocent pray to the Bat to guard them, while everyone else prays to the cat.

Selina is the forgotten bastard daughter of the Calbrise patriarch. She has fought her way to the lofty palaces of Gotham's sorcerous elite from the streets themselves and now nothing will remove her from her rightful place; not even her nocturnal hobby of stalking the streets for those who would torment and feast on those less fortunate.

High magic mixed with the Godfather as only Gotham can produce.


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