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 First day of week two for the Zombie 5K and it was a good workout. How do I know? It felt short and didn't drag. I'm definitely noticing good results from the work. 
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 A run day and it felt like I did the run much better than the one two days ago, despite them being identical.

Day 02 of the Foundation workout was good as well. For shits I decided to try level 02 and did pretty well. I only did 3 sets though (instead of 5) as I didn't want to be useless for my daughter's birthday party. I do think I could have finished 5 sets, I just would have been a noodle.

Drinking lots of water and I think I need to figure out what the hell is up with Sparkpeople. They seem to think I need to eat 3200 calories in a day. I think the only way I could do that is to eat Big Macs each meal. I'm also frustrated with how poorly Fitbit tracks a run on an elliptical trainer. I've tried wearing it on my wrist, in my pocket at my hip, and tonight in my sock, yet still it loses about a mile compared to the machine's readout. Did some stretching post run as well.

Tomorrow isn't a run day but I will be walking and doing the Foundation workout. I will also me adding in more stretching, cause I need it.

I'm also liking these 30 day challenges I'm committing to. I am actually doing things. I think next month I will continue with the drawing and workout, and add on a writing challenge as well.
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 No run today and pretty light on the PT. Still my legs and gluts are tender but it's the good kind of tender. Food is a wash as I went to a tea house for a friends birthday and had lots of tiny sandwiches and likely a scone or so. I'll pick things back up tomorrow. Tomorrow is also a running day.

Today I also got inspired for Halloween and Milliways. I think I am going to have a Luidaeg themed plot wherein she makes things spooky for those that want to play. Nothing deadly, Goosebumps level of creepy, but still fun. I think it's be low key enough that if anyone else wants to run a plot it won't interfere. 
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 Yes, I am a complete dork for calling the workout/diet lifestyle change Jedi training. I had thought of going with Project Rebirth but I'm looking for more jedi than Captain America as far as my fitness level goes.

Food is going well, though I am noticing it's harder to get your calories when you avoid quick carbs; i.e. mass market foods, breads, and such. A fried egg on a kale salad is yummie!

Work out was good. I did the first workout for the Zombies, Run C25K program and then did one set of this Jedi workout. I stopped after one as my legs kept feeling like they might cramp. I think I'll switch body weight workouts to non running days in the future. ETA: Actually, I think I will shift to this foundation work out to get going.

I still need to work out my goals, short term to long term, but for now I am getting started and I am feeling good about it.


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