Jan. 6th, 2017

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This year I am going to endeavor to avoid negative or complaining posts. I know sometimes it is good to vent, but I think I will try to at least of think of something positive when I do feel the need to vent.

My back is still being a bother, though mostly in the mornings now. Which has lead to a morning of fail for me. Bleck.

Decided to stick with my current pup roister and not look for anyone new. I think the urge I was having was the new pup high instead of any real need to have someone new. So that's a thing.

Still need to go through the Clone Wars seasons and come up with a beat sheet for which episodes/stories I want to cover with Ahsoka.

Still need to write the next bit of canon for Touji and Izana and Pino.

Still need to make notes or story ideas I have, as well as a character outline for a necromancer OC I have kicking around in my head; as well as her demonologist BFF.

Still need to get my back not hurting/aching so I can focus and feel up to playing and writing.


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