Mar. 13th, 2017

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Entering into week three of being sick and I am so ready to be over it. I did go into an Accute Care clinic on Friday but the doctor said it seems like I am mostly over it and there really wasn't much to be done but treat the symptoms.

Somehow this is also making my wanting to thread or do creative things practically nonexistent. Like I remember what fun it is and all, but I am disconnected from it. Blah.

Tried reading Tanith Lee's Faces Underwater but gave up after 4 chapters. I can't complain about the writing, which was good, I just didn't have any connection to the main character and I couldn't see a plot happening. I felt more connected with the city in the book than anything else, and I just don't read fast enough to bother.

I am most of the way through Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain, which is so much better. This has got to be the best portrayal of middle schoolers I've read in some time. They read as honest and true peeps rather than half remembered personas of middle schoolers.

I finished Four Roads Cross this weekend and I really cannot wait until the next Craft Sequence book. I may have made an account for Elayne Kevarian (*cough* [personal profile] carpe_deos  *cough*). Someday I will have to tag someone in a sandbox when I'm feeling up to threading.

I also continue to work my way through the Vlad Taltos series and am up to book 08 of the series. Still very tempted by a Vlad voice, but a journal name hasn't yet occurred to me and I would need two slots open to play him since I can't see him being anywhere without Loiosh, his smart ass, telepathic mini-wyvern type familiar. I think I've given up on the idea of finding an Eastern European actor with a handlebar mustache to use as a PB and will just use this fabulous fan art...assuming I ever get to play him.

ETA: I am about half-way convinced the writers of The Magicians have no idea what they are doing this season. I feel like each episode is only loosely connected to the previous and is wandering lost, with no idea where it is going.


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