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 Oh Danny, Danny, Danny...or should be saying that at the writers? The season started out so well with him...need I say spoilers?

The boy hero who is excited about the world is kind of turning into an ass. His way is the only way and he yells at people who point out how horrible his actions are or question his plan or want details of if there is a plan at all.

Also Finn's acting is just mediocre compared to the rest of the cast, the villains/antagonist especially.

There was a neat twist with Coleen I hadn't seen coming and I really like, though I fear they will waste it.

Three episodes left and I hope they turn the tide, cause at this point I question if I want to play Danny as they have him. I do see motivations for why he's doing what he's doing, but they would only work if he opens up and accepts his asinine behavior to the people who have been his allies.

At what point does fixing the bad narrative push the AU bubble?


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